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  1. Last night(Aug 28) I watched it on regular MT .Where we live we half to stream TV. MT is on Hulu
  2. I like that, Good paint
  3. Years ago I had a 76 monarc I Had a Bowler as a hood ornement
  4. Half aFalcon is better than no Falcon, Right.
  5. Great looking build really nice. Like the color and the wheels.
  6. What about the back half of 1/24 blazer.
  7. I saw one when we lived in Colorado It was Oldsmolille front wheel drive
  8. I will send you the decals, Gold stripe thin white wall Right?
  9. I had a good trade with 1st700quad Thanks Steve
  10. Just completed a trade with Junkyard Jeff Great trader Thanks Jeff
  11. Nice car good job michelle
  12. I had a freind in high school (1965) his mom had a 4 door hardtop 65 with a 409 smaller hp.
  13. good job really nice Michelle
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