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  1. I do have some hoods 40 ford 41 Plymouth and one I donot know what.
  2. I have 2 versions of revell 62 no caps My kit like you showed was atrade so I figure thats where they went.
  3. I have this kit but no caps. what about the amt 62 belair I have them they look the same as the ones on your box
  4. larry ray

    Front seats

    pm will be sent
  5. For my self I like the exacto one best I have both exacto and Zona
  6. I have one Fujimi Garage and tools. If interested pm me your trade
  7. Very nice Would like to know where the tail lights came from.
  8. I may have extra custom parts from the 50 convert. If you need something let me know
  9. What kit Are you talking about With parallel leaf raised front axel setup. Mine dont. mine is dated 2006
  10. Just a idea I have had . Cookie pkgs;maybe more lik e diamond and tuck. basic patteren. Just an idea.
  11. I have a set also If you happen to still need them.
  12. Roadkill will not build any thing that nice.
  13. I think its great to look at.
  14. looks really good Carl and to get praise from Tim WOW
  15. Like it a lot. Were the 4 bar flipper hub caps in a kit.
  16. Love that Merc. Good luck with the bypass.
  17. I see it one day and put it where I know where it is then days later i can not find it'
  18. Wow thats nice I really enjoy looking at your builds.
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