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  1. AMC Pacer X

    Here is kit what you might want to take a look and thank you..
  2. AMC Pacer X

    Thank you
  3. AMC Pacer X

    Thank you guys
  4. AMC Pacer X

    Thank you guys.. I have wanted to use those Pegasus Ts for long time and i tought this one would be good for them.. I like these Pacers, when you look at it from front, its like one happy frog.. LOL
  5. 67 Hemi Coronet

    Cool! cant go wrong with dog dish & steelies..
  6. AMT '60 Chevy pick up

    Looks really good.. I like that color combo, after building 64 in patina look it would be cool to build this one also.. I like it shiny
  7. 64 Ford Fairlane

    Very nice.. I like that shade of red. Interior looks also good
  8. AMC Pacer X

    Hello, its me again. After i got my Chevy Fleetside project done i wanted to do some quick build. I wanted to practice camo painting also, even im not much into military models. So i got maybe bit crazy idea to make camo in Gulf livery colors. I made this AMC just as curbside and keeped detailling level simple... Its about just some pure fun. Next one will be something differend again.. Enjoy Cheers
  9. Chevrolet Fleetside `64

    Thank you
  10. `64 Chevrolet Fleetside

    Locks are scratch build parts, simply some metallic wire and piece of evergreen plastic.. and Jack bottles are from here: https://www.scaleproduction.de/ and thank you
  11. Chevrolet Fleetside `64

    Thank you Max
  12. `64 Chevrolet Fleetside

    This project is done and moved on "under glass" My next project is under planning and im currently doing quick build just to get that inspiration for bigger project.. I might multitask also little bit more again.. Cheers...
  13. Lindberg 1961 Impala

    Looks amazing, that color suits well for this one
  14. Chevrolet Fleetside `64

    Thank you guys
  15. Hello everyone, i finally got this Fleetside project done, and its about time to post it here. I used a lot of aftermarket photoetching parts from High light model studio and had much fun with detailing and painting progress. I did learn alot about weathering techniques and all painting is done with brush. Im already looking forward to my next project. But less talk now and more photos Workbench topic: