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  1. #1Amatuer added a post in a topic Texas DPS Charger is on the worbench - update 10-3   

    why are you making multiples? And I love your paint job. I live in texas and I see these beefed up chargers all the time. that kit come with the grille guard?
  2. #1Amatuer added a post in a topic Steel wire and sharpening #11 blades   

    hey man,

    about the blades:

    you should check your local art supply store for them . I have Asel art supply ( i think they are in california too). They sell 100 #11 blades in a pack for just $20.00.
  3. #1Amatuer added a post in a topic "Yacco Pug 307   

    my grandfather used to sell peugot way back when we were allowed to import them in the states. nice cars! and they did have funny headlights back in the 80's.
  4. #1Amatuer added a post in a topic Fed Up...discouraged   

    Guys, you all are very inspiring and helpful.

    I have taken all of yall's advice and put them all together, and I think i MIGHT have found my paint technique. After a talk with yall, I went to my local hobbytownUSA and had a talk with the model painter there. He recommended me ALCLAD II Micro Fill Primer. Let me tell u guys, I LOVE THIS STUFF!

    It is laquer based and goes on thin and still leaves all the detail in the model. Then he told me (like some of yall did) to thin with laquer thinner and it has made all the difference. The paint atomizes so much better with this stuff. I JUST did my first coat and it already looks pretty good (albeit, thin).

    I cant tell you how much time I have spent here reading and looking at what yall have done! Gives me a chance to start a cool hobby and really be around the things I love CARS CARS AND CARS.

    I will post pics of my paint job (Ferrari F430) . I was going to re-do my mustang but I had a close look and I wet sanded out most of the detail from trying to strip the paint with sand paper. now I know that u use the purple pool .

    Later Guys! Pics soon!!
  5. #1Amatuer added a post in a topic Dark Beast!!!!   

    hey man,

    if you have time, could u tell me how u tinted the windows? they look beautiful.
  6. #1Amatuer added a post in a topic Steel wire and sharpening #11 blades   

    As an architect student, sharpening #11 blades is time consuming and you never, ever get a factory edge. i buy 100 pack of those things and just swap them out after about 10 cuts into foamcore board or basswood. if you want the cleanest cut you'll ever get with an xacto, use a brand new factory blade. this has been tried and tested by the masters of xacto knives (architects) haha.
  7. #1Amatuer added a post in a topic Dark Beast!!!!   

    beautiful , just amazing man. that black is so well done and the detail is just insane. good job !!!!!!!!
  8. #1Amatuer added a post in a topic Ferrari F430 Scuderia "NoviTec"   

    Linetex, beautiful model !

    Questions from a new comer:

    how do you do the carbon paint? what technique?

    how did you get the back tail lights to be blackish?

    the seatbelts? how man? they are awesome!

    and what is PE ?
  9. #1Amatuer added a post in a topic Fed Up...discouraged   

    haha. it is a little different. basswood models are not so tedious as car models. thanks for your support george.

    I will try and find tree hugger dave's tutorial I am having hard time finding my way around the site. I will learn it tho.

    Is it possible to use laquer thinner with enamel based paints? or just laquer based.

    I always though it went like so:

    enamel - mineral spirit
    laquer - laquer thinner
    acrylic - water

    am i wrong?
  10. #1Amatuer added a post in a topic Fed Up...discouraged   

    ok, so i have to thank you all for the advice and encouragement. I brought the model out of the trash (hopefully, all the parts too). I will try simple green to strip or possible the brake fluid. I went to my hobby store and bought another model to start clean fresh. I still have not been able to find laquer paints, just all enamel or water based acrylic. I have to use my airbrush, it is a good badger brush, because buying different color cans is not in my college budget (hah). So I have been reading here is what I've come up with for paint technique,

    1. wash plastic model with warm soapy water

    2. sand model and prep

    3. wash model again (?)

    4. prime with a primer according to base coat color

    5. spray thin layer of color (thinned down with mineral spirits?)

    6. spray final

    7. wet sand with 2000 grit

    8. cut and polish

    9. wait two weeks and clear coat

    i must praise all you guys that know how to paint cars. it is truly the hardest painting task I have ever come across.

    i want to find laquer paint hopefully hobby town USA will have it.

    my other problem: I live in texas and it is extremely hot and humid. it makes painting that much more difficult, and it is hard to find motivation to go stand in my garage to paint (it is like an oven in there).
  11. #1Amatuer added a topic in General   

    Fed Up...discouraged
    Hey guys,

    My name is mitch and I completely failed my first model. I got so fed up I threw it in the trash (Revell '68 stang).

    I have no idea how to paint. I own an airbrush, but the paint on my model was so sporatic I couldnt get any consistency. I was trying to paint it gloss black, with different thinning mixtures (model master's enamel with mineral spirit). Each mixture turned out completely differnt. Some were glossy, some were powdery looking, and the thinnest mixtures seemed to turn out the best, but their coverage was lacking. I did not use a primer (was that a mistake)?

    I need some help guys, desparately. Anyone got some step by step , brand by awesome brand, instructions? What paint is easiest to work with ? acrylic, enamel, laquer?



    p.s. I want to mention that I am a student of architecture and I settle for nothing less than perfection (I build scale building models, too). The reason I decided to go into scale car was to learn more patience and to prefect the skill of ....perfect models. I threw my model away becuase I added a primer after all the 8 coats of paint I did, and I completely lost all detail and trim work after the fact. I was so upset !
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