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  1. Had a chance today to make it to Hobby Town and picked the AMT Autocar Dump truck and the double trailers kits
  2. was the 66 short bed issued as a kit or is it forth coming I would like to get one
  3. I ment AMT but they look pretty good I haven't really opened them yet I an hopeing Scenes unlimited get more of the Meng F350 dually fenders back in stock
  4. all 3 of the AMT garage kits 3 of the Model King/ Moebius service trucks and the Moebois 66 F100 and the 70 F 100
  5. I have the windshield you are looking for let me know if you need any thing else for that kit I have one that is parted out
  6. if you can give me a few days I should have one I can send to you let me check when I get back
  7. ok thanks his site doesn't show his phone number
  8. I went to order the custom wheel from Moluminun and they are not t here I hope he will be recasting them I want a set for a build
  9. beng a truck builder and I know some one on the forum was going to do a Cat big rig I was onmy way to help a friendof mine finish up and engine jobo and on the way I saw a Cat truck .
  10. I was watching tv the other night when a Duritos commercial came on with the Rapper and a pink airplane in the foreground I swear it was the Matt and Debbie Hayes Thunderbird has any one else seen this commercial. Correct me if I am wrong .
  11. needed the lights for a Moebius trailer or can I still get them from Moebius
  12. I need the decals for the 66 Mustang Shelby GT 350 H also the front valance and I need the right front turn signal lens for the 2006 Mustang Shelby GT H
  13. thanks Clayton I have looked at his site a hundread times and never noticed those wheels and they ae what I am looking for
  14. Is there any one who makes custom wheels/ rims for big rigs not normaly seen on I have a build in mind using the Revell Germany Peterbilt . I am gathering parts for the build now. any help will be great
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