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  1. Thanks Bruce i tried google but only found a couple. Yes Jason thanks.The 3rd link is a pic I didn't have
  2. Thanks fella's, I tried google and only a couple came up. I will try flickr and see what I find.
  3. Does anyone know of a place to get good reference pics of Rusty's one and only Craftsman Truck ride '96 ? i've been thinking about this project for a while and want to give it a whirl...
  4. Nice green ! Clean build !
  5. Try a outside photo host like photobucket (free) or fotki or flickr.
  6. MANY MANY nice collection/stashes here. I think I'll go dry my shirt off now...I drooled a bit !
  7. Welcome aboard. Looking forward to seeing some of your work.
  8. I think it should make for a very interesting show !
  9. Simply AMAZING ! Very nice work !
  10. That came out sweet ! I'm diggin' the continental kit !
  11. Lookin' good. The Olds' -- there's one by my job with theexact same color combo...neat
  12. Paint looks good,and always liked a good detective story. Keep it going...Mark
  13. I have to say the Silver and Pink combo looks good....I like it,keep it going !
  14. Keep it up. Looking good.
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