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  1. Snake I am useing it on the Well Fargo Stage coach and the chestnut brown on the horses
  2. I went to the Ollies here no big rig kits but I did pick up the Stage coach kit
  3. does any of the model paint makes make Venetian red paint also need chestnut brown paint
  4. I picked up the Moebius 1967 Ford service bed pickup now just need the Moebius 67 Ford pick up if they made one
  5. thanks I noticed it came off a Mercedes Actros that is why I was wondering
  6. what is the part you added to the battery box that looks like it has a 2 hose connections
  7. I used that alot to rust exhaust manifolds and used to get it at Michelles but it disappeared I guess 6 years ago from thier store
  8. what is the tank and what looks some kind of filter on the battery box that is the filter and tank and also how many air tanks are on this truck ,, also where is the air compressor and power streering pump located on the engine it is a V8 thanks for any help
  9. when I first got mine it was great a nice chrome finish now when I use it it comes out as just silver I do shake it before every use . is any one else having this problem
  10. yeup and I always go to their contests and was planning to go to the one in NJ this year . when I posted this I called that morning to get confermation
  11. Is it possable to get replacement parts from Revell I bought the 29 Ford over Memorial day week end and was missing the tree with the exhaust headers and decals it was a factroy sealed kit and al l bag was sealed
  12. the contest in Roanoke , Va for October 16 th and 17 have been canceled due to the virus it has been moved to June 18 and 19 th 2021 at the Salem Civic Center
  13. will Tamiya paint hold up under Duplicolor clear this is the first time I have used Tamiya paint
  14. what color would the frame be for a International Transtar 4300 Eagle be
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