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  1. What if you want to repaint a model that has been coated with Future? Can you paint over it with decent results, or must it be stripped off with ammonia or some other chemical before painting? Sam
  2. Very nice! You've nailed the brass era racer look! Sam
  3. Great work Paul! Looks like many farms here in central PA. Amazing details, especially for the small scale! Sam
  4. Very nice! Looks like a well-used farm truck that sat out in the weather. I like it! Sam
  5. Best version of that kit I've ever seen! Nice work! Sam
  6. Very nice build, Jim! I like orange Deuces. Check my avatar! Sam
  7. Great build! Looks good in that color. The old engine in the bed is a nice touch. Good looking diorama, too! Sam
  8. The Merc is my favorite in this group. Great work! Sam
  9. Beautiful models, Rich! I like the Buick a lot. Sam
  10. Now there's some creative work! Very cool idea! I like how you angled the headers. Sam
  11. Sixties Sam

    71 GTX

    Looks mean! I like the wheels. Good work! Sasm
  12. Beautiful model! Great color choice! Well done! Sam
  13. Here is a simple rebuild of an old AMT Paddy Wagon model I built in the 1960's. It's now a WWI ambulance. Pretty easy project - just disassemble, repaint, reassemble and add a few details. I used wheels and tires from a '23 T van kit, since the old kit had the black one-piece molded wheels/tires, which are hard to paint. Crosses were printed from online photos. The smaller equipment box was from my parts boxes, and the larger ones are plastic covers found on the ends of a USB cable. I hope you like it! Sam My inspiration
  14. I agree 100%! Amazing work! Sam
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