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  1. what color would the frame be for a International Transtar 4300 Eagle be
  2. did you ever get the cab you needed
  3. My prayers and condolances to you and your family I lost my wife of 45 years 4 years ago to cancer
  4. has any one ordered parts from Moebius I need the steering box for the 65 Ford service truck
  5. I found out today the body in the Baja Bronco kit is not correct and that Revell has issued the correct body now to find out how to get the correct body does anyone know
  6. I should have what you need but will need a day or two to find them I have the kit minus the engine
  7. I picked up a copy at The Rail Yard hobby shop in Roanoke Va over Thansgiveing
  8. I took the plunge and went to Hobby Town and bought two will see how the work thanks for all of the replys
  9. thanks guys Tar heel the ones I have seen here looks what I have seen for the Tamiya stands
  10. Ihave seen a few builds being done on this great forum and I am wondering who makes them currently I an using coat hangers to paint with
  11. It may have cost 7 million to build but it was sold for 13,2 million . https://www.msn.com/en-us/autos/enthusiasts/this-custom-rig-just-sold-for-an-incredible-dollar132m/ss-BBXiXb7?ocid=spartandhp
  12. I found the AMT /Italeri Pete kit at Hobby Town for 78 bucks I paid les s for the Italeri kit at a show I was at
  13. I found the AMT /Italeri Pete kit at Hobby Town for 78 bucks
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