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  1. Outstanding job, Bruce! Congrats on the Shelby trophy. It was well-deserved... and I'm glad I got to see that build. It was good to see you again and hope to see you at NNL West!
  2. It looked stunning on the tables, Bruce!
  3. Just catching up. Dang, Tim... that's all I got. Always great to see your progress! Art
  4. Great project, Charlie! Incredible work all along the way... -Art
  5. Bruce, you can go to SaleProShop.com and I have Pro Tech, Detail Master, Model Car Garage, Scale Motorsport, and some other stuff out there. Check it out!
  6. Looks amazing, Bruce! Great work. I sent you a PM also...
  7. Hi Bruce! I jut saw your thread and went through the whole thing. Very impressive! The build looks great, and I'm going to follow to the end now. I hope I get to see it some day. -Art
  8. I just went through your thread for the first time, and it looks great, Ian! Nice work.
  9. It's a great build, Bruce!
  10. Tim, thank you for bringing your thread to my attention. I have some panels, much less complex than yours, that I will need to do in brass, so I might pick up a thing or two here , for sure. Outstanding work!
  11. Thanks, Tim! I will definitely check out your thread.
  12. Dan, thanks for the comments. I can completely agree with you on having a dedicated space, and I'm glad to see you being productive. I thoroughly enjoyed your last build.
  13. It’s been a while since I worked on this one. I’m planning to keep going and see this one through. It’s hard to believe I started this over 6 years ago! Since my last update, I added the side cage bars and the nerf bars. The nerfs will get pulled in later as it goes together, so I can line them up with the tires. I have a permanent place to work now, which I've never had before, so I am hoping it leads to a lot more progress!
  14. Hi Steve, I absolutely love it. I met Sam Hanks on a few occasions, as he and his wife Alice were family friends. While Sam has long passed, Alice is still around and keeps in touch with my family. On my first trip to the Indy 500 in 1990 , I had the pleasure having breakfast with Sam on the morning of Carb Day at the Speedway Motel, where I was introduced to Mario Andretti (but that's another story). That was an such an incredible memory, for sure, and Sam was such a nice, humble man. I have had that book forever, too. It's a great one. On page 20 is "Grandpa" Ted Halibrand from his days working with Kurtis. The midget looks fantastic. Art
  15. Hi Mike! Thanks for the kind comments. Hope you’re doing well. Art
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