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  1. I love this one, Wayne! Nice work.
  2. Thanks, Gary! Just a quick box stocker to get something done! Hope you're well and building on!
  3. Happy Birthday Art. Enjoy your special day.  Best wishes.

    1. Art Laski

      Art Laski

      Thank you, Tom!!!

  4. Hi Francis, I just stumbled on this thread for the first time and I'm in total awe. Amazing! Keep up the good work! -Art
  5. Jeff, I made those decals several years ago when I was building a replica Corvette. I wanted a realistic filter, not just one with a logo on it, which is not how they actually are. So I copied the real verbiage from the filter that was used back in the day (would have been '72 on that project), but they look good on any build. If you go with an AC Delco filter that's white, then you could make a convincing inkjet decal on clear paper at home and it would look pretty good.
  6. Hi Mark, thanks for the nice comments. The tire decals on this one came in the kit. You might check out Indycals.net. They have several tire decals and, although they aren't specifically NASCAR decals, they might have something that works.
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