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  1. Baja Race Truck

    Very cool Brent. Do you have any links to other off road builds you have done?? This is looking great. http://www.race-dezert.com/forum/showthread.php?t=7420 You need to see this truck before doing body work.. This is the exact body style you are replicating. Keep it up.. Looks awesome so far Doug R
  2. T3 resin Notch update

    This is killing me! The notch is my favorite vee wee. I sure hope they are made available and affordable. Great work Bill, as usual. Are those type 2 bumpers? Doug
  3. Recent Magazine

    No Jairus, Gregg told me he uses a medium texture roller and Dutch boy paint on his builds...LOL! Doug R
  4. Skills

    I guess mine would be scratch building roll cages and picking odd ball subjects to model. Doug
  5. 06 Mustang

    Those are killer. What base color did you use on the Mica Blue? Thanks. Doug
  6. '25 Model T Bucket *rat rod*

    Very cool Bob. I dig the whole rat rod scene. Doug
  7. Baja Ghia Done 4-22-07

    Thanks guys. I never know how these will come out when I get the idea.LOL! I appreciate the kind words,it drives me to do a better job on the next. Doug
  8. Baja Ghia Done 4-22-07

    Well, I am gonna call this one done. Hope you like it. Doug R link to more pics here http://s4.photobucket.com/albums/y104/shifty217/
  9. baja ghia update

    Chassis is done. Fuel cell,battery box,seats,steering wheel,etc.. in. I just have to make and mount 4 socks,rear axles and brakes. Then it is assemble and finish time.I hope I can get it done by saturday. Doug R
  10. Competition Rock Crawler kitbash... pics

    Looks great Clint. BTW- Jake makes an Atlas 2 t-case in resin. Going 4 link all the way? Doug R
  11. 92 toyota king cab 3 dr Minidreams Style !

    Great job, I may copy that for a lifted version. What is that motor from?? Very nice on all of them. Doug R
  12. baja ghia update

    so i see you have a deep sump on there? how'd you do that? cut up another case? looks nice. i wish i could bend up some exhaust that nice for my race ghia. that enigne looks differnt. where did it come from. never seen a revell engine THAT nice.
  13. Silverado ready for primer

    That looks really good. Doug R
  14. 65 Hollywood Knights ElCamino

    Great job Newbaum! That's one of my favorite movies. Gonna do the Pie wagon too? Doug R