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  1. "Berlin Buick": On the Bench 12/4/17

    Looking great, John!
  2. Jim Bailey's '71 El Camino

    I really appreciate all the comments, guys! It wasn't as perfect to me as I would have hoped, but I guess I feel that way about every build. But Jim and his wife were ecstatic. His wife called it the best gift ever! I guess that's all that matters. Chris Sobak, I failed to mention it above, which is a shame because your effort of support on this was instrumental, but thanks so much! I hope you get to build your '71 someday.
  3. Jim Bailey's '71 El Camino

    Thank you! Yes it is. I was surprised to find them. I thought I would be making my own.
  4. Bernard, I really appreciate the forethought put into this build. I look forward to seeing it in Santa Clara. Nice job!
  5. Pics of your Showrods anyone?

    Here's my only show rod, The Little Hot Dogger.
  6. "Berlin Buick": On the Bench 12/4/17

    It's looking good, John! All the fabrication you're doing is killer.
  7. Jim Bailey's '71 El Camino

    My father-in-law has a collection of some classic cars that he takes to car shows, and one of his friends who goes to car shows with him, Jim Bailey, has an excellent example of a 1971 El Camino. Jim's wife asked me if I would build a replica of his car as a gift for him, so that's what this build is all about. There were a few challenges with this project. This first issue is that no model companies have ever made a '71 El Camino. The closest I found is a Jimmy Flintstone '72 El Camino resin body that uses the AMT '72 Chevelle as a donor kit. While this combination is close, there were a lot of modifications necessary to represent a '71, and then some more work to make it look like Jim's. See the WIP here: Here are some pics of the original.
  8. Jim Bailey's '71 El Camino

    Here are some shots of the finished car. See the rest under glass! See it Under Glass here:
  9. Jim Bailey's '71 El Camino

    I also used a different brake booster and master cyclinder to match the real car. I ended up using the rear bumper out of the AMT '68 kit. I had to narrow it a little.
  10. Jim Bailey's '71 El Camino

    Here's the paint prior to BMF. I used Tamiya Chrome yellow and TS-13 clear out of the can. I wish I could say it was good to go, but I had to spend a night polishing. I decanted a little paint to paint the grill. Here's the completed grill.
  11. Jim Bailey's '71 El Camino

    I had to reroute the exhaust due to the engine swap and to accomodate where Jim's exhaust dumps out. Also had to make a new driveshaft. I also took the tonneau cover from the '86 and cut it down a little to fit. The texture molded into it was much better than trying to use flat styrene. I sanded the Goodyear logos off of the tires and applied the Cooper decals. Unfortunately, even though I wanted a little bit of a weathered look, they got a bit worn during assembly and I didn't have time to restore some of them.
  12. Jim Bailey's '71 El Camino

    Thank you for the comments! I had to stop posting as time was getting short and I needed to finish this build in time for Christmas, but I still managed to take some pictures along the way. I had to modify the hood a little to mimic the '71. Jim's car had a small block in it, so I stole one out of an '86 El Camino kit. I weather it up a little and used a MAD pre-wired distributor, which is available at Laskiscale.com
  13. "Berlin Buick": On the Bench 12/4/17

    I don’t know how you go so fast! Crazy...
  14. Jim Bailey's '71 El Camino

    Thanks for commenting, guys! I took the headlight buckets from a Revell '70 Chevelle kit and cut the round part off and mated two of them together to make a square lens bucket. I still need to smooth them out and drill the holes for them in the grill, but this is going to work out, I think.