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  1. shucky added a post in a topic Ma's Resin   

    I waited more than a year. Actually forgot about my order it took so long. I emailed Al and he reminded me that I did in fact place the order lol. But even with the long wait I did get the order and the tires were amazing. Al always comes through, this year or the next. 
  2. shucky added a post in a topic 2017 Ford GT (Revell Snaptite)   

    Nice job! Looks fantastic!
  3. shucky added a post in a topic ProTouring 1970 Cuda with a 2.4 Turbo 4cyl   

    Ive been quietly following the build looking forward to the day it was finished. Its everything I thought the finished product should be. Amazing model in every way and so glad you shared the process with the forum. Outstanding job!
  4. shucky added a topic in Car Aftermarket / Resin   

    Real World Pics? Hobby Design 1/18 wheels and tires
    Just curious if anyone has any real world pictures or experience with the Hobby Design 1/18 scale wheels and tires. Its hard to get an idea of their size from the stock photos and dimensions are not posted any place. Was curious if they would work on 1/16 scale models (if big enough). Thanks fella's. 
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  5. shucky added a post in a topic Painting and building in an apartment?   

    Guys really appreciate the replies, info, and encouragment. I will have to head to my stotage unit this weekend and grab the basics. Im excited to start building something again. Thank you all. 
  6. shucky added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    Painting and building in an apartment?
    Hi all ... I've really been down in the dumps lately. I relocated from Chicago to Dallas about a year and a half ago and left my single family home and moved into an apartment until we figure out our situation. I had a dedicated modeling room and basement workshop with all of my power tools, resin station, paint booth, etc. All of my models, supplies, etc have been in temp controlled storage since the move. I've really had the itch to build something or work on a project as I haven't touched a model since moving. I obviously do not have the space to move my hoard of supplies and tools but I could probably build more OOB (out of box) stuff with simple upgrades. My question mainly involves painting while living in an apartment. Does anyone do it? Do you have any tips for me? I have a pretty huge corner balcony where I could possibly paint outside. Just curious if anyone has run into problems or challenges in this regard. I truly miss modeling, mostly the scratch building and resin casting, so I thought doing more simple projects right now could ease the pain a little lol. Appreciate any feedback fella's. Thanks! Mike
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  7. shucky added a post in a topic THE PAUPER (A Dirt Poor Rat With Personality)   

    Looks great Doc, nice to see you posting again. 
  8. shucky added a post in a topic My take on the Revell 2015 Mustang snap kit   

    Stance is everything ... you nailed it! Looks great...
  9. shucky added a post in a topic 1/24th scale Pro-Touring Tires and Wheels. Gauging Interest   

    Mark, as usual looks fantastic.
  10. shucky added a post in a topic Casting resin and air bubbles   

    David do yourself a favor and pick up a thin metal pick from hobby lobby. Not sure what exactly they're used for perhaps sculpting, etc but I've picked up two of them from hobby lobby in the past. Heating and powdering your mold is all nice and good but sometimes some molds especially wheels with lug details will still hold a bubble that needs to be released. I use the metal pick for this purpose. Pour your resin, locate the bubble and "release" if from where its stuck with the tip of the pick. The purpose is not to pop the bubble but to release it from where its stuck. Now use the pick and slide the bubble away from the cavity of the 1 piece old. In addition, you'll need to stir your resin slower and more carefully trying to minimize introducing or causing bubbles to occur. This will also help. Lastly, place a flat piece of glass on top of your mold with a light coat of mold release. This will generally move those bubbles away that you freed up with the pick and give your resin piece a nice flat backing. After each use, just wipe the tip of the pick clean with paper towel. Works like a charm every time.
  11. shucky added a post in a topic Pro Touring, Muscle Car, Sports, Tuner Wheel Sets - 2 more added + tire options   

    Hi guys, sorry for my long absence and lack of replies. It's been a crazy couple of months. I've relocated to Dallas as part of my companies re-org and unfortunately with going from a single family house down to a small apartment I have most of my model and resin supplies in storage. I won't be able to make any parts for a long while. I'll still be visiting the forum but all projects and resin are on hold until we get more situated in our new area. Thank you guys for all the interest and support over the last few years. I'll definitely be back!
  12. shucky added a post in a topic SQUARE WINS   

    I took over my wife's 2013 loaded Beetle turbo about 8 months ago and its a blast to drive. The new new design is so much better than the old new version. Interior is very slick and modern, great sound system, nice leather, etc. Mine is at stage 2 power levels ... A smidgen under 300hp (GIAC track flash, intake, downpipe) it will embarrass many old school "small block Chevy's" as well lol. I have no problem rolling in the Beetle getting about 33mpg on the highway and 300hp/330lb/ft under the right foot.
  13. shucky added a post in a topic Pro Touring, Muscle Car, Sports, Tuner Wheel Sets - 2 more added + tire options   

    Hi guys, my schedule has been busy lately with travel for work (training new staff) so I've been home very little in the past couple weeks. I know there are a number of PM's that have gone unanswered and I will be working through those as time permits. Please bear with me. Unfortunately my schedule will greatly limit my time over the next month, so hang in there and I'll get back with you all as time permits. Thanks fellas.
  14. shucky added a post in a topic Ford 26 Sedan Delivery | From Dusk Till Dawn - Revell - 1:25.   

    Amazingly detailed model! Glad your back on the forum this was a real treat to follow along. Excellent job!
  15. shucky added a post in a topic Ratmad ( Almost done)   

    Pat, fantastic job as usual! Looks amazing!