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  1. I always look forward to your builds good job. Larry
  2. Welcome Chris I to am in Colorado.and older.but now I am slow.
  3. Or the custom grille from 65 chevell wagon it would take some cutting and grinding.
  4. What would you take for those. The top one I think is from a 59 Elcamino 60 merc #2 is from AMT grille pack I always wanted the bottom one. Thanks Larry
  5. How do you figure scale I would like to know how much is 8 inches 1:1 in 1.25 scale. Thanks
  6. I save all clear red plastic that I come across The Top from deodorant ballon sticks or what ever.
  7. What book is that 53 thats blue with red wheels in. Look s good
  8. Good I am glad you like it Larry
  9. Michael Tell me how to do the notification thing.
  10. Michael Go to google put in 2018 NSRA give away car It will bring it up. Larry
  11. I have a new one in a box it has clear windows Johan on the label also says resin interior available separately I also bought a 56 from this time period 2000 to2005 It had no interior I bought it from Accucast i also bought a56 olds and a 59 rambler and a60 Ford falcon resin model the add was in SAE 1999
  12. Nice work. On the front of NSRA 2019 Yearbook is your car a different color.
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