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  1. Guy, I remember seeing this on Straightline back when you finished it. I saved all the photos as a reference for when I ever get around to doing this one. Yours is definitely the benchmark! Nice job. -Art
  2. Thanks for looking, Dann! I appreciate your comment.
  3. Thanks for looking, guys. Looks like probably September before we get together for the So Cal Open, Seth... ☹️ So my posts now are finally caught up to where the build actually stands. Earlier this month I had a 20-hour build day (and night) before the Valley Con show in Pasadena so I could get this thing to a point where it could be entered. It was presentable, but not totally complete, so now I am fixing some of that late night sloppiness and adding details I didn't have time for, like the throttle cable. But what did get added before the show are the dump tank lines, the kill switch button, some fuel lines, brake lines, mirrors faces, and attachment of the wheels, wing, etc. Still have the side decals to add and re-attachment of the wheels to get them a little straighter. I had a big problem with all four wheels touching the ground before the show, but got that resolved (at 3:00 AM), but not all the wheels were quite as straight as I wanted them. Anyway, here's a few recent shots.
  4. Hey Seth! I haven't been out here much, to my chagrin, so I have been missing a lot of good stuff. When you posted on my thread I decided to see what you had going on and found this. It's looking great! Keep it going! -Art
  5. Thanks, Seth! Good to hear from you. See you in May?
  6. It wasn't documented earlier, but I cut off the plastic catch tank and replaced it with a piece I made out of aluminum and painted it with clear blue Alclad wich gave it a pretty nice anodized look. All for now... More pics soon!
  7. After I got the body on, I added the heads and wired up the spark plugs.
  8. Here are some shots as I continued with the assembly.
  9. Thank you, Jim! The floor pan required a little planning and quite a few steps. First I had to paint it the color of the car, including the flo red on two little tabs that tuck into the nose in the red section. Then it had to be cleared. After clear, I shot the back half with Tamiys Semi Gloss out of the can. I just love that stuff. I prefer an airbrush, but the results with that color from the can are unbeatable. Then I masked off the exhaust outlets on the top and the bottom and shot them with Testors Metalizer, and a little weathering. I brush-painted the front half interior with Testors Acryl semi gloss. I laid down a Scale Motorsport Carbon Fiber decal on the back half on the top side (available at ScaleProShop.com )I used a second kit to make the patterns for the CF decal. The effect is subtle, but worth the effort. I'm always amazed how well these conform with some Microsol and heat. Then I cut out some Bare Metal Foil for the heat shielding. I tried some staining on the BMF and the exhaust pipes. It looks a little messy because I was trying different things with the airbrush, which I could get away with because very little of it is actually seen.
  10. Hey Shaun! Thanks for stopping by my thread. I love these lower formula cars. I'm curious to see that kit that has a 6 cylinder in it. If you know what it is, can you let me know?
  11. I was able to get the Gravity clear on, but not before ruining some of the decals. I found some issues with the bottom edge I apparently introduced with a dehydrator earlier in the painting process that I hadn't noticed, so while correcting them and handling the body, I wiped out some markings, including the smoking cowboy logos on the side pods. I was able to make most of the replacements myself, but the Smoking Cowboys were just not printing true black from my inkjet. Thankfully, my buddy Calvin at Hobbitime https://hobbitime.myshopify.com/ has some and saved the day. The clear came out show quality, but a bit too shiny for a race car, so I wet sanded it and polished it out. It still is shiny, but not overly so. I used some gold BMF on the "firewall". It may not be perfectly accurate for this car, but some references on some other cars had gold, so I thought it would be a good look. It turns out, you can't really see it much anyway. https://images43.fotki.com/v1218/photos/9/1464279/16203792/PhotoFeb24114530PM-vi.jpg
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