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  1. I'd never seen that kit before. Nice, clean build!
  2. Welcome back - hope you had a great trip. This is an awesome build. Glad you're back so we can continue to follow it...
  3. I love everything about it!
  4. Awesome! One of the cleanest, highly detailed and beautiful builds I've seen. I'll refer to these pics when building anything similar. -Ken
  5. I can't remember - does Sheriff Justice's ride get a shaker popping through the hood?
  6. Great build! Love that color. What is it?
  7. Remarkable! You have a true talent for weathering.
  8. Love your work KJ, and enjoyed seeing lots of it and meeting you at NNL East. Truly outstanding work on this conversion!
  9. Yup - like the Gas Monkey Garage '71 Chevrolet Kingswood Custom Station Wagon.
  10. Fantastic build! Makes me appreciate the real one even more.
  11. You're right to be proud - what an awesome build! It would be easy to run on and on about everything I like about it. Suffice to say, if I was going to build a Karmann Ghia for myself, I'd have you do it. The luggage rack is sublime...
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