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  1. Looking forward to this, Curt! You and John will make some crazy rides, I'm sure.
  2. Bruce, sorry I missed your question. It's 1/24 scale. Thank you!
  3. Thanks, Joe! Kevin, thanks. It is finished. The "Under Glass" link is here: http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/151889-lola-t89-f3000-car/
  4. It's cool! Love the presentation, too. I just had a sprint car model out tonight, thinking about a future build...
  5. Congratulations, Tim! It could be no other way, this build is just too astounding. This is the first of however many you choose to enter, in my mind. Hope I can see it for myself someday. -Art
  6. Thanks, Phil! Appreciate the comment! Thanks, Chris! Tim, much appreciated. Thanks for dropping in!
  7. Fantastic, Tim! Amazing detail that we've come to expect from you...
  8. Hey Curt, for some reason I've been missing all your builds. This one looks awesome!
  9. Very cool that you dropped in, Paul! If you've seen any of his other projects, you know this one will end up very nice. Wish you weren't so far away, as this would be a cool one to see go in person!
  10. It's looking good, Charlie!
  11. Rich, Thank you for following the ride and your encouraging words along the way. It’s very much appreciated!
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