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  1. `64 Chevrolet Fleetside

    Little update, about decals weathering and painting. Also i made bomber seats for this truck from High light model studio bomber seat kit. Just painted center parts with Model master "leather" brown and little blackwash for nice finish.. Also there is my self printed mural under the hood.. More progress soon as possible..
  2. `64 Chevrolet Fleetside

    Work in rpogress with decals.. I will print couple new ones later since i ruined first ones.. More weathering and painting also later..
  3. '59 Corvette "Bring out your dead" build

    What kit has those wheels in lower picture, with red and white wall tires? They look great! Im following where this goes to..
  4. `64 Chevrolet Fleetside

    Truck bed got some wood effect by hand painting some wood color from Model master, then Vallejo washes Black and Rust.. Maybe not most realistic looking but works for me..
  5. `64 Chevrolet Fleetside

    More progress with painting and weathering.. I printed also decal for passinger door
  6. 1960 Chevy shop truck

    Your weathering treatment looks great.. I dont know about photos why they look like that, maybe you should try to resize them smaller little bit? Im inpatiently waiting that Round 2 releases this 60 Fleetside, so i can build it sit next to my 64 when its done. .
  7. `64 Chevrolet Fleetside

    Thank you.. There is no yellow in exterior so far.. I have passinger side unpainted so far.. and tail gate.. I might add some.. or not.. U know its built from pieces of several cars.. There might be parts in differend colors..
  8. `64 Chevrolet Fleetside

    Hello, painting progress photos are here.. Im doing this hand painted, panel by panel.. I just literally brush some colors there, wait that paint is not wet anymore and then some sandind.. Progress is slow, but i think its worth of it..
  9. `64 Chevrolet Fleetside

    Hello guys, here is quick tutorial for making High light model studio HME-029 Truck tool box! Im using this one for my Fleetside. I will scratch build hanger locks later. There are plenty of choices for color themes, or build it without any painting and it still looks great. I painted my box to suit theme of Chevy truck, just added those decals from my decal collection.. Tools i needed so far.. Good scissors, they are actually designed for jewel making, but they are very handy with PE parts and small decals for example.. Good straight lined tweezers, for bending parts, there are actually tools for making bend corners for PE parts, but since i can live without those tools, i do this my way. Diamond file.. To smoothen those part connector places when you cut out them from sheet. Tweezers will point to bending marks that will help you locate and line up your bending tool. Tweezers and thumb is my bending tool My tweesers are now located between 2 of bending marks, then i just carefully start bending with my thumb.. Its good to press part between tweesers, and double check that it will line up nicely and straight. 90 degree bend needed here. Box corner will need bend for every side, to make corners touch closely eatch others. Pictures help you get the idea.I used same high technologic technique to bend all parts needed so far. Dont forget to check that your corners and everything else will line up nicely after bend. I did this tutorial in 2 parts for my social media accounts, so here are note boxes edited straight on photos..
  10. `64 Chevrolet Fleetside

    Quick update! I did bit detail painting for front bumper, made some aircraft style panels with effects.. Also i have started to shoot primer on those body parts.. Fun with weathering and doing paintjob will start soon.. I just have to prime up truck bed also and tail gate..
  11. I like it Nice patina and those wheels look great under it.. Gulf!
  12. `64 Chevrolet Fleetside

    Thank you guys! Here is just little more progress with parts you did see on latest updates.. Painting and weathering mostly. For that metallic door panel, i did paint some olive drab there and sanded bit so metal come visible. Looks pretty cool tought.. Number decals are from Revell Thunderbolt WW2 fighter plane, i will use some more decals from that one later in this build.. "Balls out" Steering wheel got also some color.. and weathering comes later for that.. Lets get back to rear bumber.. To my eye it will look bit cartoonish now but i will believe that looks get blended for more realistic look when im done with all weathering.. So far i just did some rust washes for panels in random..
  13. `64 Chevrolet Fleetside

    Time for another update! I hand painted rear bumper. Also i made steering wheel with using Monogram Cadillac part and Highlight Model Studio parts from Chevy detailing set HME-035.. Dash board is still in progress, there is some parts from HMS detailing sets also, like that grill on top of dash, and radio face is from interior detail set, i just added those knobs... and more to come.. How about those flags on front bumper?
  14. ´78 AMC Pacer with a lot of ´06 Camaro DNA

    Very cool concept! Im not usually fan of pro tour cars, or old american cars with big modern wheels.. But here is one example how you can blend them all together and make it look great!
  15. 1957 Ford Del Rio Ranch Wagon

    Nicely done and very nice color combo!