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  1. I'd never seen that kit before. Nice, clean build!
  2. Welcome back - hope you had a great trip. This is an awesome build. Glad you're back so we can continue to follow it...
  3. I love everything about it!
  4. Awesome! One of the cleanest, highly detailed and beautiful builds I've seen. I'll refer to these pics when building anything similar. -Ken
  5. I can't remember - does Sheriff Justice's ride get a shaker popping through the hood?
  6. Great build! Love that color. What is it?
  7. Love your work KJ, and enjoyed seeing lots of it and meeting you at NNL East. Truly outstanding work on this conversion!
  8. Yup - like the Gas Monkey Garage '71 Chevrolet Kingswood Custom Station Wagon.
  9. Fantastic build! Makes me appreciate the real one even more.
  10. You're right to be proud - what an awesome build! It would be easy to run on and on about everything I like about it. Suffice to say, if I was going to build a Karmann Ghia for myself, I'd have you do it. The luggage rack is sublime...
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