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  1. I agree! Very good work on this! Sam
  2. Very nice! I like the finish, wheels, and the hood springs are a nice touch! Sam
  3. Great build! I like the simplicity of those old AMT annuals. Sam
  4. I agree 100%!! Excellent work on a rare model. Sam
  5. That is so cool, Tom! I've built a couple camper trailer models, but nothing as well detailed as yours! Nice work! BTW, I made a retractable tongue jack/leveler on a 1/12 scale teardrop several years ago using a piece of a collapsible antenna from an RC plane transmitter. Sam
  6. Very creative model, and well done! Sam
  7. It's good to see those old kits saved. Very nice work! Sam
  8. Very cool! I never saw one with skirts. Looks good! Sam
  9. Very good build! Good color combo! Sam
  10. I bought a couple of his Ford sixes, the last one in 2014. Good castings, and quick shipping! Sam
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