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  1. wmobie added a post in a topic Foose Cadillac Eldorado   

    Hobby Lobby has them now (VT)
    Walt O'Brien
  2. wmobie added a post in a topic Yenko vega( now under glass)   

    Wheels and tires(?) for stinger factory stock are available in Round 2's Opel GT kit.
    Walt O'Brien VT
  3. wmobie added a post in a topic Late 40's Traditional '29 Ford Roadster on '32 Rails   

    Gorgeous paint!
    Walt O'Brien VT
  4. wmobie added a post in a topic 1/25 Revell Ford FD-100 Pickup   

         Steel axle=little divot in oil pan? No large hole circa 1962. just as playable as those "three in one kits"of yore? Yup,roll away son, daughter, grand kids. sturdier than the midget kits? Yup. Unpainted? Yup. Roth kits, stock build possible,?Nope! Daniels kits, stock builds possible? Nope.  There is no way this truck could be built stock. The design was done over many years, and finally found by his dad. The original truck was bought by Chip from his dad, hot-rodded many times and finally stolen!  Our was it? In the hands of Chip's dad, and re-invented as designed by Chip,the truck was built nights and weekends by the Foose A-team from "Overhaulin" as a birthday surprise, while the shows episodes continued to be filmed.The birthday episode was  shown on TV. About the kit, New design chassis?  Yup, New styrene? Yup. 
         Dream Ford double kit? Foose pickup,new 56 Ford pickup just $60.00 ($59.95) in hobby shops for Christmas?? Keep new kits coming,? yup!!
    Walt O'Brien Rutland VT
  5. wmobie added a post in a topic Maserati Bora, Revell, 1/24   

    The  Bora was a joint project between Citroen and Maserati, they may have owned Maserati t the time. The odd bits of a Bora are normal for a Citroen, classic French engineering. Add classic Italian engine(ering) and voila the BORA. 
    A little more to think about. Walt O'Brien
  6. wmobie added a post in a topic 48 ford woody (gluebomb series) > rodded> 99% done pics   

    By using a rack and pinion steering system you eliminated the need for a steering box, just saying! Great build, would make a great push truck for an LSR 29 roadster. Hit the salt.
  7. wmobie added a post in a topic bbowser class of 2016   

    Very nice Jaguar. one of my favorite sedans. Nice build very clean. Thanks for sharing.
    Walt O'Brien Otter Creek Valley
  8. wmobie added a post in a topic Monogram 32 Ford roadster   

    Engine is from the 34 Ford pickup. factory style headers are available in that kit, Along with short exhaust extensions that might work.
    Walt O'Brien
  9. wmobie added a post in a topic Tom Daniel's '60 Chevy "Street Figher" finished! *a few outdoor pictures added 8/15*   

    Amazing foil work. Excellent build, great paint and interior. Well conceived and executed build.
  10. wmobie added a post in a topic '65 Chevrolet pickup   

    Quality, convincing build. Well Done!
  11. wmobie added a post in a topic Walt's Puffer Too T-Bucket Altered   

    Such a simple car, such an awesome build. Well done..
  12. wmobie added a post in a topic NEW Build of Revell's '29A Roadster - a more appealing Channeled version...   

    Have you considered using the suspension, frame, sbc from the Roth T-bucket to back-date the chassis to a mid-50's channeled model A?
  13. wmobie added a post in a topic 1940 Willys P/U Gasser   

    Finish it! Looks awesome.
  14. wmobie added a post in a topic 61 Ford Galaxie drag car.   

    Fairlane was the name of Edsel Ford's Michigan Estate, it was used for full size cars from 55-61 then moved to the smaller chassis in 62-68 (?) A Factory race only 427 big block first appeared in 63 but the most famous were the factory 64s. In 66 Ford offered the 427 in the Fairlane, AMT kitted both the 390 and 427 Fairlane along with the 390 Mercury.Comet.
  15. wmobie added a post in a topic Aluma Coupe   

    Built by Boyd,powered by Mitsubishi, who I recall, helped defer the cost???