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  1. Charles, the tree I had had two front valences and two rear bumpers, so I think you'll get a choice of year. Thanks for the comments, everyone! I think you'll like the kit.
  2. Just completed this Salvino’s Roadrunner sample build for them to display at the NRHSA Convention & Table-Top Expo in Las Vegas this week. Tamiya spray paint on most of the chassis and parts, and Splash paint Petty Blue and 2K clear for the body. Since the kit is not yet released, the decals were a mix of a Power Slide Yesterday’s sheet and miscellaneous Salvino’s decals. You can pre-order from Salvino's now, but will also be available at ScaleProShop.com around November.
  3. Hi Tim, The motor is simply amazing, and as much as I should know better by now, I'm still speechless. Can't wait to see the rest of it come together. My only wish is that you could finish it sooner than your estimated timeline and get over to the GSL so we can gawk at this in person! Art
  4. This build wasn’t in my queue, but the San Diego Model Car Club and the Las Vegas model car club were doing a joint build off, with each club judging the others entries. It was originally supposed to be a tri-five subject, but they opened it up to any 55-57 Chevy, including trucks and Corvettes, so I thought I would jump in. Unfortunately, I missed that deadline by a mile! And the next one, and the next one! The build is now finished, but I am going to post up a WIP anyway, which won’t take too long because there was a lot of work done towards the end that didn’t get photo documented, but it should be enough to see what went into it. I happened to have this 57 Corvette Gasser kit in my stash, and I thought this would be a great opportunity to showcase all of the Pro Tech, Detail Master, and Model Car Garage (and other) aftermarket parts available on my store at scaleproshop.com. I’ll be calling them out as I go along. It’s funny, because I had this exact kit since I was a kid, but it became separated from me for probably 35 years and I had totally forgotten about it until my stepmom moved and had me come get a bunch of kits she had stored that I didn’t even know about (score!). It was given to me as an open kit when I was a kid, and I hadn’t opened it at all until now. I had no idea what I was going to find inside, but it turned out that all the parts were there, even though 90% of the parts were off the sprues. The only thing is, the engine was just not a good piece, so I went looking for a big block Chevy to put in instead of the small block that came with the kit. I found just what I was looking for in this kit. Started off cleaning up the parts, and modifying the chassis to add a Halibrand quick change rear end, resin cast by my good friend Dutch Gorsha, @dog3models on Instagram. He does great work, so check him out at Instagram if you get a chance. Cut out the old pumpkin. Some of the front suspension pieces were not usable, so I made new ones with brass for a little added strength. More to come!
  5. I love it, Gary. Do you know where you sourced the wheels and tires from?
  6. Beautiful and unique model!
  7. Great pics, Billy! Thanks for coming to the show and sharing these pictures! -Art
  8. Pre-entry for Builder registration for the So Cal Open ends this week! We strongly encourage that entrants pre-register online. This will help us on show morning, and will also help you get through registration quickly! Win an Iwata Airbrush!! Pre-registration is $5 cheaper than paying at the door. As an added bonus, all pre-registered entrants will be eligible for a special drawing for an Iwata Airbrush, courtesy of Coast Airbrush. Registration can be done entirely online by following the link below and filling out the form and making the payment. http://www.laskiscale.com/so-cal-registration.html
  9. Iceman Collections at the So Cal Open! 3D printing has been taking the scale modeling world by storm in the last few years, and one company that has come to the forefront with new products in this lane is Iceman Collections! On ebay, or at Icemancollections.com, you will find very unique aftermarket parts, and even some kits, that you won't find anywhere else to help you build that model you always dreamed of! Iceman Collections has sent a sample of the incredible parts you'll find at their store for prizes at the So Cal Open, and we are extremely grateful. Buy those raffle tickets to get yours at the show! Thank you, Iceman, for supporting the show!
  10. Hi Tim, I didn't see how how you're work could get any better, yet here it is. Outstanding stuff! -Art
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