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  1. OneOfAKindCustoms added a post in a topic New To MCM , Hello Everyone   

    Thank you, means alot to me and espically it being my very ever first creation. Def a keeper for life. something to pass on one day to my grand kids when im famous ( i can dream ) hahah
  2. OneOfAKindCustoms added a post in a topic New To MCM , Hello Everyone   

    Made this my first week in welding/autobody school. we had one day where it was slow and had about a hour or two where the teacher said do what we wanted, so i made this,only had some scrap sheet metal, my welder and tin snips, lol.
    never will get rid of it either, first concept car i made , like i said in my first post, never made a model before. I know its not a model kit like this forum is about but still thought i'd share my art work.
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  4. OneOfAKindCustoms added a post in a topic New To MCM , Hello Everyone   

    Yeah, I know what you mean. I had missed two appointments and it was on my VA comp info when i first recieved my packet saying i was service connected disabled, so i wont be missing any appointments, if worse case i'd call first and reschedual.

    ill take all that advice in mind and thanks for the tips. apprechate it.

    and charlz, thanks. ill be posting up some pics of my, 3 hr really fast sheet metal concept car model i made in welding school while we were bored and the teacher let us do what we wanted.
  5. OneOfAKindCustoms added a post in a topic New To MCM , Hello Everyone   

    Thanks Dave. and same goes to you, cant wait to see yours and everyones work
  6. OneOfAKindCustoms added a post in a topic New To MCM , Hello Everyone   

    Thanks JIM and thanks again, its great to be home, nothing else like it

    Ive been dealing with PTSD since i lost my friends and one lost a leg on that mission i was on. only 4 months into the deployent, the back pain was already occuring before i was on that convoy that took my 2 friends lifes and one leg of a SGT. and i was getting fed pain meds and i was still out on the front lines and we had guys fully healthy to take my place but i had to do what they told me to and i didnt complain, i used to drive a tow truck before for my good friends father who lived across the street, anywho. the lower back problems and PTSD are addressed with the VA and as of now, im only 30% service connected disabled for PTSD from iraq and 10% disabled for lower back issues and im fighting it all to be raised, im only getting $541 a month. im not complaining it get money but 10% for lower back pain, that was my main issue in the army and the PTSD was also a almost equal factor. but ######. yea, the VA knows and im fighting it to be raised when i talk to my REP tomorrow. and thanks for serving. i salute you and i served with the marines while in iraq, 2nd RCT 6. ( ever hear of them? )
  7. OneOfAKindCustoms added a post in a topic New To MCM , Hello Everyone   

    Thanks Foxer, thank you, I agree and that keeps me driven to make it. haha. Ill ask ask ask, im like a sponge. I like to soak up info and learn, knowledge is power my friend also, ill check the link and yes, ill post some sketches, thanks bud.
  8. OneOfAKindCustoms added a post in a topic New To MCM , Hello Everyone   

    Thank you! Looking foward to learning more and sharing my work and seeing everyones work.
  9. OneOfAKindCustoms added a topic in General   

    New To MCM , Hello Everyone
    Hello everyone. New to MCM Forum, came across it when I told my friend I was building my own concept car out of real model components but building my own frame work out of the plastic that holds the parts and other model car frame pieces, i have a dremel and ive already started on the frame work. mostly mocking, did no glueing or using my saudering gun yet. ( will work as good as a plastic welder correct?. ) mostly researching mid engine, rear wheel drive frame work on concept and super cars, so i can start placing the pieces of my own design together and making my image in my mind a reality.

    I am 25 years old, i have always been into cars, drawing cars, i can draw well, ill post some pics later of my concept car sketches.

    ive always been creative and have been great with my hands, ive always did paint work and autobody on my bikes, 4 wheelers, go kart, when i was young and then when i was 16 , did my real 78 nova, 77 firebird and recently did work on my car i own my, 03 350z.

    I went to autobody-welding school and once the welding - autobody classes were finished i removed myself from the school since i only went to learn thoes two subjects and didnt know the rest of the school was other fields, i was already working at a custom autobody shop so i got paid and learned, i then joined the army as a welder- metal worker. didnt do alot of welding after advanced training since i got deployed to iraq for 15 months, a month after getting to my unit, straight out of the 4 months of welding - metal work - fiberglass training, then when i was deployed did a little bit of welding on days where i didnt have to go out on convoys since i drove the wrecker, i was in the recovery section attached to CAV scouts. so we were in bad areas on the road and front lines all the time, but i got out of the army after i got back from iraq due to back issues and PTSD. but its great to be on a site where everyone loves cars and building and being creative, glad to meet everyone!!.

    im Johnny by the way.
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