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  1. Extremely well done Danny ! Now I have a better idea of how to make that boxstock crappy body into a beautiful replica. Now do one for the MPC Kalitta Mustang....😎😎
  2. Chassis looks outstanding Phil. This is coming together beautifully.
  3. Beautiful! Like Snake I’ve always wanted to try some armour builds but realize I’ll never finish the cars I have now and I know I don’t need any more distractions.😃 I do enjoy looking at a nicely done military model however. Congratulations and keep them coming
  4. Stunning Dann, love everything about this
  5. Gorgeous build Manuel. This car was a killer in Mr. Stock Eliminator and was one of my favourites too. I especially love the upholstery decals you fabbed. Beautiful work.
  6. I really can’t add much that hasn’t already been said John, but this is epic ! I enjoy watching your models come together.
  7. An elegant solution for the steering wheel. It’s all looking beautiful .
  8. These kits were reboxes of Heller kits. I have seen a few done up very nicely. I’m sure you will have a great time with your rebuild
  9. Tremendous work Jason. I love everything about this .
  10. Very nice build Wayne. Always loved these Mopar b-bodies.
  11. doggie427

    '39 ZR1

    You should build more street rods
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