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  1. If thats the police car kit the hood does not open.I can not renber about the chassis I think it is not detailed. Larry
  2. Wanted Revell 55 ford panel floorboards For my project the one from 55 p u might work. Have stuff to trade. Larry
  3. pm sent



  4. Roth version of revell 57 Chevy has 4x 2 barrel manifold and 6x2 barrel manifold
  5. the old Bigfoot 79 ford had a mini bike.
  6. Or put the 4 door top on a El CAMINO
  7. Welcome I never took break. 11 years old till 72 Welcome
  8. I like it For me it is a high school hot rod 1961 to 1965.
  9. Really like that car.
  10. Had agood trade Modelbldr Would do it again. Larry
  11. Just received package From thatz4u would trade with him any ol time. Larry
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