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  1. Volvo 240 Turbo

    Its about time for update guys! and thank you for comments First time ever i made seatbelts for model car, it was bit battle but i think its good enough for being first time.. Also it was first time i used carbon fiber decaling for seat back.. Nice stuff.. Now less talk and more pictures..
  2. Isuzu Gemini

    Looks great start.. I have question about those paints.. Since i dont get Humbrol enamel satin black from anywhere anymore here, i have tryed Tamiya X-18 satin black but im not still happy enough with it.. It does not brush on that good like Humbrol did. So is this new LP-Tamiya product any better, is it able to brush paint with good results.. I mean straight from bottle without any thinners etc.. I have used Tamiya, Model Master and Testor acrylics just about year now just for brush painting, since body paint jobs i will do these days with spray cans... Thank you, keep on this odd ball project coming..
  3. Volvo 240 Turbo

    Chassis is done
  4. '69 Revell Nova....

    Just WoW!
  5. Volvo 240 Turbo

    Thank you guys! Here is update.. I finally got those PE-parts so i can move on with progress now.. I have never used so many PE-parts with my builds before, just about some ignition wirelooms etc.. Ok, front of chassis is almost done, rear part will need some more work.. But i let pictures talk..
  6. What did you get today?

    eBay is keeping me poor Todays haul... That Lincoln
  7. Volvo 240 Turbo

    Primer time.. Couple spots needs some attention before i can shoot black on..
  8. Volvo 240 Turbo

    Thank you guys, im preparing body for primer.. I hope i have time to shoot some primer tomorrow..
  9. Blue Model A

    Really cool looking hot rod! Nice color and detailing
  10. Volvo 240 Turbo

    Thank you David.. Yes this kit is 1:24 scale Volvo from Beemax/Aoshima models.. I have plan to make atleast 4 of these Volvos with differend sponsor and paint themes.. This will be first one in row.. They all will be fictional race cars in some of my favourite scenes.. Here are couple more teaser photos in middle of progress.. Detailing will be continued after i get that PE set on my hands..
  11. Volvo 240 Turbo

    Hello! I have new project again.. Im doing this as fictional race car with John Player Special paint theme.. Interior is almost done, now i just have to wait PE-parts to arrive so i can continue with it.. Body is untouched yet and chassis is under construction but nothing much to show at them..
  12. Here is link to make wishes ------> https://www.hasegawausa.com/suggest-a-model.html
  13. 70` Dodge Charger "Green Beast"

    Hello, here is my current project.. Its 70`Charger from Revell Fast n`Furious kit.. Im not going to build Torettos car, since i wanted to do something else.. Paint is Tamiya Candy lime green.. Like you see, i opened headlights for grille.. Started engine wiring and plumbing.. Interior piece got some weathering.. Im doing this something like: it has fresh paint, fresh engine and chassis parts, but some pieces on body, i mean inner fenders on engine space, that interior panel where back seat should be, and chassis will be in "old" color of this car.. So its kind of middle of progress, but still in driveable condition.. I hope you got my point, my english is not well to explain it better..
  14. 70 Dodge Charger R/T

    Very nice, i like your interior works.. I have seen your models on this site and every interior really looks good.. Engines on your builds are not bad either.. Over all looks are very realistic! Keep up great work!
  15. Hertsi`s Garage *wip*

    Thank you, i have looked many of nice dioramas here, also yours.. Plenty of work there, and all those nice Rolls Royces Thank you Jim! Thank you, ha ha i suck at doing figures.. and have never finished one.. I would need Gibson SG guitar too for Agnus