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  1. How to build a scale-powered WOODY

    Building them is fun... seeing what you built go down a 55' track in under a one second is priceless.... liberate those shelf queens and let them live there full potential!!!....lol
  2. Drag slots in Phoenix,Az???

    Steve only place I heard of is... Tuff Traxx.... here is there addy... I would call and make sure there still open.... oh and watch out its very addictive!! 9333 E. Apache Trail #104 Mesa, AZ 85207 480.986.2225
  3. Isuzu Gasser

    I've seen this car many times on the internet , and it is one of my favorite cars.... its a beautiful, well build car.... awesome job.
  4. Pro Street Chevette!

    thanks again guys... I had it at the track for the first time last night ... this is a smooth running machine... I turned it down a bit... was doing mid 12's (1.2sec.) in the scale 1/4 mile... full tilt I'm guessing it will do low 11's, good bracket car.
  5. Pro Street Chevette!

    thanks everyone.... ok... and how do you know about the black Chevette?.... thats pretty funny... when I built the car didnt even know about the car.... then when I was at the track last wee a dude I race with told me about it.... what a small world. Ariel are you local to Mt. Holly??... if so have a met you at the track??... just wondering... thanks again Brian
  6. Pro Street Chevette!

    picked up a built 1977 Chevy Chevette... tore it down molded in an outlaw cowl hood... re-shot it in flaming orange paint... added some Yenko stripes... heres some pics
  7. 66 straight axle mustang

    I seen this car in person last night ... it is VERY cool... great job
  8. 66 straight axle mustang

    Sonny's is my second home track.... a bunch of us plan on a road trip there in a couple weeks... hope to see you there...
  9. 66 straight axle mustang

    gasser mustang, cool project... whats your local slot drag strip?
  10. 1960 Impala drag car

    great start on this one... cant wait to see the outcome...
  11. New home dragstrip

    Hey Rob,... looks awesome... wish I had room in my basement... so what is the length? have fun man!!
  12. 32 Ford Sedan "Rat Rod"

    '29 resin body
  13. 32 Ford Sedan "Rat Rod"

    love it.... great lookin build.... not a big fan of the wheels and tires this was my try at a rat rod... oh and its a slot drag car also...
  14. Pro-Stock Toyota Hi-Lux

    The interior is vacuform lexan to look like a driver with a helmet on... I dont like the look of my cars with a dude with a helmet so I have my girl paint over them to look like dudes with big heads... and I added a styrene mohawk to this one so he had a punk rock look... he has tatts and a studded choker as well... thanks for the kind words...
  15. Pro-Stock Toyota Hi-Lux

    thanks guys... as a kid I built models like crazy, then stopped for a while.... I started slot car racing in my 20's and we used lexan bodies... the detail was ######. than about 10yrs ago we started using model bodies, and it was a relief could start build nice more detailed cars... and thats where were at now.... they still use lexan when its all about going fast, but I stick with the model bodies. but to answer your question, I only build models to use as slot drag cars these days... so a little hint to model builders... if your looking for parts go to your local slot track that has a drag strip and talk to the racers... we only use the bodies!!! we have tons of unused parts trees!!