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  1. Anyone have a 70 Charger stock hood from this kit that they would be willing to part with? Have lots of parts to trade or even resin. Hood should be new / unpainted I have the FandF version with the blower cut out if you want it or other parts as mentioned. Thanks!
  2. Cool stuff as usual Mark. Turbos and piping look the business.
  3. These look really great! Nice job.
  4. AFX really love the build so far. Look forward to starting mine. If you need those wheels cast in resin let me know. I have the kit so I will take a look at that wheel this weekend. Can easily make a bunch.
  5. Super cool and clean! Looks great!
  6. Been sorting some details in the engine compartment before laying primer. Also, in order to get the stance I wanted with the wheel/tire combo the stock strut/shocks wouldnt fit. Decided those also need to be scratch built. Here is the beginning of those. Hopefully I can make some progress this weekend.
  7. Hi John, I use a mix of Scale Hardware, RB Motion, and ProTech PE bolt heads. Not sure of the exact sizes, but can take a look when I get home.
  8. Wow great job! They look amazing. Fine detail work on the engine.
  9. That is super beautiful. Probably the nicest build of that kit I have ever seen. Outstanding!
  10. Really great job on both! Crisp and clean!
  11. shucky

    What do you drive?

    These are stunningly beautiful.
  12. Agree with everyone else. I followed along for years and it was an amazing journey. The finished model is spectacular and I cant wait to see the other versions. Outstanding model and thank you for sharing.
  13. This is fantastic. Love what you’ve done so far.
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