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  1. I had the pleasure of meeting Barry twice at the GSL. The photo above is at the GSL and I was seated across this table from Barry and Del, although judging by my empty chair next to Gene Duarte indicates I must have been in the food line! This past May, Barry and I had a chance to chat for a bit and talked about Del a little and I really enjoyed it. I'll miss not seeing him at the next one. -Art
  2. Top notch work, Rickard! Very inspiring ideas on this build. Thanks for sharing and keeping at it!
  3. Hi Tim, Congratulations on getting this one over the finish line! It's been fun to ride along with you on not only this, but the previous thread where this all began. I thank you for sharing the triumphs and tragedies along the way with all of us. There surely has been a lot to be learned and seeing what's possible, even in 1/25 scale. I've seen things on this build at this scale that I have never seen before (and may never again!) and have been astounded with every post, to be sure. Looking forward to anything you do next! -Art
  4. Pffffff.... that’s about all I can muster. Amazed every time. It’s looking great, Tim I do have a question, and sorry if you mentioned it somewhere already, but what did you make the distributor cap boots with?
  5. Looks great, Phil! Hope you have a great show.
  6. Very nice work, Andrew!
  7. Awesome to see this come together, Tim!
  8. Thank you, guys. This was a fun one. I appreciate your comments!
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