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  1. shucky added a post in a topic '65 Nova Pro Touring -updated 5/24   

    very cool so far! keep up the great work!
  2. shucky added a post in a topic Hello from the PNW   

    Welcome Greg!! Replied to your message. 
  3. shucky added a post in a topic Clearly Scale   

    Well, I have had a change of heart. The wait was long, and even longer considering the USPS lost my package for a week, but I finally received my order last night and have to say that Clearly Scale resin is some of, if not the finest resin I have ever purchased. It is 95% void of any flash or mold seams and bubble free. The smallest of details are present like tiny holes for spark plug wires, mounting points for engine components, etc. Fitment seems excellent as well. Clearly Scale makes some seriously high quality stuff and I am super impressed. I thanked Jeremy for putting up with me lol and even knowing there is a long'ish wait ... I will order again. Just wanted to update anyone who was on the fence about ordering. 
  4. shucky added a post in a topic Suzuki Jimny JA11   

    Looks exactly like the pics on HLJ website! Very cool. I need to order one of these! Nice job.
  5. shucky added a post in a topic 2016 Toyota GT86   

    wow, looks great!
  6. shucky added a post in a topic Glueing Tires to Rims   

    I use Devcon 2 part epoxy for almost everything. No fogging or reactions to different surfaces and it stays where you put it. Your model will be super strong afterwards also lol. 
  7. shucky added a post in a topic top dragster scratch build   

    Dave so much awesomeness here I almost cant take it lol! About how long is this in size? Such an amazing project. 
  8. shucky added a post in a topic Sad Sad Sad News: Our Harry Passed Away   

    This is very sad news. God speed Harry, you will be missed. 
  9. shucky added a post in a topic Dodge A100 Little Red Wagon   

    Gents, appreciate the assistance, however looks like the body is a bit too small for my small scale R/C project. Thanks again, but will need to look at other candidates. 
  10. shucky added a post in a topic Dodge A100 Little Red Wagon   

    Good info! I will check tonight when I get home if this works. PM replied also!
  11. shucky added a topic in Wanted!   

    Dodge A100 Little Red Wagon
    Can someone that has the Little Red Wagon kit measure the wheelbase, length, and width of the body for me for a project I'm working on? If the measurements are what I'm looking for I will need the kit also (unstarted). Have lots of kits to trade. Thank you!
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  12. shucky added a post in a topic Clearly Scale   

    I just wanted to update everyone that my experience has not been so great thus far. I placed an order on 1/27. I added a new item a couple days later which Jeremy had no problem adding to the existing order. He emailed me a few days later and gave me the impression that my order was being shipped. I heard nothing after that. I waited a month and still nothing so I emailed him again. He told me because I added an item to my order that it would mail out with the next batch of orders at the end of February, basically within a few days of this email exchange. He should not have given me the impression my order was being mailed 3-4 weks earlier if it was in fact not true. I waited until the last week of March and still have heard nothing. I never got his so called "email updates" not even once. So i emailed him about a week ago and asked if the order did in fact ship on 2/27. He said of course it did and he claimed that I replied to his "update" email basically answering my own question. Yet, he is referring to an email that I never received. Now we are in to April and still nothing. No update emails to speak of and no parts. I see others on his Facebook page receiving their orders but nothing for me. I emailed again last night and so far no response. 
    I did resin for 2-3 years myself and know how difficult it can be with keeping up with orders and communications with the customers. This is exactly why I mainly sold only IN STOCK items through ebay and only took a few orders on the side. My customers got their parts within a few days, not months, and I kept my sanity by not always playing catch up. 
    The shipping guidelines on his website are fairly clear and concise, but I do not believe he is meeting those timeframes he set for himself and what he informs to his customers. If he cannot satisfy orders in the time allowed and the timeframe he tells his customers he should revise his guidelines accordingly to prevent upsetting his clients. That is my opinion. Resin is a time consuming endeavor, and constantly taking orders and always being behind the 8 ball playing catch up is no fun at all. I do not care how nice his resin may be, if he is not truthful with the long wait times to his customers than he risks a shrinking client base. 
    My order is well over $100 and I have no idea if and when I will ever get my parts. I may never order again based on this type of nonsense. To me the most upsetting part of this is his willingness to point towards his elaborate shipping guidelines on his website when asked a question. If he is going to reference that information he better be BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH certain he is following his own words to a "T."  He isnt. Not at all, not in my instance. In almost 10 weeks I have received not a single "update" email unless I initiate contact first. If I am supposed to follow his guideline, so is he. If I ever get my parts I will update this thread. 
  13. shucky added a post in a topic 67 Vette Street Freak/Gasser   

    Looks fabulous! Love the color.
  14. shucky added a post in a topic '67 Shelby GT350 Custom (8 Apr *Under Glass*)   

    Really clean and detailed project. Nice job!
  15. shucky added a post in a topic 1929 Model A Roadster ArtDeco/Coachbuilt/Streamliner -DONE!   

    One of the coolest and most innovative builds I've seen in a long while. So much awesomeness here!