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  1. Peter, on this car I used a Rustoleum primer, Krylon colors and Excel Craft clear. All spray bombs. I don't ever plan on stripping paint jobs and have only had to do it a few times with varying degrees of success, but I think the more important part is A: the Iso doesn't harm the plastic and B: did what I wanted it to do. Isopropyl gave me the A and B with minimal fuss and cleanup at a cup 'o coffee price. Nothing about it I don't like so far and a suggestion I'm glad I followed. Incidentally I used the 70% strength from the drug store....I didn't see the 90%, I think you have to ask for it. Anyway, for 3 bucks it quickly and easily solved a heartbreaker problem.
  2. Isopropyl alcohol works!!! It easily removed(s) primer/color and clear coat paints on a recent paint job gone wrong. I used plain old 70% Isopropyl, poured it in to a sandwich bag with the body and related parts. A couple of hours later the coats just slid off. No plastic damage. After some minor cleanup in corners and stuff, a wet sand/reprime and I was back in business!
  3. Malco gasser fuel/cooling detail

    ....one more thing that's bothering me. in this photo.... ...and others, there is what looks to be a 90 degree shielded pipe on the front of the engine. Some photos have it on the right, others, like the red mustang, on the left side of the engine. I thought it might be an oil return hose but I don't think this car carried an oil tank. Could it be a crankcase vent outlet? There is only one in photos where it is visible, the unused side having a plate bolted over it. The block would need a vent somewhere. these usually had an in line oil catch can of some type, and lots had a pipe welded somewhere to the header to help in the vacuum, though not 100% did. Photos do not make it obvious. Any ideas?
  4. Malco gasser fuel/cooling detail

    I think After a lot of photo enlargement you are right. Guess I just have to make the half round gear cover. From my perspective the gear cover made it look — to me— that it was on the side of the pump, not on it. Thanx for the heads up.
  5. Malco gasser fuel/cooling detail

    The mag is driven by pump gearing but it’s beside the fuel pump on the engine held there by a bracket on the 1:1. The kit has the mag sitting right on top of the pump.
  6. Malco gasser fuel/cooling detail

    ok, here's what I've been able to put together from photos received and pics I also had on file. It's pretty simple, but it was a real bear to find lines that went from point a to b. Later model Malco's look like they had an electric pump (?) between the newer rad and engine. I ignored this. I also added a fuel return line from the valve on the blower. This was not on earlier generations but it could have been. The magneto is ok where it is, ignore the note. A gear cover is all that’s really needed if so inclined. The water lines in early versions were black hoses, later changed to narrow diameter metal tubing. I did not see a water pump There appears to be two oil lines (not in the diagrams) entering the lower front corner of the heads. I'm not sure on this so did not include them. oh, I called this the Un-Official Malco Gasser Mustang Fuel and Cooling System Plumbing Schematic". If there's issue or bad info in the diagram, let me know. I will amend it if necessary.
  7. Malco gasser fuel/cooling detail

    As best as I can tell there is no return or drain line from the injectors on the 1st generation build which is what I'm modeling but I think I will add one anyway just to busy it up a bit. I spent some time drawing it out and will note this in the post. I do not claim 100% accuracy as it is a bit confusing between photos and actual car years. I'm not building a replica as mine will be a pearl white without the Malco decals, but the up front plumbing is important. I'm planning a tut on the engine build for anyone interested.....
  8. Malco gasser fuel/cooling detail

    norm, I've posted a query on the diecast forum hoping for that very thing. thanx for the input.
  9. Malco gasser fuel/cooling detail

    ....and of all the photos and links I had pertaining to the vehicles - he still had some stuff I hadn't seen before. Ya gotta love it! Thanx again to all that took the time to help out. I'm sure I'm not alone in my quest so I'll post a diagram/schematic of the fuel/cooling system when I have it done for those interested. I can't say it'll be 100% accurate, but close enough for home cookin'.
  10. Anyone here have the gmp Malco Mustang Gasser? Got any pictures of how they did the cooling/fuel tank up front?
  11. Malco gasser fuel/cooling detail

    Casey, Force; thanx for the photos! some are are new to me and will hopefully add a little more clarity to the system, thank you much! Gassers are a favorite of mine, and the cooling/fuel delivery 'tank' on this gasser is different enough that it's worth the research to try to get it as right as I can. Armed with these and what I have I think it's time to try drawing out an 'imagineered' assembly and go from there. thanx again!
  12. Malco gasser fuel/cooling detail

    Glad you knew it was a gasser. The Malco Gasser has/had quite a unique fuel and cooling system arrangement, that's what I'm attempting to duplicate. An "Official Malco Gasser Mustang Fuel and Cooling System Plumbing Schematic" would be a worthy piece o' work. If I do manage to find enough info to do a relatively accurate rendition of the set up, you can be sure I will post it. And I'll probably call it The "Un-Official Malco Gasser Mustang Fuel and Cooling System Plumbing Schematic".
  13. Malco gasser fuel/cooling detail

    Afx —. It’s a gasser. Vintage at that. vamach —. Next stop is to contact Peterson museum to see if additional pics (beyond what’s already online) can be obtained. thanx everybody
  14. Malco gasser fuel/cooling detail

    Thank you for the link but I’ve already filtered through those 4 pages of garbage and nonsensical ramblings and it’s left me no further ahead. For instance, what is the function of the ‘near’ line that goes down on the left...is this a cooling crossover? How is the rad/fuel tank separated? Which ones are coolant or fuel? Return lines? The photos only hint at where the other ends may connect, let alone why. Other models I’ve seen don’t do much with plumbing and I would doubt the accuracy. Oh well. Thank you, but the search continues...