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  1. Hello! No donor needed. It is a full kit and 100% complete.
  2. Hi folks, I saw the artist post pics of this on Instagram a couple months back and drooled all over it. I wished I had a 3D printer to print it myself, but as luck would have it, a company in Canada snatched up the file and had at it. They changed the engine from a 4 cylinder to an RB26 (Skyline engine) transverse mounted in the back and the print quality and packaging is superb. I'm beyond happy with the purchase.
  3. Made something similar on a GTI build a bunch of years ago. Made a "carbon" look can using styrene tubing with single inlet and dual outlet. Front pipe and rear pipes were polished solder.
  4. BMW inline 6 with options, and LS3 turbo
  5. Hi all, haven't posted in a while. Since moving I haven't been able to fully get my model space organized, but hopefully soon. Anyways, I just wanted to share some of my own photos of the numerous items I've purchased from Joel "Iceman Collections." As some of you might remember, I've been doing resin for about 15 years now, and although I no longer sell because it took too much time away from my own projects, I still enjoy doing it for myself and friends. Having said that, I'm a huge fan of clean and meticulously cast resin parts. 3D printing has come a long way and as an avid customer of Iceman's, I can tell you that his stuff is top-notch. Not only is he a great builder, but he is truly an enthusiast of the hobby. He has great customer service to boot. While some of his early pictures on eBay left a lot to be desired, I can tell you that I'm fully satisfied with the quality of his prints, the quality of his service, and the uniqueness of his offerings. I'll let the pictures I'm about to share speak for themselves. Understand these photos are enlarged many times beyond the size of the parts themselves. If you cannot work with parts this good, its time to find another hobby. J/K ... sort of. Boss ProMod Engine and Boss 302 -
  6. Randy, the engine is epic! Great job as always!
  7. Thanks fellas, appreciate the kind words and feedback. Finished the front half of the USCP Hydro Brake. These upgrade kits offered by USCP are really great and go together nicely. I wanted something a little fancier, so I scrapped the resin brake booster and arm assembly and upgraded it using RB Motion pieces along with some ProTech bolt heads. The only resin piece that I kept was the "boot" piece seen in the first pic. I drilled it to accept the RB Motion rod end. I also made a new mount out of aluminum sheet which was inserted vertically in the bracket. I will scratch build the brake booster from styrene to finish it off. More to come.
  8. New shifter, boot, and wooden shifter knob mock up. Coming along nicely.
  9. Both sides of door structures coming together. One styrene, the other is resin copies.
  10. Starting to assemble the inner door panels/structure. Almost ready for more primer and lots more details to add.
  11. Mock up of USCP "hydro brake" to be installed later
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