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  1. Just signed up for my regular tables. Looking forward to seeing everyone.
  2. I will be setting up there. It's a good show.
  3. Nice build, looks way better than the original issue. Great job on the weathering.
  4. Congratulations! That is an awesome build.
  5. Hey, This turned out great. Glad you got back to it and finished it up. Love the color and the finish looks awesome. Do you mind telling us what paint you used?
  6. These Mustangs do look nice the way you guys cleaned them up. First, You want to use "Acetone Free " nail polish remover. Acetone Can ruin the paint, in a hurry. A note on the Acetone Free polish is, it does have an expiration date so check it at the store before you buy it. Sometimes it is hard to find the date but all brands are dated.
  7. I have some HW-61 70 Mustang back seats that may work. I have the buckets also but the hinges are broke so they won't fold forward.
  8. Welcome back. Here is one a guy from Cleveland built several years ago using the Ertl 1/18 Ford. If you click on the photo it should go to Folki for more photos. May give you some ideas???
  9. When DM was still making models they sold some that were made by GMP, now Acme. This car was made by Highway 61 a few years ago and can be found for as low as $25.00. It will be a different color.
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