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  1. Hey Doug,,,I am working on getting the masters reworked for the big sleeper, the top had a bad crack in it when I got it,,,soon as we have it repaired I plan to make molds for it and the rest of the aero kit for the m\Macks,,,so just bear with us,,,,Thanks !!!
  2. I have some custom stuff in the works,,,I think there will be a market for it,,,a few hoods and other goodies.
  3. Hey Frank,,,Nice work on this one my friend,,,Very Cool !!!
  4. Hey Guys,,, I posted on this thread the other day that I thought Joshua Galyen of J&T Customs ( without using his nam in the post ) was coping some of our parts for resell,,,,I just got off the phone with him and it seems maybe I had some misinformation,,,He just told me that he has not and will not copy any of our parts to resell,,,so all is good between him and I, Sorry if I caused any drama here for him or anybody else,,,that is the last thing that I want to do. Again sorry to all and I have deleted what I posted,,,
  5. Hey Brian,,Thanks for the good words on the castings my friend, glad you like them. If we can help you with anything else just give us a call.
  6. Hey Guys,,, This is a link to the scale conversion calculator that is use,,,you can pretty much convert anything you want with it,,,might want to give it a try. http://jbwid.com/scalcalc.htm?mid=548
  7. Hey Chad,,,I am no longer making the IH9300 hood sets,,,It was one of the first items I ever made molds for,,,some of the guys said I should not have copied an old CFC part so I droped it,,, I am working on a hood like Dennis made up with no head lights,,,will cast it when I get it done.
  8. Hey Dennis, man that looks great !!! You have done some very nice work on this one, I love it !!!
  9. Hey Chris,,,Here you go,,,the R700 in 1/32 scale Conversion comes with the cab / hood, interior tub and two tanks
  10. Hey Jim The Cracker Box I have going now is in 1/32 scale,,,Will have a 1/25 scale at some point This is the one we are doing now in 1/32 scale
  11. We are taking orders for all of them now. Just shoot me an e-mail at eric@ppvintagekits.com We also have a GMC Cracker Box and a Mack R-700 Day Cab,,,need to get some pics uploaded of them too.
  12. Yeah you dont see to many of these trucks,,,I kinda like it though,,,I wish I had enough skill to build a 1/25 scale master for one.
  13. Conversion includes, cab, interior insert and front bumper. I have mocked this up on the amt/ertl KW T600 chassis and it could be made to work on about any of the other 1/32 semi chassis from monogram or amt I think.
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