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  1. wmobie added a post in a topic Tom Daniel's '60 Chevy "Street Figher" finished! *a few outdoor pictures added 8/15*   

    Amazing foil work. Excellent build, great paint and interior. Well conceived and executed build.
  2. wmobie added a post in a topic '65 Chevrolet pickup   

    Quality, convincing build. Well Done!
  3. wmobie added a post in a topic Walt's Puffer Too T-Bucket Altered   

    Such a simple car, such an awesome build. Well done..
  4. wmobie added a post in a topic NEW Build of Revell's '29A Roadster - a more appealing Channeled version...   

    Have you considered using the suspension, frame, sbc from the Roth T-bucket to back-date the chassis to a mid-50's channeled model A?
  5. wmobie added a post in a topic 1940 Willys P/U Gasser   

    Finish it! Looks awesome.
  6. wmobie added a post in a topic 61 Ford Galaxie drag car.   

    Fairlane was the name of Edsel Ford's Michigan Estate, it was used for full size cars from 55-61 then moved to the smaller chassis in 62-68 (?) A Factory race only 427 big block first appeared in 63 but the most famous were the factory 64s. In 66 Ford offered the 427 in the Fairlane, AMT kitted both the 390 and 427 Fairlane along with the 390 Mercury.Comet.
  7. wmobie added a post in a topic Aluma Coupe   

    Built by Boyd,powered by Mitsubishi, who I recall, helped defer the cost???
  8. wmobie added a post in a topic 1935 LaSalle convertible coupe - 3d printed at home Aug. 30   

    Agreed, not everyone has the skills to create the files necessary to print the parts. Couldn't you just purchase the software just like computer software? I can't write code, but I can (sort of) use a computer. I can see Mobieus, Revell or Round 2 offering modern " parts packs" on a thumbnail. Including modern engines like 3rd gen Hemis, the LS7 or the Coyote,Tremec transmissions etc. I suppose you could even design the drive so that it would be useless after one printing. The big issue as I see it, would be how to protect intellectual property rights. Could the next, next, generation of kits be printed at home? Or would bring your thumbnail to a 3D printing shop. Shapeway Hobbies anybody?
  9. wmobie added a post in a topic ’73 Camaro   

    wonderful, just wonderful!
  10. wmobie added a post in a topic '73 Super Duty Trans Am.   

    Bought one of these 1:1 back in the day. Waited for ever as the EPA never really signed of on the 310 hp 455 SD. Enough of us complained and a Brewster Green 1973 Trans AM, Super Duty 455 with saddle interior and "rock crusher" M21 4-speed. Only options were heavy duty everything. Build quality was poor. Dash had a rattle that drove the dealers assigned mechanic nuts, lost a plastic distributor gear(should have been brass) and the paint developed a severe rash. Yup the dealer had the youngest mechanic who was the only one who would touch the car. Got ten mpg sitting still or going 139 mph. (observed!!) Loved playing with SS396 Chevies. Still have bill of sale, paid $3904. Sold it to a "Jet Jock" from out West for what I paid for it. Got through the first GasWar driving a Toyota Corolla 2-dr wagon. Walt O'Brien
  11. wmobie added a post in a topic 1968 Road Runner- front and rear shiny stuff 2/24   

    Gabriel Highjackers {air shocks used for tire clearance} +pinion snubber = torn out shock mounts. If you want to be realistic, to1:1 experiences!
  12. wmobie added a post in a topic "Making a Barn Scale Model From Scratch"   

    Hello all, many thanks for all your terrific responses. Health issues and and the impending marriage of my youngest son have slowed me down but I plan to start later this year. Stay tuned
    Walt O'Brien
    Yippee, spring has sprung in VT.
    We may be little (pop. 500,000ish) but we're fiesty.
  13. wmobie added a post in a topic AMT '36 Ford Roadster Kustom - Completed   

    One of my favorite kits of all time. I can't remember how many of these I have built over the years. Yours is great, very nostalgic, very real. Great job. Thanks round 2.
    Walt O'Brien in snow on the mountains VT
  14. wmobie added a post in a topic "Making a Barn Scale Model From Scratch"   

    Due to illness I work very slowly pictures are not out of the question, but I am still in the planning stages. Many winters to go.
    The book contains " digital ready-to-print plans on scales: 1:5-1:6 -1:8-1:0-1:12-1:16-1:18-1:25-1:32-1:43-1:64-1:87"
    this book, and all the books from Sebastian and Ignacio Perez, is quite complete. Book contains full scale drawings for1/25 1/32 1/43 1/64 and 1/87 plans, and more info for other scales in book and on web. Well worth the price of admission. Check out their web site @ MODELJUNKYARD.COM Again thanks to all who have offered suggestions and ideas

    Walt O'Brien
    Happily snow-bound in Vermont
    I'm going to the 26th annual Masscar model exhibition March 15-16 in Taunton MA. Anyone else??
  15. wmobie added a post in a topic Truckster's, The Next Generation!   

    If you,re worried about the center of gravity try laying the engine flat. The beds empty isn't it? Corvair trans axle, IRS, chain drive from tank clutch to trans axle. 3 pedals... I have to leave now the orderly has my meds.

    Walt O'Brien