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  1. Bridgebuster added a post in a topic Resin LS7/T-56 Crate Motor from VCG Resins-LS9 coming soon   

    Absolutely interested . . . in several. I've gotten a few mills from VCG before and they're excellent quality.
  2. Bridgebuster added a post in a topic Time Machine Resin   

    I ordered Jeff's 68 Chevelle. It's here and it's really nice quality work. It just took about 6 months and many emails to get it. A couple of things in Jeff's behalf; I know he's had some hospital time and family matters to deal with, and, he didn't short-sheet me by sending inferior parts just to get me off his back.
  3. Bridgebuster added a post in a topic New Guitar Day   

    Nice axe! Beautiful top!! My son has a Guild Blues 90, a PRS Tremonti Tribal (#50 of 100), a PRS Tremonti SE and a Yamaha accoustic / electric. Daughter has a PRS Standard 24 in a natural finish that's gorgeous. Myself, I can only handle 5 strings ( ) so I've got a custom archtop banjo. We're stringheads as well as gearheads here!
    Good advice to hang onto it. If I had a dollar for every story I've heard about wish I had kept it . . .
  4. Bridgebuster added a post in a topic '73 Chevrolet Chevelle- Mastered by Tom Ellifritt   

    THANKS for posting!!! That's how I'm going to build mine.
  5. Bridgebuster added a post in a topic Plymouth GTX daily driven   

    Nice work! What did you do to simulate the simulated wood in the interior?
  6. Bridgebuster added a post in a topic A Public "Thank You"   

    Yessir, wanted to make sure to give credit where due. Seeing other folks needs met is as rewarding to me as is being able to draw on the experience of you guys.
  7. Bridgebuster added a post in a topic Delorean   

    That's REALLY COOL Frank!!! I didn't realize a stocker existed. I would think there would be a market for one, though.
  8. Bridgebuster added a topic in General   

    A Public "Thank You"
    I had posted a while back about wanting to refurbish two of the die-cast toys my dad had as a boy. Oddly enough, they turned out to be from the same manufacturer, so there are a couple of parts in common (1 car, 1 airplane). The tires on both were horribly dry-rotted. Well, I got a PM from Bill Spencer (spencer1984) offering to help me find the right size tires. THANK YOU Bill!!! He has stuck with this project looking through all his parts and even scouring the local stores for toys that might have the right size. He found what I need in a local Rite-Aid drugstore.
    I've sent a lot of parts to folks not expecting anything in return and I insisted that I pay Bill at least for his expenditures in getting the tires to me. Guys and Gals, this is what makes this forum great . . . it's the great, and I mean GREAT, folks who hang out here. I've had trades that all went well and I've received a few parts and sent out a bunch myself. Bill went above and beyond in staying with this and because of his dilligence, I'll be able to proceed with the refinish. I know that for top value, old stuff should not be restored. I wouldn't sell either of these toys as they mean so much to me and I'd like to restore them to a "showroom new" look so as to have them as my dad would have had them as a kid.
    Bill, you're the kind of good folks who makes this forum what it is and inspires me to keep sending parts (when I have them). Again, thank you my friend. As a result, Bill means a lot to me now as he's been a big part of refurbishing the toys that mean so much to me. I know Bill isn't the only one on here who is willing to help others, but he's a great example of what we should all strive for. Just wanted to say that in front of everyone.
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  9. Bridgebuster added a post in a topic Good deal?   

    Nice score Lee!!! I have one just like it that I've had I guess since it was just issued.
  10. Bridgebuster added a post in a topic What's the story behind your user name/avatar?   

    Not TOO far off bro. 50s "something" is right, but you'll have to wait to see it. I might tell you offlline, but if you spill the beans I'll . . . . well, I'll . . . . well, as my boy Roy D. Mercer says, "don't make me come over thar".
  11. Bridgebuster added a post in a topic What's the story behind your user name/avatar?   

    Jim, Hugh is right that the only movie centered on the RAF flying 4-engined Lancasters. The 490th learned how to "skip" regular ordnance into the bridge foundations to take them out. He lived his entire life (minus time in the service) in Georgia. I was raised in Atlanta.
    Eelco, Dave put that together for me. Thanks for your involvement with the decals. It was much appreciated. I've even got a project planned that will use some of the other decals.
  12. Bridgebuster added a post in a topic Great people   

    Danny, what is it you sell? Can you post a link?
  13. Bridgebuster added a post in a topic What's the story behind your user name/avatar?   

    Mine is to honor my dad. He was in the 490th Bombardment Squadron in WWII . . . The Burma Bridge Busters. The avatar was their "never officially recognized" squadron insignia. They were pretty well known for their EXTREMELY low level tactics of skip-bombing bridges and such that nobody else could take out. He passed in Feb. of 2010, but over the years I went with him to a number of their reunions and it was my honor and privilege to meet a LOT of the Bridge Busters and get to hear their stories. If you would like an interesting read, pick up Unlike Any Land You Know by James Vesely. It is Jim's quest to find information on his uncle who was lost in combat. My dad was consulted frequently for information and clarification on squadron activities and such. He's given credit in the book.
  14. Bridgebuster added a post in a topic daisy mags   

    Ed at Drag City Casting has some nice ones.


    Hope this helps.
  15. Bridgebuster added a post in a topic IWATA Prices   

    OK, folks, let me stir the pot a bit. Which of the Iwatas do you like for painting models and why?