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  1. if you can give me a few days I should have one I can send to you let me check when I get back
  2. Battery boxes

    what kit are those battery boxes from ?
  3. Custom big rig wheels

    ok thanks his site doesn't show his phone number
  4. Custom big rig wheels

    I went to order the custom wheel from Moluminun and they are not t here I hope he will be recasting them I want a set for a build
  5. What did you see on the road today?

    beng a truck builder and I know some one on the forum was going to do a Cat big rig I was onmy way to help a friendof mine finish up and engine jobo and on the way I saw a Cat truck .
  6. Did I see what I thought I saw on tv

    I was watching tv the other night when a Duritos commercial came on with the Rapper and a pink airplane in the foreground I swear it was the Matt and Debbie Hayes Thunderbird has any one else seen this commercial. Correct me if I am wrong .
  7. needed the lights for a Moebius trailer or can I still get them from Moebius
  8. decals and parts needed

    I need the decals for the 66 Mustang Shelby GT 350 H also the front valance and I need the right front turn signal lens for the 2006 Mustang Shelby GT H
  9. Custom big rig wheels

    thanks Clayton I have looked at his site a hundread times and never noticed those wheels and they ae what I am looking for
  10. Custom big rig wheels

    Is there any one who makes custom wheels/ rims for big rigs not normaly seen on I have a build in mind using the Revell Germany Peterbilt . I am gathering parts for the build now. any help will be great
  11. MB New Actros Lowliner

    Hermann thank you for your reply I am following your build closely and waiting to see how you detail the engine
  12. need help from the European truck buildlers

    Pierrer R89 thank you for the reply on both the parts sorry I haven't replied before this I have been out of town
  13. need help from the European truck buildlers

    Force the kit is the Iveco Stralis Hi Way Euro 5 Kit number 3899 and the modual I am asking about is part 58/73 on page 4 of the instructions section F it mounts between the cross members om the left frame rail and I should have been more clear. also what is the tank that mounts on the right frame rail parts 66/67 page 13 on the instructions again thanks
  14. I am working on the Italeri Iveco truck and need to know what the modual is on the frame any help will be great
  15. MB New Actros Lowliner

    I am building the Mercedes Giga Space also I have a question for yo u what is the modual next to the transmission and do all the Mercedes have the front under run bar and radator shield any help would be great