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  1. WoundedBear added a post in a topic Complete: Dale Earnhardt Jr. 2004 Spring Atlanta Wnner   

    James!!! Glad to see you made the jump. Man it's been ages since I've been on Geno's site. I was checking in every so often but seemed like there were only 3 or 4 of us doing anything. Geno was always too busy to build.
  2. WoundedBear added a post in a topic Ross Gibson Motors   

    I have put a few together.....they come complete with photo-etched fans and everything needed.

    I would almost suggest treating the Gibson package as a model unto itself....take your time and their engines can be outstanding.
  3. WoundedBear added a topic in On The Workbench   

    Gotta love Ed Roth
    Who else would mix color like he does?? This is the latest off my bench.....a Revell Beatnik Bandit II. I hinged the bubble top using watch parts and used other parts to detail the model....note the hood ornament.


    Full Sized links here

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  4. WoundedBear added a post in a topic Old Falcon Gasser   

    Love it....it's got the right stance, right graphics, right wheels....nice nice nice
  5. WoundedBear added a post in a topic 64 Dodge   

    I'm a firm believer that Johan had some of the best Dodge bodies ever done in scale.

    Nice build.
  6. WoundedBear added a post in a topic panel lines   

    This is the reason I join these kind of groups

    For a while now, I have looked at this build and thought something was missing.

    I just finished a quick trial wash using Black-it-Out. What a difference. Once I make this permanent it's gonna look great. (I know the pic is off....poor sun today)

    Thanks for the tip!

  7. WoundedBear added a post in a topic My latest completion ... 32 Ford Phantom Phaeton   

    Nice....are the flames decals?
  8. WoundedBear added a post in a topic A Jungle Tribute   

    Thank you very much Gents, for the comments.....I appreciate them. I poured a lot of work into that set.

    Len....you were asking about the rear tires....they are an old set of Pro-Line's So-Real Concepts slicks with slixx decals on the sidewalls. I chucked them on a hub in my dremel to spin them and shave the tread down, then a final coat of Testors Dullcoat laquer over top to seal in the decals.

    I contacted Pro-Line the other day......I noticed thay have a nice line of 4X4 off road tires......but no mention anywhere of the drag sets they made. I hope they consider re-issuing those....I'm down to one set remaining.
  9. WoundedBear added a topic in On The Workbench   

    A Jungle Tribute
    Well....here goes nothing. Always a bit nervous making the first post on a new message board.

    The link below will take you to my own website, and the pictures are of my latest build. I just finished this one up last week, spent the weekend waiting on the sun to take the pictures, then another day deciding which, of the 80 shots I took, to keep.

    I hope you enjoy, and I hope my workmanship measures up to this groups expectations.


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  10. WoundedBear added a post in a topic New Members PLEASE READ THIS!   

    Greetings all.....just signed up today. I'm new to these boards, but not to the hobby. I'm 46 and have been building for at least 35 years. My interests lie mainly in drag racing, with funny cars being my "specialty", although I have been known to build almost anything when I need a change of pace.

    Look forward to swapping ideas and thoughts with all of you in the future.