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  1. Just got mine today and I can vouch that this piece is flawless . Great job on the master Dennis , and a great job casting by Ed. It looks like a styrene piece in real life. Well done !
  2. Bill Pitts did a wonderful series on YouTube of about 50 videos on The Surfers involving hours of interviews with Tom Jobe. Wonderful stuff.https://youtu.be/t5tx-ntJEXw
  3. Beautiful idea and realization. The amount and quality of fabrication in this build is off the charts. Well done Kurt.
  4. You could always do Darrell Drokes B/FX ‘65 Fairlane Thunderbolt
  5. Beautiful restoration work Mike.
  6. Beautiful Ray. My suggestion is black with white or gold stripes. Like the Hertz Mustang.
  7. Or the Ford engine from the Foose ‘56 pickup. Nice work opening the decklid by the way. 👍
  8. Outstanding Simon! I missed this until just now, i’ve got to check this section out more often. 😎 I especially love the display base. Well done.
  9. Interesting story behind it also. https://jalopnik.com/5159398/the-story-of-the-ferrari-f40-lm-that-lost-its-top?utm_medium=sharefromsite&utm_source=jalopnik_copy&utm_campaign=bottom
  10. This yellow doesn’t look too shabby.
  11. Great pictures Howard! Every time I’ve been to the CWHM it’s magical . I’m a very lucky to have their Lancaster bomber flying over my house every Saturday all flying season. I never get tired of hearing 4 R-R Griffons in full song.
  12. Very clean build. Well thought out and assembled. Lovely choice of colour. Love it 😍
  13. Good work Pat.The blue heads I think are from the AMT ‘33 Willys and are supposed to represent the Ford SOHC .
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