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  1. AzTom added a post in a topic Swede Savage Trans Am AAR 'Cuda Hwy. 61 based project   

    That is some great work.  Are you casting all these parts in resin? 
  2. AzTom added a post in a topic my book is ready   

    That's awesome Manny.  
    "Since childhood Solano has always been fascinated with salvage and junkyards. His father would go to find parts for his car and Solano would immediately go off on his own. For him, it was like the greatest playground in the world. He would find a unique car and pretend he was driving. Then he would pull up the seats and open glove boxes, looking for treasure"
    This sure brought back memories, I grew up on a junk yard. 
  3. AzTom added a post in a topic FM 1965 Lambandi? Oh I can hear the crickets chirping!   

    Yep, what he said. 
    "Entice 10" will get rid of the crickets 
  4. AzTom added a post in a topic Quick Customs in 1/18   

  5. AzTom added a post in a topic A Happy Accident With Castrol Purple   

    It removing the putty has been mentioned a few times down in the How to's section. 
    You can learn two things here, The product is not Castol Purple or Castrol Super Clean, unless you have a vintage bottle, It's called "Super clean".    I mention this so that newbies can go out find the stuff.
  6. AzTom added a post in a topic Quick Customs in 1/18   

    This one is a 1956 Ford made by Ertl. It came with the top down as shown in the first photo. I removed the boot and added a top up from the Ertl Mint edition. 

  7. AzTom added a topic in Diecast and Resincast Models   

    Quick Customs in 1/18
    1956 ford F-100 pickup made by Ertl.
    This one was just a wheel swap. It originally had steel wheels with dog dish hubcaps. The problem was the rims decided to split so they had to go.  The mags are from one of the GMP wheel sets.

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  8. AzTom added a post in a topic Anyone seen this?   

    How did they get it from 1/24 scale to 1/25 scale? 
    Looking at the one Pack Rat Mike built, I would say if you are a model builder this is an ok kit, just saying!
  9. AzTom added a post in a topic Eldon dragstrip scale? Had working Christmas Tree.   

    Hey Russ, There is a guy that just moved into the Brass Armadillo in Goodyear that has several Eldon slot car sets.  Not sure which ones, but I talked to him one day and he said he had about 50 sets. 
  10. AzTom added a post in a topic where to buy 1:43 parts from ?   

    I don't know of anyone making those parts.  You can look for some lower end 1/43 cars to find parts. 
  11. AzTom added a post in a topic 1/18 Mercedes Benz 500K by Maisto   

    I like that white one.  I have the red one and a dark blue one the same as the red one. 
  12. AzTom added a post in a topic BoS 1/18 Resin 1957 Imperial   

    That is an awesome looking car. What are the black spots on the side trim?
  13. AzTom added a post in a topic '71 Hemi Duster   

    Hope to see the WIP.
  14. AzTom added a post in a topic Homemade Headlight Lenses   

    Hmmm,  I have a bench top injection mold machine that I have never used.  Hadn't though about light lenses.  
    I tried the "crystal clear" casting resin from Michaels with no luck. It would not harden. I sent the company an email and they said my part was too small.  It hardens on heat and there was not enough resin to make it happen. I even tried adding heat but that didn't do it. 
    Here is a lens I made from the original chrome lens using the putty type rubber mold. I poured floor sealer, the type you use over acid finishes, into the mold. It takes several fills because of shrinkage. The problem is they are VERY brittle.

  15. AzTom added a post in a topic Paint Strippers - What to Use?   

    I will admit it has been many years since I used the Purple Power because at that time I didn't think it worked as good on tested items.
    I just did some chrome using Super Clean and it took less than five minutes, and no brushing.
    You'll like this one. This pedal car was in the rafters for about nine years and got pretty dirty. I decided to get it down and clean it up, with Super Clean.  I was amazed that the gray started coming off rather easy so I just kept spraying some on, wait a few minute and scrub. Took about an hour and I had it mostly red again.