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  1. Robbie Tussin added a post in a topic Drag Radials?!   

    Count me in for at least a couple sets of these as soon as they are available. I've got some projects that have been waiting for these
  2. Robbie Tussin added a post in a topic Drag Radials?!   

    I get at least a few sets. I've been waiting for some drag radials for quite a while.
  3. Robbie Tussin added a post in a topic Which Resin Part(s) or Conversion Would You like To See?   

    Some simpler parts ideas:

    Tires that fit on the Revell tuner wheels - They give you three sets of wheels and only one set of tires in the kit. Revell won't just sell the tires separately.

    Revell rat-rod tires or something similar. I already have enough 29 ford pickup kits with no tires sitting around.

    Maybe some aftermarket VW wheels (EMPI, BRM, Rader, Gas Bruners, Fuchs, etc.). I've heard there are a couple casters working on this but haven't seen anything definate yet.

    Other VW performance parts like Weber carbs, headers.

    I second the VW type 3 idea. Probably a long shot but maybe a type 34? That would be nice.
  4. Robbie Tussin added a post in a topic Looking for 70's era pre-wired magnito   

    Kris Morgan makes excellent pre-wired distributors and magnetos. I just ordered from him for the first time and was really impressed.

  5. Robbie Tussin added a post in a topic VW wheel/tires that could be offered in resin if interest is good   

    I'd buy at least a few sets of each. I've been searching for some good vw rims for a long time
  6. Robbie Tussin added a post in a topic Paint not sticking to primer   

    Cool. Thanks for your suggestions guys. That makes sense to spray some clear before doing the second color. I didn't even think of that because painting the trim was sort of an afterthought. I initially tried to paint it freehand with a brush, but my hands just aren't steady enough and I made a mess.

    Also, I think I probably did wait too long between primer and paint. It was probably at least four or five days after I primed before I painted it. I followed the time frame between coats of paint that treehugger dave laid out in his tutorial, but it didn't occur to me that I have to do the same with the primer. Once the first little piece of paint came off, the rest just practically fell off like it wasn't stuck at all. Oh well, at least it made stripping the body really easy. I just rubbed it with a toothbrush and took almost all the paint off the body. Its just about ready for attempt number 2. Hopefully it works better this time.
  7. Robbie Tussin added a topic in Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials   

    Paint not sticking to primer
    I had a very frustrating experience last night. I was finishing up a Revell Subaru STI. The paint was looking great, probably the best paint job I've done yet (thanks Treehugger Dave for sharing your painting techniques). I masked off the body to paint the black trim around the windows, which was literally the last thing I had to do before final assembly. When I peeled off the masking tape, the paint came off with it, leaving just the primer underneath. Afterward, I was able to peel most of the paint off the body in large chunks. For some reason the paint didn't stick to the primer. The primer, paint, and clear was all Duplicolor stuff. I painted it about a month ago, so it isn't like it was fresh paint. I was using tamiya masking tape, which isn't even very sticky. I must have done something wrong either prepping or painting, but I can't figure out what. Right now I'm stripping it so I can redo it and I don't really want this to happen again. Anyone have any ideas why this might have happened? Thanks!
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