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  1. 1/24th Pro Star Wheels

    I stand corrected, I had the pro stars and drag life's mixed. Sorry for any confusion I may have inadvertently caused. Robyn
  2. 1/24th Pro Star Wheels

    I think they were in all of the 80's issue Camaro, Firebird and Thunderbirds Pro Stock and Pro Street kits as well as some of the 80's Funny Cars. I know at some point the Convo Pro wheels came out but do not remember if they were in these kits or something else, gut says something else but do not know what. Robyn
  3. Hi all, I recently bought this conversion thinking I had a Mk I but turns out I have a MkII (black box art car). Can someone tell me which kit is this is supposed to work with, box art or kit number would be great as everything I see is listed anywhere is the MKII. Thank you, Robyn Borrowed from the internet pictures:
  4. Monogram 1/24 1979 Camaro Z/28

    PM Sent. Robyn
  5. Wanted: Corvette C7.R Hood decals

    Are you looking for kit decals or Scale Motorsports? If kit decals PM me your address and I will send you the hood decals from my kit as I am going to use the Scale Motorsports on mine. Robyn
  6. Clearly Scale

    He actually called me last night to give me an update on my order, very surprised and took a few minutes to process who he was and what he was calling about. According to him he is still having hosting issues with both his website and email and was relying on PayPal to contact those with outstanding orders, he was hoping to have the issues fixed in the next week or so. Seems like a nice enough guy who has gotten caught up in some internet issues and unexpected volume of orders. Robyn
  7. Revellogram AAR Cuda

    I have one of these MPB kits and a couple of their 70 grills, no rear spoiler though, not bad for the times and have a half finished conversion that I will get around to finishing someday. The one I have has a full rear tail panel section instead of just the taillights. I think I know where it and will get it out and take a few pictures as well. Robyn
  8. Sox and Martin kits

  9. Sox and Martin kits

    Can you be a little more specific? There are at least 4 different versions of Sox and Martin kis that I can think of off hand, Revell 67 GTX and Cuda as well as the Johan Superbird and 'Cuda. Robyn
  10. Pay It Forward

    Happy belated birthday from me as well....mine is tomorrow, what are you sending me?? Robyn
  11. Pay It Forward

    David - PM me your address and I will drop it in the mail on Monday. Robyn
  12. Pay It Forward

    Up for offer, pick one, all still factory sealed: Petty Dart: Pepsi Chevelle: MotorCraft Pro Stock or 66 Galaxie 500: 1971 Plymouth Duster 340 (not my picture, thanks internet!): Robyn
  13. Pay It Forward

    I will take the 56 Tbird - Bob let me know if I need to send you my address again or not. I will post up a few offerings in a few minutes, just have to upload photos. Robyn