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  1. Wow, really nice, the detail is fantastic!
  2. Great job, I really like this decal set.
  3. I followed this build on Instagram and my jaw dropped every time you posted an update! Seeing the results on my "big screen" computer makes it look even better. Amazing work.
  4. Wow, what a great build, congratulations on the fine work.
  5. I really like this old Pontiac, nice build, I need to add this kit to my stash. The color combo can't be beat.
  6. Nice job, looks way better than mine! the colors are brilliant.
  7. Nice build and color combo, works pretty good together, keep it up!
  8. I really like the Dino Ferraris, and your off to a great start on this one!
  9. Congratulations on an amazing piece, nice to see the finished product!
  10. Nice, one of my favorite paint schemes ever! great job!
  11. I love this car, great build so far!
  12. Hi Ken, I'm in Milford, you? I haven't been on the forum in while, just getting back into it after a few years.
  13. This car is awesome, great job!
  14. Great build, but a better story. I really like the LEDs. Nice work.
  15. Nice, a gen 3 with an LS. Great execution.
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