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  1. NY Modeler added a post in a topic Completed BRBO - International Prostar   

    Great build Dan, despite the issues.  I plan on picking one up, so I appreciate your comments about the kit.
    As the "Alien" series are my favorite sci-fi movies, I noticed the W-Y logo right away and got a kick out of it.  Where'd you pick up those decals?
  2. NY Modeler added a topic in The Truck Stop   

    Volvo "Iron Knight" Sets Semi Speed Record
    Talk about hauling!
    The article includes a cool video.

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  3. NY Modeler added a post in a topic AMT Fords LNT & C cab combi   

    Nicely done!  I've got the same kitbash planned, though my LN is from the snowplow kit, so it won't have the liftgate.  Unfortunately my C-cab has the later aluminum wheels; I'm debating whether or not to use them.
    I might add the Italeri frame-mounted crane, to replicate a builders supply truck.
    Looking forward to more of your work.
  4. NY Modeler added a post in a topic Western Star wrecker   

    Nicely done!  Is that the wrecker body from the Revell of Germany Scania?
  5. NY Modeler added a post in a topic Revell Kenworth W-900   

    Beautiful, clean build.  And as many others have said, I love the color.  Forgive me if I missed it earlier, but what color is it?
    I noticed the SAC mug in the background.  I'm USAFE & TAC myself (AMMO troop, '81-'86).
    Looking forward to more of your work.