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  1. GLen I imagine the 1:1 was built very similar to your build, great phantom truck . Woulda, coulda, shoulda, been done by Ford! Walt O'Brien Rutland VT (waiting for the coming leafpeepers) wmobie@gmail.com
  2. This may be an old design, but it cleans up beautifully. well executed skillful build. Walt O'Brien Still sunny VT
  3. Hi Jay, check out the CB unit from the AMT 53 Ford pick-up, might be a good place to start. Enjoy your attention to capturing the subtleties between years. Nice build. Wait O'Brien, livin' the life in the Green Mountains of central Vermont
  4. Hello Dennis. Will the staggered chop work on a 32-34 5-window or 3-window coupe? Very nice work. Found an old issue of #11 of the little pages Kustom&Hot Rod Models mag. It features four of your builds.All worth checking out. wmobie Walt O'Brien Green Mountains VT
  5. Do you think the modeling manufacturing companies have noticed how many recent builds on this site are rebuilds? All well done, but surely more work than a new kit. Is this a cost driven thing, a chance to build out of production kits, or something else?Just thinking out loud nestled in the Green Mountains of the delightfully green and flowering center of VT. Walt O'Brien a.k.a. buckie
  6. Very well done. Paint is amazing. You should be very proud. looks great! Awash in a sea of daffodils, middle VT Walt O'Brien
  7. Brilliant concept, brilliant execution. Well done! Walt O'Brien
  8. Wonderful thread. In 1973 I ordered a Trans Am SD455 four speed in Brewster Green with a saddle interior, every heavy duty option I could find and the honey-comb wheels. Pontiac built several hundred 310 hp rated cars then sat on them as the EPA held back the cars. They eventually released them with the 310 engine after people stopped waiting and started complaining. Afraid of losing a sale (mine cost $3900 and some change) the dealers demanded the already built cars be released, just months before the first oil embargo. Aside from the distributor gear getting destroyed (plastic gear) dash noises and bad paint, it was a joy. 10 mpg sitting still or at 139 mph (observed). Sold it to a Air Force pilot soon after the gas crunch began. Still miss it.
  9. Hi Kirk, what you have is an AMT 1956 Ford Victoria. This kit has been re-released many times, most recently by Round2. Good luck with your build. Walt
  10. Never ever de-chrome on the 1st of April! Walt O'Brien snow on he ground in Vermont
  11. Tulio, you show such respect for your subjects, and it shows in the wonderful research and build quality in your replicas. Walt O'Brien, A fellow Ford lover, nestled in the hills of Vermont
  12. Hey Michael, could you you move NZ closer to VT? I'd really like to visit but the drive (sic) would wear out my new wipers. Thanks in advance. Walt O'Brien from very cold and very snowy New England.
  13. Pat, your builds are consistently first rate and always interesting subjects. Thanks for posting your great work. Walt O'Brien, the colonies.
  14. Hi Martin, Have you considered mounting your engine cover to the high-rise base? no top or carbs, with a little fiddling it should look like fuel injection stacks with a filter in side your engine cover. Modern car modern engine! Walt O'Brien, snow covered mountains of central Vermont
  15. It is very difficult to follow your build, as most of it takes place outside of the fixed cameras field of view. Great work excellent build skills just not as visible in your videos. Walt O'Brien from green mountains covered in snow!!
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