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  1. Bill Coburn 1962. “Coburn Glaze Wax Special”
  2. Beautiful fabrication, integrating parts from different models, manufacturers and scales is never easy. You have made this look seamless. Outstanding work! p.s. Your 1:1 is my favourite C7 in a beautiful colour. I’m pretty jealous 👍
  3. Really looking forward to this build. FYI Drag City Castings(Ed Fluck) makes a replacement hood for this car that fills the indents on the underside . Stops ghosting from the blower cutout .
  4. I’ve always wanted to convert the Revell 1/25 1965 Chevy Impala to a 2dr Biscayne using theMonogram 1/24 1964 GTO roof.
  5. Extremely well done Danny ! Now I have a better idea of how to make that boxstock crappy body into a beautiful replica. Now do one for the MPC Kalitta Mustang....😎😎
  6. Chassis looks outstanding Phil. This is coming together beautifully.
  7. Beautiful! Like Snake I’ve always wanted to try some armour builds but realize I’ll never finish the cars I have now and I know I don’t need any more distractions.😃 I do enjoy looking at a nicely done military model however. Congratulations and keep them coming
  8. Stunning Dann, love everything about this
  9. Gorgeous build Manuel. This car was a killer in Mr. Stock Eliminator and was one of my favourites too. I especially love the upholstery decals you fabbed. Beautiful work.
  10. I really can’t add much that hasn’t already been said John, but this is epic ! I enjoy watching your models come together.
  11. An elegant solution for the steering wheel. It’s all looking beautiful .
  12. These kits were reboxes of Heller kits. I have seen a few done up very nicely. I’m sure you will have a great time with your rebuild
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