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  1. Buick GNX Body Needed

    PM Sent!
  2. Buick GNX Body Needed

    I am in need of the GNX body only - they kit I have has a broken A pillar but is otherwise complete. Thanks, Robyn
  3. ISO Revell 56' Chevy Delray Hardtop & Nomad

    I would like to bump this for Mr Mopar, I did not have the Nomad kit as I had traded it. Robyn
  4. ISO Revell 56' Chevy Delray Hardtop & Nomad

    PM send on Nomad. Robyn
  5. Here is my build of the original version - I combined the Pro Modeler kit with the Polar Lights Torino for the full roll cage, air cleaner housing, wheels and tires and used a resin "bathtub" intake. I was happily surprised by how easily the Torino parts fit. The kit does not build a NASCAR version at all, maybe for a shelf version but that is it. I am not sure exactly when I built it but these photos were uploaded in 2003. Robyn
  6. 1/24 Bugatti Chiron

    I ordered both the Chiron and the Vision Gran Turismo from Hiroboy with Royal Air Mail Registered and signed for and the total was $330 USD. I preordered as soon as they were available and the price was $155USD each. I would rather order from a reseller than direct as I have had some issues with HD in the past and never could get any response from them, manufacturer, while when I had an issue with a HD conversion on two separate occasions two different resellers got it fixed or in one case refunded my money and told me to keep the kit (it was missing the wheel centers and another set was very similar so I ordered those). Robyn
  7. This has been a grail of mine since I was a kid, I saw it and the Reher Morrison kit and bought the R&M and when I got my allowance went into the store only to see someone buying the Iaconio Camaro and never saw another. I also have not seen it at shows, I know it comes up on Ebay but never wanted to pay the price. I would love to see it issued just to fulfill that need from childhood. Also, wasn't there some issue with the reissue, something about the body was modified or something like that? Seems to me that it had something to do with the LAPD Camaro Pro Mod. Robyn
  8. 1/24th Pro Star Wheels

    I stand corrected, I had the pro stars and drag life's mixed. Sorry for any confusion I may have inadvertently caused. Robyn
  9. 1/24th Pro Star Wheels

    I think they were in all of the 80's issue Camaro, Firebird and Thunderbirds Pro Stock and Pro Street kits as well as some of the 80's Funny Cars. I know at some point the Convo Pro wheels came out but do not remember if they were in these kits or something else, gut says something else but do not know what. Robyn
  10. Hi all, I recently bought this conversion thinking I had a Mk I but turns out I have a MkII (black box art car). Can someone tell me which kit is this is supposed to work with, box art or kit number would be great as everything I see is listed anywhere is the MKII. Thank you, Robyn Borrowed from the internet pictures:
  11. Monogram 1/24 1979 Camaro Z/28

    PM Sent. Robyn
  12. Wanted: Corvette C7.R Hood decals

    Are you looking for kit decals or Scale Motorsports? If kit decals PM me your address and I will send you the hood decals from my kit as I am going to use the Scale Motorsports on mine. Robyn
  13. Clearly Scale

    He actually called me last night to give me an update on my order, very surprised and took a few minutes to process who he was and what he was calling about. According to him he is still having hosting issues with both his website and email and was relying on PayPal to contact those with outstanding orders, he was hoping to have the issues fixed in the next week or so. Seems like a nice enough guy who has gotten caught up in some internet issues and unexpected volume of orders. Robyn