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  1. Dann, Rich, thanks for the comments!! On to the body... I didn't know how I could paint these pieces on the fuel tank so that they look like separate pieces, so I decided to make them separate pieces. I removed the plate and the fuel fitting and made a new plate with styrene so I can paint them all independently. I had the same problem with the roll bar where there is a switch molded in. I drilled it out so I can add a separate piece later.
  2. Did some of the work on the engine... The heads go on after the engine is in the car, so I detailed them and added the plug wire boots to finish wiring it up once installed. Pro Tech .20 photo etch nut and bolt heads worked great on this. Available at scaleproshop.com
  3. I was able to get some other things off my bench and squeeze in some time to make some progress on this one. I was hoping to get it done in time for NNL West, but I need at least another week. That, or ignore EVERYTHING else, but I don't have that luxury! Started on the transmission/rear suspension first, per the instructions. The rear brake ducts were not open, so I corrected that. I wasn't sure if I was going to do this or not, because the molded rear springs were pretty good for what they were, but I went for it and used real springs and aluminum shocks. Kit piece on the right, modified version on the left. More soon!
  4. Hi Tom, we'd love to see you out West sometime! Every year I try to plan to come East again, but it hasn't worked out for a few years. It's not out of the question this year, either, but we need a few things to fall in our favor. You guys put on a great show, and I recommend NNL East to anybody.
  5. Mike, I wish you could too. It would be great to see you again. It’s a pretty good distance for me, but nothing like you! Will we see you at GSL in 2022?
  6. If anyone headed over to the NNL West is interested, a bunch of us are going to meet up at this pre-party on Friday night. Head on over!
  7. Bruce and Mark, Thank you for the nice comments! Since I last posted here, we made it easier to get right to the store. You can now go to Scaleproshop.com directly. Of course, laskiscale.com still works, and has our show information, a link to the store, and a contact form to join our mailing list for a discount on your first order! See you at NNL West!
  8. Rich, Thanks for sharing your builds. They look great! Did you use the kit decals for the flo red on this one or did you paint it? I would have considered using the decals, but the ones on my kit were a bit out of registration. I'm also wondering if you changed the livery on one, or if there was one you don't have. The other one I have is a red and white car with Cabin sponsorship. I'd like to get them all! lol. -Art
  9. Modeler's Lola T89 Formula 3000 It's been a while since I've built a model for myself, and haven't finished a build in over a year. So I decided to try and complete a kit I started cleaning up about a year ago, but never got started on in earnest. It's a long out of production kit from Modeler's in Japan, and I really like the detail out of the box. I'll just be making a few mods, but not much on this one, since my goal is to complete it for NNL West in January. Here's the box of the kit. There are a few variations of this kit, and I have two of them. I really liked the Marlb0r0 livery on this one. I had some Gravity paint I bought for another build that I'll be trying for the first time, including the White, Flo Red, and their clear system. These are my humble beginnings. I'm going to add a little detail to the shifter. It may not be the best use of my time, but it seemed like an easy upgrade, so I started by removing the molded-in shifter rod. https://images41.fotki.com/v826/photos/9/1464279/16203792/1577284673172-vi.jpg My start on the engine block. I tried a couple of different Alclad aluminum shades until I found what I was looking for. I think I ended up with Dark Aluminum, but it had a sheen I didn't like, so I hit it with some flat lacquer. I then used some Tamiya black and gray panel line wash mixed together to try to bring out some of the detail. It's not all that visible in this pic, though. I used Testors Titanium Metalizer on the cam covers. All for now, but more soon. Thanks for looking!
  10. Hi Bruce! I remember talking to you at the NNL. I'm planning to be there again this year, so please stop by the booth! If I'm not mistaken, you had some great race car builds. Hope to see more from you this year!
  11. Thanks, Joe. I do appreciate it. And I am a fan of your truck build as well...
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