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  1. I've got a buggy here.....I'll mock a set up in clay, you can tweak and cast 'em. I'll bring them to our next meeting along with the 1/12th FLH 1200 engine parts I mentioned.
  2. JIm, why don't you shape the side pods from a block of wood or Super Sculpy and cast 'em in resin. I'm sure that there are others who would like to have a set.
  3. Bummer.........I was going to give you a complete "Do It Yourself" rust kit for Christmas.
  4. Rick is pursuing other interests.........parts of the chassis he started will end up under a '65 Vette I'm tinkering with.
  5. Great looking engines guys........ This "in progress" is a 1/25th fantasy Olds............
  6. How 'bout an in progress blown Ferrari sporting a couple of 4 barrel carbs with power steering & air conditioning just for giggles. N20 too! Practical? Probably not, but it works for me.
  7. For thin applications.....pinholes, small scratches,skim coats, minor defects etc. I use 2 part automotive spot filler (glazing compound). It sets up quickly, feathers well and is easy to sand. The 2-part doesn't seem to have the same shrinkage issues that some of the one part fillers have.
  8. Looks like you got to use some of those "hex" beads........... .
  9. Now there's something you don't see every day........ .
  10. If it don't go chrome it....right? That may be fine for a trailer queen or full blown show car but many of the models we build these days are supposed to represent street cars. When I see a model with a flat-head engine sporting chromed heads etc. it kinda bugs me. Flathead engines were prone to overheating to begin with.....chroming the heads would only further reduce their ability to dissipate heat. Another area to avoid chrome would be things like high stress suspension parts. The other thing that I notice a lot of is that many modelers will take the time to wire & plumb a model...that's cool but even if a builder has limited mechanical experience.......a simple peek under the hood of any (1:1) daily will reveal a wealth of information. Obviously, spark plug wires ARE NOT as thick as heater hoses. I think where most guys go wrong is that they start with plug wires that are too thick to start with.
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