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  1. Randy, the engine is epic! Great job as always!
  2. Thanks fellas, appreciate the kind words and feedback. Finished the front half of the USCP Hydro Brake. These upgrade kits offered by USCP are really great and go together nicely. I wanted something a little fancier, so I scrapped the resin brake booster and arm assembly and upgraded it using RB Motion pieces along with some ProTech bolt heads. The only resin piece that I kept was the "boot" piece seen in the first pic. I drilled it to accept the RB Motion rod end. I also made a new mount out of aluminum sheet which was inserted vertically in the bracket. I will scratch build the brake booster from styrene to finish it off. More to come.
  3. New shifter, boot, and wooden shifter knob mock up. Coming along nicely.
  4. Both sides of door structures coming together. One styrene, the other is resin copies.
  5. Starting to assemble the inner door panels/structure. Almost ready for more primer and lots more details to add.
  6. Mock up of USCP "hydro brake" to be installed later
  7. These areas were too deep so I filled with styrene shaped to fit.
  8. So I moved on to the rear deck. Using some reference photos, I created a new styrene piece for the rear deck. Also, since the back seat will be removed I need to create the framing and structural pieces found from reference photos. The gas tank will be visible through this area as well, so lots of work to do. To ensure the rear deck stays in exactly the same position as intended I left it attached to the rear seat structure until I made mounting tabs for it. The rear seat will entirely be removed at the last moment after ensuring the deck is properly aligned.
  9. Resin copies were a success. Time to assemble.
  10. Hello Alex, the rubber is Smooth On Mold Max 14NV and I use Alumilite White resin.
  11. Matt that is properly a superb model! Great detail and subtle touches. Looks fantastic!
  12. Great pictures and super clean build. Very nice!
  13. Wow, the color, paint-work, fender flares, etc all look fantastic! Where is the dolly from? Did you make it?
  14. So far I like the result. I do not want to make all the same pieces for the left side by hand, so I cleaned up all of the styrene pieces and put them in rubber for resin casting. These will likely be the thinnest and most delicate resin pieces I've made so far. Should be able to pour resin this evening or tomorrow morning. Should the resin be a success, I can then proceed to trim the other side door panel to fit the pieces and begin working on removing the rear seat cushions.
  15. So, while I decide on a color for this build, I shift the focus to the interior. I wanted something more purpose built with some look of a stripped out interior. Since I have a spare Tamiya kit in case I dont like the result, I decided to tackle making it appear as if the interior panels have been removed. First step was removing the kit door panel and trim piece details. I made a template on styrene of the basic shapes I wanted based on some photos I found online. After carefully fitting, I test fit into the body and realized the door panel seem does not align with the door opening on the body. Its about 3-4mm off. This is an older Tamiya kit so I give them a pass on this one lol. I had to rescribe the panel line on the interior side to align with that of the body. Got the door frame in primer and test fit again.
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