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  1. Like it a lot. Were the 4 bar flipper hub caps in a kit.
  2. Love that Merc. Good luck with the bypass.
  3. I see it one day and put it where I know where it is then days later i can not find it'
  4. Wow thats nice I really enjoy looking at your builds.
  5. It looks good What is on the end of the Lakes pipes That is new to me.
  6. I started building at age 11 And in my 20s I rebuilt some of them so after that I was carefull with the glue.
  7. I always look forward to your builds good job. Larry
  8. Welcome Chris I to am in Colorado.and older.but now I am slow.
  9. Or the custom grille from 65 chevell wagon it would take some cutting and grinding.
  10. What would you take for those. The top one I think is from a 59 Elcamino 60 merc #2 is from AMT grille pack I always wanted the bottom one. Thanks Larry
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