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  1. Some nice work going on so far with this. Nice job on the corrections you've made. It will improve the over all look. Beware of the hood fit with the shaker scoop. It's not great and it's very tricky to get the hood to close even most of the way with the scoop in place on the engine. If you haven't yet, do A LOT of test fitting with the body on and the engine in and do it before body paint to avoid any major issues. Keep it going!
  2. Congrats Mike to you and the whole family!
  3. This is super cool, Mark. What a seamless blending of the 2 cars. Very inspired.
  4. Wow, beautiful truck. One of my favorite years. Any chassis shots? That stance is perfect.
  5. Great advice and your points make a lot of sense for getting a clean, crisp mold. Thanks Mark and Bill. I'll keep this in mind when I start playing around with the molds and casting. Cheers!
  6. I've recently got a resin casting kit from Alumilite to try my hand at casting some parts. My question is, can a mold be made from plated or painted parts or is it best strip them and make a mold from the bare plastic piece? Thanks for any advice!
  7. You know, I hadn't considered making it a 2 door. As cool as that would be, it might be more work that I want to take on with this. Mainly due to all the windows coming in a tinted color rather than clear, and I like that as I don't intend to super-detail the interior. If I changed the side windows it would mean making all new glass, except for the windshield. I'll keep it in mind though and if I'm up for the challenge might give it a try. I do have a spare body now I could try it on. So we'll see. Thank you for the suggestion!
  8. I've finally had a chance to resurrect this one and get back to a little building. Something I hope to do more of than I have. I've decided to start over somewhat with another Magnum body and a better approach with the wheel arches. I didn't like the way it looked after I last left off. I've also removed the old chin spoiler/ splitter and will scratch build a new one that is thinner and looks better. Not much to look at, at this point, but at least it's something!
  9. Ryan S.

    '68 Firebird

    Looks great. I've always loved these Firebirds and I agree, it's a well engineered kit that goes together quite smoothly. Nicely done!
  10. Thanks for the reviews and the comments. I haven't bought or built anything from Moebius yet, but I'm a sucker for the 60's bubble tops so I might have to spring for this one.
  11. That gauge looks amazing with the "exposed" gearing showing. Very nice touch on that. The whole dash is a work of art unto itself.
  12. Sorry for your loss Bill. I'm a cat person too, but it's always hard to lose any pet.
  13. Amt 32 phantom vickie has the front suspension in 1/25, the revell 37 ford has it in 1/24. No 4-link in either though. I think one of the revell willys has both however.
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