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  1. Pffffff.... that’s about all I can muster. Amazed every time. It’s looking great, Tim I do have a question, and sorry if you mentioned it somewhere already, but what did you make the distributor cap boots with?
  2. Looks great, Phil! Hope you have a great show.
  3. Awesome to see this come together, Tim!
  4. Thank you, guys. This was a fun one. I appreciate your comments!
  5. Like a jeweler placing the prized gem in its setting... Great milestone, Tim!
  6. Scale Motorsport is one of the leading aftermarket companies for the last 20 years, offering the finest carbon fiber decals, upgrade kits, and useful tools. For the past year, we have carried a limited selection of Scale Motorsport products at shows, but did not offer them online. That has changed for 2019! ScaleProShop.com now offers a selection of Scale Motorsport carbon fiber decals, wheels, and seat belt sets on our store, and hope to grow this inventory this year to include even more of their products. Here's a sample of what's on the site!
  7. I’m loving it, Bill! I love threads like this where I can learn a thing or two. Keep it up!
  8. Man, you really are the styrene fab master. Always fun to watch...
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