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  1. Farmboy added a post in a topic 50 Austin Gasser chop   

    Thanks for the kind words and observations everybody.  The project is on hold for the next 3 months (snowbirding in Kissimmee till April).  I have a Revell Orange Crate I'm bringing with me and  I'll be smoothing out the flash/parting lines, opening holes and doing sub assemblies on it.  Got the chop done on the Austin its finished -- but no pics -- and again, thanks for looking in.  Hope I was able to confuse the issue. 
  2. Farmboy added a post in a topic 47 Chevy Fleetmaster - Galaxie   

    That is probably the cleanest dash I've ever seen on a 1/25.  Well, well done.
  3. Farmboy added a post in a topic 50 Austin Gasser chop   

    Good eye Boyo  lol!   iBorg, it's my first chop on a difficult beast like this.  My object was to keep the original windshield angle and move everything forward to accentuate that wonderful trunk hump found in a lot of older English cars.  For a bug if you follow that path, you'll need to saw thru your roof to keep the rear slope.  No biggie, and remember that you should remove the rear window and upper rear section as one piece.  I'm sure there are plenty of vw chops to be found.  Thanks for the look in.
  4. Farmboy added a post in a topic 50 Austin Gasser chop   

    just a couple of shots of a more complete -- but not finished -- chop.  Just got it primered after making and installing the drip rails but as you can see, still has a substantial bit of finish sanding and spots that need a bit more filler attention. 

    the bumps on the rear fender are from where I've been holding it and the primer not fully cured at the time.  More sanding......
    Comments and observation welcome
  5. Farmboy added a post in a topic 50 Austin Gasser chop   

    Thanx for the nice words everybody!  I'll probably do a separate post sometime in the future on the rest of the car which will be tubbed, have an aluminum interior and sporting a blown, streetable flathead.
  6. Farmboy added a post in a topic 50 Austin Gasser chop   

    This will just about wrap up the chop, so here we go...
    I showed you this earlier, the two parts I kept from the side windows.  The worst part of a chop --at least for me -- is the successful merge of the rounded part of the window should the body have any.  What I've done is kept them, and will hopefully easily mate them to the cut areas and with a bit of luck have a factory rounded inside radius on the window frames...
    the two pieces for each side...

    and where they will fit...

    so to review, there's the original body

    ...the chop

    the difference in the height with a stock door.  The window frames will easily be shortened in width and height to fit the openings

    and the finished chop with the extended trunk line.

    The big work is done bodywise, the window frames will be an easier fit. 
    That's it.  Thanks for lookin' in.  Comments and observations welcome.
  7. Farmboy added a post in a topic 50 Austin Gasser chop   

    this is a look at the underside of the chop.  The white portion is just some styrene cut for the rear C posts to rest on as they are narrower now due to their being cut.  This will be covered with a package tray of some sort or cut back altogether.  There is a strip above the rear window, that's another small slit of styrene to fill the gap caused by my crooked cut

  8. Farmboy added a topic in On The Workbench   

    50 Austin Gasser chop
    I've been wanting to chop this kit for awhile and decided to finally dive in.  It's based on keeping the original lean of the A pillars.  That means everything else will move forward. 
    First, here's the Revell '50 Austin Coupe in original form.

    I did the actual cut by following the belt line where the rear C pillars join the body with the back of an XActo knife till it wore thru.  I also did this to the tops of the B pillars for a short distance, and simply cut the windshield A pillars where they were of the same profile.  The B pillars will be cut to make them fit the chop after the roof is reattached

    Note that the bottom curve for the C pillar is still attached.  This will be removed by following the curve with an XActo blade for a short distance and reinstalling it as well after the top is reattached.
    Here are the pieces after removal, waiting to be reinstalled;  The top and bottom left are for the passenger side, the top and bottom right for the driver's side.

    Now the odd(er?) part.  The rear window is as narrow as I want it to be.  To get around modifying it, I simply cut the section out (yes, the cut is crooked but it's not a big deal).  I then deepened the section up into the roof and reinstalled it.

    I'll get more on it done today and post later.  Comments and observations welcome.
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  9. Farmboy added a post in a topic Revell '53 Chev Panel gasser   

    Geetee, I assure you the Windex mix is the 'I give up' part of the mix chain. I tried alcohol, (rubbing and denatured), olive oil, water and dishwashing liquid.... I read and tried just about everything I read of how the 'best' way was to spray craft paint. One day, cleaning my airbrush with Windex after a Future session with food coloring, I thought...why not? So far, it's the best I've found. Doesn't clog (so far)/ sprays predictably and evenly and cleans up nice. Works for me.
  10. Farmboy added a post in a topic Revell '53 Chev Panel gasser   

    Ace, the manifold in particular came from an old Revell '50 Austin coupe. I added linkage and fuel lines to complete it.
  11. Farmboy added a post in a topic Revell '53 Chev Panel gasser   

    Thanx much.  it was an....educational... build.   lol
  12. Farmboy added a topic in Under Glass   

    Revell '53 Chev Panel gasser
    Finally got her done.  Learned a few 'do not's ' and tried a few different things.  The paint is $1.00 craft paint airbrushed by mixing with windex.  I mixed a few shades of orange and a couple of grey/white.  The black was masked and done with 2 or 3 light coats of black to prevent running.  The interior has belt guides on the racing seat made from wire, a wood strip floor in the rear and a roll bar added from a Nova kit.  The wheels were tubbed, the front lower part of the body removed, the moon tank scratch built, front suspension rebuilt to lower the front end stance, and wheels from the parts box.  Front frame stiffners were scratch built, 429 was from another kit, and the headlights have a chrome ring added using chrome furnace tape.
    Comments and observations welcome

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  13. Farmboy added a post in a topic 53 Chev Panel builid WIP   

    Done!...well, almost.  Just a couple of incidentals to add like rad hoses and battery cables but for all intents and purposes, finished. 
    I'll post it with more views in the appropriate forum later when it is completely finished.  
    Comments and observations welcome.

  14. Farmboy added a post in a topic 53 Chev Panel builid WIP   

    ....and the seat.  I made the seatbelt guides out of wire, while the strap adjusters came from a piece of black plastic screening.  The belt is gift ribbon cut to width and the buckles are flattened and shaped solder.  This is relatively high mag.  In real view the seat finish doesn't look that bad. lol
    comments and observations welcome.

  15. Farmboy added a post in a topic 53 Chev Panel builid WIP   

    I also managed to build a tank.  The two metal lines at the top are a return and vent line, the one on the bottom - not visible in this shot --  is the fuel feed line