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  1. im in for the import..im gonna get a supra next month, and i havs a idea. a all out custom car build off..with the craziest custom cars built..
  2. what i hope to get within the next few months 1992 nissan 240sx coupe, 5sp, 2.4L twin cam, rwd... its gonna be my DD/drift car
  3. thats clean dude i like the color
  4. haha ok ill get new pics later.. my real name is ryan but my nickname is blackjack lol... the other reason i stopped is cuz i had no money for stuff and i ran out of models the cuda is actually my dads old one that i took apart but them i gave my brother but then i ended up getting it back for final accembley..
  5. hello, new guy here, im 16 now but ive been building models for a while..i took a few year break cuz i got a girlfriend lol, but i decided to start building.. my 2 completed ones.. corvette stingray (90% done) and a fast and furious eclipse (looks nothing like the movie car lol) tell me what you think!! i got a rat rod hemi cuda in the works and ill be getting a few new models for my 17th bday next month, hopefully including a 04 mustang gt for a all out custom show car
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