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  1. Robyn added a post in a topic Anybody Casting 1/16 Daytona nose&wing PHOTO   

    Ron Andrews is also casting them and they are pretty clean castings. It runs around $27 including shipping. You can contact Ron here:
    Ron Andrews11445 Port Rd.  Meadville, PA  16335 andrews_544@hotmail.com814-337-4250
  2. Robyn added a post in a topic Revell 30 Model A Ford Production Halted?   

    Ed Sexton in a way did - check the top of page two, someone emailed Revell and Ed replied to them.
  3. Robyn added a post in a topic Wanted - Hobby Design Mclaren SLR 722 GT Conversion   

    Still looking
  4. Robyn added a post in a topic Paint tips 1998 Jeff Gordon Monte   

    Since there seems to be a bunch of crickets in the room and I do not know the answer I can help point you in the right way. If you are not aware there is a site mostly dedicated to NASCAR models Randy Ayers Nascar Forum. The forum is very helpful when it comes to finding answers such as the questions you have asked and there are many Gordon fans over there as well and I know you can get the answers you are looking for there.
    Good luck,
  5. Robyn added a post in a topic Trading paint   

    I know the requirement used to be that it be clearly marked on all sides ORMD (Other Regulated Material D???) and shipped ground only. I am unsure if there are new requirements but I would not think they would be anymore difficult as I get flammables from various places delivered via USPS, UPS and FedEx all the time - but always ground.
    Hope that helps some.
  6. Robyn added a post in a topic Buick GNX   

    PM sent.
  7. Robyn added a post in a topic Wanting to buy kits   

    PM sent.
  8. Robyn added a post in a topic Let's trade!   

    PM sent,
  9. Robyn added a post in a topic Johan Unbuilt Kits and Promo Kits to Trade   

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  10. Robyn added a post in a topic British Friends - an odd trade   

    Not trying to bust up any trades but they are also available on Amazon and you may be able to make your end of month deadline as well.
  11. Robyn added a post in a topic 2015 mustang headlights in resin for Revell snap tight   

    I have ordered and received two sets of these and cannot say how happy I am with the product and the service. Excellent and highly recommended!!
    Thank you,
  12. Robyn added a topic in Car Aftermarket / Resin   

    Cleaning Hobby Design Resin
    Does anyone have any advice for cleaning Hobby Design resins? I have not tried anything and there is nothing that came with the various aftermarket pieces that I have bought and before going the bleach white and scrub with dawn just thought I would ask.
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  13. Robyn added a post in a topic Johan Lindberg 64 Plymouth parts   

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