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  1. Wow! 20 years in the making! It's a beauty. Great work! Sam
  2. I built the 59 Ford Skyliner a few years ago with no problems with the multi-piece body. The top mechanism gave me trouble, though!
  3. This is Troy. He's14 years old and a bit slow, but we love him! He lost weight since this pic was taken.
  4. Very nice! Great detail and lots of character! Well done! Sam
  5. Excellent build! Good color choice, and well done! Sam
  6. Very good build! Great color, and the interior is well done. Sam
  7. I just used a seat, steering wheel, and dash from my parts boxes. Flat sheet of styrene for a floor. No door panels. Kind of crude, but it displays well enough to suit me.
  8. I agree! Excellent job on this model! Sam
  9. Great build! The finish is really well done. Those Jags were beautiful cars! Sam
  10. Cool! I built a car hauler with that same cab a few years ago. Mine has no engine or chassis detail. Yours should be really good! Sam
  11. Beautiful! That's some impressive body work fixing where those giant skirts were. Color combo is great, too! Sam
  12. Such a clean, smooth build! I like it a lot! Sam
  13. Wow! Great model! The engine and chassis details are amazing! Great work! Sam
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