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  1. Jamez added a post in a topic Revell offy midget PN# 124   

    There it is, tucked up in the right hand corner of the instruction sheet... right where I didn't bother to look.

    How do I like the kit.....well, If I could get paint to stick to it I think it would be a good little kit.

    I think I made a mistake grabbing it as a first kit after not building anything for 2 years, it is not a bigginer kit by anymeans and I have lost my patience with it multiple times, strangly though, I find myself wanting to build another one now that I'm getting back into the swing of it.

    Thanks Randy
  2. Jamez added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    Revell offy midget PN# 124
    I seem to be having trouble deciding what it is for.

    Bonnet prop???

    Somebody help me out here, I'm starting to smell something burning....
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  3. Jamez added a post in a topic fao Gregg   

    I don't post much, but this is the ONLY place I go for my scale fix.

  4. Jamez added a post in a topic So, am I the only one who doesn't use model cement at all anymore?   

    For all you people using mainly CA, what type and how are you applying it?
  5. Jamez added a post in a topic Another pair of Ferraris -- Italeri 365 Daytona and Revell 599 GTO   

    Looks excellent Matt.

    If I could ask, where did you get your mesh for the carbon fiber effect? I've been looking off and on for a month or so and not really found anything the right size.
  6. Jamez added a post in a topic Just a thought about the U.S.   

    USA : 49th. I think you lost
  7. Jamez added a post in a topic Just a thought about the U.S.   

  8. Jamez added a post in a topic Scratchbuilt from the frame up   

    Skill level??? I can't even sart to keep up with you and the rest of the guys!

    yeah it sucks, but its worth it!

    Thankss everyone for thee thoughts. I have one set of rotors spun down, bu they came in at 11 scale inches, I am currently building a second set that'l be closer to 13"
  9. Jamez added a post in a topic build times   

    I assumed it was Finnish....
  10. Jamez added a post in a topic build times   

    I was just couriouse more than anything. I seem to average 1 sub assembly every 3-4 months this year
  11. Jamez added a topic in General   

    build times
    I'm sure that this question has been posed before, but how long does everyone generally spend on there builds?
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  12. Jamez added a post in a topic Scratchbuilt from the frame up   

    Finaly got some time to pick away at this thing. Since my son arrived my time has been directed elswhere, and my work space has been downgraded to this......

    The front suspension has been worked out. upper and lower A-arms, mounting points, and a rack havbe been built and fitted. The suspension is funcitonal and the steering is posable.

    Steering rack - some 3/32 tube with sprue on either end that was spun down in a dremel to hopefully look like bellows,

    The A-arms were made from 1/16 rod, mounts were made from 1/8 squar tube with one side filed open. Shimmed into place with .015 sheet. Tje springs were stolen from the same X mod that the rear springs came from and the tires for Project Yardsale. Some cleanup still needed.


    I have also decided that the big block is out. Instead a small block of some kind will be going in. I did have to widen the upper frame railed by 4 scale inches - 2 on each side to make it fit properly.

    Next up is to modifythe springs to drop the stance just a bit, build brakes. and do something with seats.... Does anybody know where I may find a guide of some kind for building some kirkey seats?

    Thanks for looking, hopefully it wont be 4 months before I get back at it.
  13. Jamez added a post in a topic AMT 1968 camaro z28 - Project yardsale   

    Thanks everyone, for the feedback. and sorry I did not get back to those of you who had questions....

    To 93z34.... The colour was Tamiya Orange TS-12 shot over a base of Tamiya Matt White TS-27 and cleared with Tamiya Pearl Clear TS-65. All from the rattle can, with zero polishing after application.

    To MicroNiro..... Hinge construction can be found here : http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=31793&hl=%2Bcorrect+%2Bdoor&fromsearch=1
    This is the guide I used to build them.. many many thanks to romell

    To everyone else..... Regarding tires.... I agree with every one of you...... I was very happy with the look of the wheels, but the profile of the tires is way to small. At the time of finishing this guy up, I had nothin else on hand. Personally I would like to see double the profile on the front and tripple on the rear..... but I would say I am still happy with the result.
  14. Jamez added a post in a topic Dodge Caravan + Massive Turbo = Happy Soccer Dad!   

    It was a 2 door aries/caravell.. about 1984ish... spanked a mkiv supra. In the supras defence, I'm pretty sure he fubared the launch and blew a shift big time.

  15. Jamez added a post in a topic Lets Build some Models   

    I'm building, Just reeeaaaallllll slow.

    Going to try and finish the front suspension for my locost this weekend. That is, if my 7 month old son EVER decides to nap.. really, what 7 month old can go all day without a nap!