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  1. Very nice! Great paint job, nice engine details! Good work! Sam
  2. Great build! Nice detailing work. I like the early Rivieras. Sam
  3. Great build! I like the color, and foil work is perfect! Sam
  4. Yesss! I agree! beautiful build! Sam
  5. Nice, clean build! Looks good in red! Sam
  6. Very nice, Jim! Great color, and well done! Be careful with those pipes on speed bumps! Sam
  7. Beautiful build! Nice work on the trunk. The latch is a nice touch. Sam
  8. Sweet Model A! Great color, and well done! Sam
  9. I found a 50 Ford "Showboat" kit for $9.99 at Ollie's Bargain Barn and couldn't resist buying it. I decided to make a custom using the custom front end, extended hood, and custom top from an original 1960's kit. They are better molded parts, since they were made when the tooling was new. The top is not included in the Showboat kit, but a rear window for it is on the clear tree. The old one was cracked and glued on tight, but a day in the freezer helped me get it loose. Here's a mockup of the car. I had painted the old parts green back then for some reason - testing the paint, maybe? Not sure of color scheme, but I think I'll two-tone it with a white top and some other body color. Suggestions welcome!
  10. I agree! Very good work on this! Sam
  11. Very nice! I like the finish, wheels, and the hood springs are a nice touch! Sam
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