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  1. oscarhardwick added a post in a topic Revell Classics Series   

    No idea as to if there are more to come. That said when i was out today (buying a few model bits I might have you know), one of the guys in the shop opened up a box to let me have a peek at what the kit looks like, And i must say the kit looks great and I only hope they make more of these re-created classics

  2. oscarhardwick added a post in a topic Your Very First Real Car   

    Ok... this car is recent to me, my first ever car at the age of 15, needs minor work although I have pleanty of time in which to be doing it

    Its a 1975 (we beleive - last known year of manufacture) Merlin 2 plus 2 with a 2.0L over-head cam ford pinto engine.

    So soon as i sort out my camera I have about 50-100 photos which i shall put into an online album.

    thanks all,

  3. oscarhardwick added a topic in General   

    Back after an age :s
    Hello all,

    I doubt that greater number of you will remember me, Im the young one from the united kingdom. Anyway, Early last year we decided to sell our house and move, so everything was boxed up and put away, only now are things starting to get into motion for this happening, fortunatley we are looking to upsize our house, and with this upsize will come a garage which has already been deemed as my work station, gaming area etc... Anyway, Alot has happened in the 6 or 7 months that i have been away, Amongst the more interesting are the fact that at the age of 15 I have come to own my first car, which is to an extent pointless as im 15, but it needs work something to pass the time I guess, also, in more recent months my mum has fallen pregnant and so the pitter patter of tiny feet is expected soon All good news really.

    I imagine that i will be back to modelling in the next 4-8 weeks dependant on how moving actually goes, if it goes at all, and should it not, I am at my end with the limited space I have so will just save up some money for a shed

    thanks for reading through all,

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  4. oscarhardwick added a post in a topic Model Work Areas   

    Welcome to the kitchen...

  5. oscarhardwick added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    A good clear spray to give the paint that gloss finish
    Can anyone advise me of a good clear spray to give my models a nice finish.


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  6. oscarhardwick added a post in a topic My first build...   

    thank you all very much for the help, I will put it to good use tomorrow, although I think, bar the bonnet maybe, i will leave the paint as it is for this build, I will use Mr.Obssesives advice on the dodge once i start it.


  7. oscarhardwick added a post in a topic My first build...   

    how would I go about doing that?

  8. oscarhardwick added a post in a topic My first build...   

    Thanks, i guess its ok... the most work on the paint from now will be fixing the mess up on the bonnet... or just doing a race version and covering it up. I dunno, also, any advice on that symbol... i am clueless with it.


  9. oscarhardwick added a topic in On The Workbench   

    My first build...
    Hya all,

    Im finally posting up the start of my new builds... I am starting on the revell ferrari 250 GTO. Which i will follow up with a revell monogram dodge charger daytona '69. Anyways onto the pictures.

    - engine built up waiting some detailing.

    - sprayed up waiting a gloss finish.

    on another note... what is the lighter on the screwdriver sybmol thingy --

    Please comment and critisize, also, I am painting the daytona humbrol midnight blue.

    Thanks all,


    P.S: updates when i do them.
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  10. oscarhardwick added a post in a topic Questions about scratch building a slot drag car.   

    Thanks again, um... how much would it cost to have one of your chassis to be built and sent to the UK along with a super 16D engine from you?


  11. oscarhardwick added a post in a topic Questions about scratch building a slot drag car.   

    Thanks mate... that does answer all of my questions... and I am (to a certain degree) interested in a built up chassis. Buuut, mt dads work envolves using a soldering iron on a regular basis... but i have no idea of what the type of solder is etc... i will search for those items a bit... i imagine that finding them should be easy enough... but i cannot find the S16D motor to save my life, so some further guidence on that would be great.


  12. oscarhardwick added a topic in Model Car Racing   

    Questions about scratch building a slot drag car.
    Well, ive been looking into it, and it looks great, not only that but i am near to the drag strip at brooklands. So, lets get going. I was thinking to do a 1/24th shelby GT350 drag car using a S16D motor. But, I have no idea about buying or constructing a suitable chassis, would anyone be able to advise me on that or link me to a shop. Also, does anyone know of a UK shop or a shop that ships to the UK that stocks the S16D motors? Also... would the revell shelby gt350 be suited to a slot drag? And finally, what should i do about rims and tyres for this build?

    thanks all.

    will start it once i figure out what im doing,

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  13. oscarhardwick added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    Humbrol No 220 Italian Ferrari Red Acrylic Acrylic Modellers Spray 150ml (AD6220) 75584 £4.29
    Antics Sprue Cutter () 23177 £2.00
    Italeri File Set with 3 grades of Files (50521) 40939 £1.65
    Revell/Monogram 1/25 69 Dodge Charger Daytona car Kit (85-2824) 65960 £14.00 1
    Humbrol No 15 Midnight Blue Acrylic Modellers Spray 150ml (AD6015) 2962 £4.29
    Expo Red Sable Paint Brush 00 (41317725 ) 21842 £1.75
    Revell 4 Gloss White 14ml Paint Tinlet £1.75

    should be fun when it arrives... fingers crossed by thursday... with an intact box, unlike this example

  14. oscarhardwick added a post in a topic Burning up the money   

    thanks mate
  15. oscarhardwick added a post in a topic Burning up the money   

    well, the charger kit and the GTO kit were both bargains, both at £14 or $23 ish. And on the subject of sprays... do they work nicley enough to make a nice model?