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  1. Absolutely beautiful Dann. It takes a true craftsman to get to here from what you started with.
  2. Everything about this truck is beautifully tied together. Another beauty Roger.
  3. All wonderful builds Phil. Another outstanding year for you.
  4. Another great year from your workbench Bernard ! I love them all, well done sir.
  5. Beautiful build and outstanding paint. Where did you source the injector tubes and manifold from?
  6. Truly outstanding work Francis. Your machine work on the grill is amazing. Well done, keep going !
  7. doggie427

    2019 Builds

    Roger you had an amazing year of both quality and quantity. Congratulations πŸŽ‚πŸΈ
  8. Very lovely as always Bill. I missed the orange β€˜vert first time around, what colour is that exactly?
  9. Absolutely stunning replica of one of my favourite dragsters of the sixties! Where, may I ask, did you find the chassis plans ? p.s. Yes I would appreciate photos of the wire wheel construction.
  10. Fabulous Dax ! Every time I think you can’t outdo the last build you prove me wrong πŸ‘
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