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  1. The engine (and the rest of the car) is a true work of art. Tremendously inspirational!
  2. Lovely work. The traditional look will never go away.
  3. Sorry to hear the bad news about your job. Hopefully things will turn around quickly for you. I really like your start on this model. Should look killer in the flat/low lustre black.
  4. Really looking forward to these. I’m assuming that they are bigger diameter than the previous version? The others were slightly small for a couple of early 70’s cars I wanted to use them on.
  5. Beautiful Roger ! This was probably my favourite of their killer cars. Where did you source the hood scoop?
  6. Just seeing that car brings a smile to my face. ?
  7. Nice start Bernard, I’ve always wondered what these look like built. I’ve got the popcorn ready. ?
  8. Very clean build Stuart. Multi piece bodies always make things interesting but you’ve made a lovely model out of it. Now you have some leftover ‘46-‘47 trim pieces left over to put on a Revell ‘48. ??
  9. Very nice start . Clever work with the rear window.
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