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  1. AMT '51 Chev Coupe custom wip

    Thanx guys. yes, I shall return. Dan, we moved away from NB 40 years ago to NS, moving back.
  2. AMT '51 Chev Coupe custom wip

    This is one of those 'life gets in the way' moments. We're moving. It's a big move so the project gets packed away with the other packed boxes that say 'shop stuff'. Sorry couldn't complete it right away. It may take a while but I will be back with the continuing build or the under glass version. Sorry to anyone following the build. Oh well.....
  3. AMT '51 Chev Coupe custom wip

    Thanx guys. A bit delayed at the moment but the build isn't forgotten.
  4. AMT '51 Chev Coupe custom wip

    Still in primer awaiting minor touchup and finish sanding but for all intents and purposes, finished. One nose....nosed. Comments and observations welcome
  5. 1983 H/O Cutlass

    Clean build! Nice job all 'round! I have one to start pretty soon but with the sand interior. Hope it comes out as clean as yours.
  6. AMT '51 Chev Coupe custom wip

    onto the nose.... Quite a bit of changing and adjusting since the last pic of the section removed from the nose. It's been widened a bit in this shot... ...and after a quick primer coat to better see the lines, it wasn't wide enough for me ...so I widened it a bit more, readjusted the hood line and now it's more like I envisioned. lots of sanding, sweetening up the bottom piece, and more sanding and forming to do. Comments and observations welcome.
  7. AMT '51 Chev Coupe custom wip

    Hiya Tom! Good observations to be sure, thanx! Moving the wheel wells rearward got scuttled with my lack of planning and foresight and I had indeed planned to lengthen the frame but there's no room. The rear deck is certainly larger than I had envisioned in the beginning but thankfully it is symmetrical. I most certainly didn't want a fastback, in fact the rear deck/inner fenders came from a fleetline junk body! The bottoms of the fenders will be curved and wheel skirts added to add even more mass and I'm nosing the hood at the moment to fatten up the front end. To boldly go...
  8. AMT '51 Chev Coupe custom wip

    While the back is going thru a final shaping and finishing sanding, thought it would be a good time to start nosing the beast. I've not done this before so here goes. After a bit of thought, I marked out the section I think will give max impact with minimal work. .....and after playing with construction paper, I cut a shape that will sort of fit in the opening it's important to note here that the vertical piece is not as high as the top of the hood as there is another piece that will be glued to it to form the top and then faired in. Here's the no lookin' back stage. The hole, the vertical filler. Note that the whole operation is to get the front of the nose vertical while maintaining the original body line of the hood.. more to come. Comments and observations welcome.
  9. AMT '51 Chev Coupe custom wip

    Beautiful coupe. I thought of lengthening the body when thinking of the project but I like the look of the boat tail speedster, a reason why I wanted to move the wheel wells back but keep the identity of the car. Maybe the next one? Thanx for the input and kind words guys.
  10. AMT '51 Chev Coupe custom wip

    Here's the rear end with it's first coat of primer. Lots of shaping to do yet. I've put black marker spots and squiggles where extra filing is needed to bring things in to shape. Lots to go yet but it's a start. I'll be waiting a few hours before I continue. The primer is dry to the touch but not cured and would just gum up my files to start working now. You needn't ask how I know that. Again, autofocus is not my friend. Comments and observations welcome.
  11. AMT '51 Chev Coupe custom wip

    Rusty, looks like we're kind of kindred spirits on the rear fenders. I'm planning the same type of profile only adding a little mass, just enough to give it a slight curve almost mirroring the top fender line. The bottom arc would follow the angle from the front bottom of the fender and be carried by the fender skirts to fade in to the rear of the fender. Back in a few days.
  12. AMT '51 Chev Coupe custom wip

    Darn, ran in to a problem-ish. Due to the slope on the 'fall' of the trunk, there's no room to move the wheel wells back. Oh well, not line anyone would have noticed.... here's a few shots of the mockup. The boat tail trunk is committed. Glued on rather well, just a matter of making it look like it belongs there.... The mockup... it's on my bench sorry 'bout that, I was fussin' with it and decided not to move it for the shots. Fender skirts will be made and installed, and the rear fender assembly will be rounded on the bottom side to match the top....sort of. IComments and observations welcome
  13. AMT '51 Chev Coupe custom wip

    Here it's just about ready for some finish sanding on the joint and you can see that the side piece is being taken down gradually to match the curve in the rear of the car. A paper profile will be held against this so there is a line to work up to. The difficulty will be adjusting the profile just right so the whole rear section has a correct slant to it. The side begins where the white piece stops. Comments and observations welcome.
  14. AMT '51 Chev Coupe custom wip

    Oh my, summertime and motorcycles...what's a guy to do? Anyway, continuing on with the boat tail, here are a couple of views of where I've glued the styrene sheet to the modified hood. I used CA (crazy glue) to anchor it, then used good old Testors tube glue to firm up the bond between the two pieces. No attempt has been made to shape it to the body but If you look close you can see the pencil marks for future roughing in of the curve. The 'hoop' piece you see at the nose section is a half-round piece of styrene rod to reinforce the joint. A smaller piece will be joining the forward nose section. None of this will be seen so structure takes priority. Note the reinforcement piece of the hood/tulip panel. Comments and observations welcome