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  1. Had a trade with mikemodeler af few weeks ago, great trade and very fair deal, Thanks again Mike, Robyn
  2. I know I have a set or two of the six pack hood decals, would you happen to have the kit white Superbee tail stripes - if so I could use those, either way PM your address and I will get the six pack decals in the mail to you. Robyn
  3. Robyn

    2014 Mustang GT.

    PM sent Robyn
  4. Scott - thanks for the kind words and I would gladly trade with you anytime as well - thanks for an awesome trade!! Robyn
  5. There is another request here in the resin section similar to yours, do a search for Hellcat and you should find it. I have put pictures there of the conversion Clearly Resin was doing and you can also find the story on his health status on that thread I think. The conversion is no longer produced and chances are not great that it will ever be produced again Robyn
  6. Not sure how you are trying to contact me but I have left several private messages for you and can reply once and then nothing. I am officially dropping out of this because of lack of communication on your part. I am a long time member of this site and have done many trades/sales with folks and never had an issue. Trying to call me out and accusing me of playing games is not the way to do things. If you have a lack of understanding how to private message someone either read the forum help section or ask questions, there are many good members here, myself included, that are more than willing to help if asked. If anyone else can help with this want please do and good luck in your search. Robyn
  7. Robyn

    Dodge hood

    PM sent. Robyn
  8. Sorry for bringing up an older topic but I was going through the stash today and saw this and thought I would post the pictures of the finished kit Jeremy (Clearly Scale) completed. I was fortunate to get two complete kits and it took a very long time to get, almost a year from payment to in my hands and this was before he was truely sick. I will say that he did email and call on several ocassions to keep me updated on the progress and I want to think he said there were only roughly 15 complete sets made and something happened to the mold. Robyn
  9. Never mind...I have the kit I was asking about. Robyn
  10. I am not going to comment on the plate but keep in mind that there are a lot of people who will do a vinyl wrap of a car because the think it looks cool and various forms of camo are very popular. If you follow any of the exotic car Youtubers - Daily Driven Exotics, Savage, Stradman, etc. and look at their older videos you will see some of the old camo wraps they used on their Lamborghini's. Stradman now has a new Supra that is factory black that he wrapped satin red shortly after purchase. Robyn
  11. I have two of the complete Hellcat conversions that Clearly Scale did and they are top notch - I hope Jeremy can get his health issues taken care of and then if he choses get back into casting. Robyn
  12. Here is my build of the original version - I combined the Pro Modeler kit with the Polar Lights Torino for the full roll cage, air cleaner housing, wheels and tires and used a resin "bathtub" intake. I was happily surprised by how easily the Torino parts fit. The kit does not build a NASCAR version at all, maybe for a shelf version but that is it. I am not sure exactly when I built it but these photos were uploaded in 2003. Robyn
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