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  1. Farmboy added a post in a topic CLOUD MIST GRAY 40   

    That finish looks baked on.  Xcellent!
  2. Farmboy added a post in a topic Revell 50 Austin WIP   

    Went ahead and replaced the too thick ignition wires with a smaller diameter.  Looks much better I think.  Redid the distributor cap as well out of a piece of yellow sprue.  All that remains is the installation of engine pulleys, pulley/tensioner extensions for the blower and a few miscellaneous tidbits the it's on to the body.

    Comments and observations welcome
  3. Farmboy added a post in a topic Revell 50 Austin WIP   

    ....and the obligatory mock up.  Still in primer.  Not really happy with the plug wiring.  I have a MCG distributor kit I may substitute...

    here you can see the piece that needs to be cut out for the velocity stacks and injector linkage

    comments and observations welcome
  4. Farmboy added a post in a topic Revell 50 Austin WIP   

    Getting some progress in on the engine, just about done with it and then moving on to the body and a little more frame detail.
    This is a shot of the passenger side.  The wires are actually orange.  Must be the incandescent bulb from a side lamp making them look yellow.  Each wire is three pieces:  a brass boot on the engine head, the wire, and a small insulation boot on the distributor, each wire having a hole in the distributor to park it in.  The coil is on the side of the block at the front side.  Also, just below the coil is the fuel pump.  A line will connect to the pump from the gas tank, and from the pump to the fuel distribution block on the blower. I've found over the years that a bit of deception is sometimes needed when doing plug wires, mainly, apply your glue to the engine boot side of the wire and not the distributor.  Anyone looking at the wiring automatically looks at the top of the distributor.  All they see is clean(ish) connectors.   Anyway, the pic of the plug side

    ....also added to this side is the starter/solenoid and a crankcase vent hose (not really accurate but adds to the 'busy')  Note also a dipstick I made from brass rod and wire.  The handle was painted red

    The driver's side shows the scratchbuilt  blower mount, and the scratchbuilt exhaust manifold made from two regular exhaust units from a v8.  I removed one of the exhausts from each and joined them together giving me a 1/2/2/1 manifold.  I cut the collector end off one of them and moved it rearward a bit as the engine mount would have been in the way.  It will have a single exhaust header
    And finally, I had to fill in the rectangle for the 8 velocity stacks that were to poke thru originally as I have to cut another one left of center to accommodate the new blower location. 

    That's all I have for now.  Comments and observations welcome.
  5. Farmboy added a post in a topic Revell 50 Austin WIP   

    final bit done on the blower, now on to the engine.  Some pics
    This shows the L shaped pivot on the rear of the velocity stack.  The spring connects to the blower case, the other side of the pivot arm connects to a 'moon' type cable, common on early drag cars, dunno about today.  A cable will connect to the bottom of this unit, thru the firewall to the gas pedal linkage.

    ...and a front view.  I redid the linkage for the front pivot arms.  They were originally made from aluminum and were hard to see.  Redone from thinned solder.

    a slightly (and only slightly) better view of the rear crank/pivot

    that will be put aside until the engine block is painted and detailed.  More to come.  Comments and observations welcome.
  6. Farmboy added a post in a topic Revell 50 Austin WIP   

    and the front linkage complete, though looking at it under hi mag, I may replace that spring.  Funny, doesn't look that bad under normal scrutiny.  We'll see.....
    Comments and observations welcome

  7. Farmboy added a post in a topic Revell 50 Austin WIP   

    velocity stacks permanently attached.  I'll be having something to top them off.

  8. Farmboy added a post in a topic Revell 50 Austin WIP   

    ...and here's the unit with the fuel lines leading in to the injector manifold.  The 'banjo bolts' were made with seed beads and capped off with snipped off dressmakers pin heads.  The next items to make are the fuel inlet on the distribution block, the pivot shaft that goes thru all three velocity stacks, and the lever with spring on the rear of the fuel block attached to that shaft.  The stacks are crooked as they're not attached yet.  Just there for the shot.

    Comments and observations welcome
  9. Farmboy added a post in a topic Revell 50 Austin WIP   

    ...and with the injector base I built.  It's a piece of sheet styrene cut to size with three pieces of styrene tube cemented to it and again the rectangle filled so it looked right.  I had some small 'seed beads' that I'm using for the banjo bolts on the side.  The fuel lines will be glued to butt up against these.  Then, the front fuel manifold block was made from another very teensy piece of styrene with three pieces of small brass tubing cemented to it.  There will be another seed bead cemented to this block for the inlet, and an arm made to connect to the pivot rod that goes thru the ram tubes.  You can see the hole in the one that's on there for mock up purposes. 

    The manifold is done in primer grey, the blower in a light flat grey, manifold block in flat black and the fuel delivery block with a Sharpie.
    As always, comments and observations welcome
  10. Farmboy added a post in a topic Revell 50 Austin WIP   

    managed a couple of updates to the engine build.  This is the blower stripped of chrome and with the injector tubes to get an idea of how it will begin to look..
  11. Farmboy added a post in a topic Revell 50 Austin WIP   

    a set up of how it will roughly look...

    and home made injector tubes I may or may not use

    observations and comments welcome
  12. Farmboy added a post in a topic Revell 50 Austin WIP   

    Got around to starting the engine.  I've decided on using a straight six I believe is from a 50 chevy kit.   Anyway, here's the engine....I drilled the 2nd hole on the left for a previous intake I was working on and scrapped.

    My first intake manifold was done with small(er) diameter styrene rod.  Looked nice, but too small after looking at real world intakes.  I made a more substantial looking one from sprue and a support plate shaped from some sheet styrene

    ...and here's what it is going to look like in mockup..

    ...and further rough fitted to the engine.  The blower is slightly out of focus, but the part that counts is the manifold.  The header pipes fit one on each end and two pair in the inner spaces.  More to come.  Comments and observations welcome.

  13. Farmboy added a post in a topic Revell 50 Austin WIP   

    Tough finding time but got a little bit done on the back end.  Still needs shocks ( I may scratch them) but so far has kit springs and ladder/wheelie bars from an old mpc Firefighter kit.  I'll add shocks as mentioned, and shocks to the front.  I'll then have a rolling chassis and most likely start the engine work .   Comments and observations welcome
  14. Farmboy added a post in a topic Revell 50 Austin WIP   

    ...and how she sits....
  15. Farmboy added a post in a topic Revell 50 Austin WIP   

    ...and a shot of one of the front brakes...but that tire gotta go!