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  1. slowbird added a post in a topic Jagermeister Porsche 956C   

    That's super clean and nice. I love the wheels, glad you didn't cover them up. I wish I had like, 20 sets of those wheels just to put on every kit I build.
  2. slowbird added a post in a topic ROUSH RACING MUSTANG 2010   

    That is awesome. I love this type of car and this Mustang looks good with a big wing on it.
  3. slowbird added a post in a topic "BOSS" Stang touring   

    Good old Grabber Green...one of my favorite colors of all time, especially on a Boss Mustang. I like the engine too.
  4. slowbird added a post in a topic 1997 Raybestos TransAm Mustang   

    Fantastic build. I really like it, makes me wish I could build with that kind of detail and complex painting.
  5. slowbird added a post in a topic GROUP 5 RACING BUILD OFF   

    cool, never thought I'd see someone build the revised version of the Mustang. I have some pictures of it, if you don't have these already.


    That has pictures of both the older and newer versions.
  6. slowbird added a post in a topic 90's trans am mustang   

    That looks really good, the wheels look nice too.
  7. slowbird added a post in a topic Motorsport Mustang   

    Wow, nice! I have one sitting half-finished...really it just needs painted because I messed up the first attempt. That looks excellent.

    I have a resin IMSA Cougar body sitting around that I bought a while ago. Not sure if I'll be able to do anything with it, it's got a broken A-pillar and part of the spoiler is missing. But it's my favorite of all the IMSA cars.
  8. slowbird added a post in a topic 1958 Chevy Proton- Finished!   

    That's neat! Are you going to make it nice and shiny, or beat-up and broken like the ones in the game? I vote for shiny.
  9. slowbird added a post in a topic Kei car models? are there any?   

    looks good! I have a set of those wheels, I don't know what car to put them on yet. I kinda like the Suzuki Alto. Or maybe the Midget II, which is even smaller.
  10. slowbird added a post in a topic Mountain Dew Mustang Trans-AM   

    Looks real nice, one of my favorite Mustangs. I know the transkit is expensive, but it looks like it's worth it, with the quality and detail included.
  11. slowbird added a post in a topic 90's trans am mustang   

    Awesome! I have the #25 version of that kit, along with a couple of the IMSA ones that used the same basic tooling. I have a Penngwen resin Merkur body waiting to be built with a Camaro donor chassis, as well as a resin IMSA Cougar body that needs some repairs made before it can get built.

    Sigh, if only I had the ability to do them right.
  12. slowbird added a post in a topic Lets see some trucks!   

    these are pretty rough, there's a long way to go...but it's something.

    F150 extended cab:

    F150 flatbed:

  13. slowbird added a post in a topic My all time biggest modeling pet peeve   

    oh boy...I agree on the chrome parts attached in bad spots. also, clear parts can suffer from bad sprue design. engine halves that don't line up no matter what you do, and tires that have severe marks on the tread from the mold, or got misaligned completely.

    also, radiator hoses are a pain in the butt no matter what you do but my biggest pet peeve is when I screw up and don't notice until it's too late. glue on a body panel, scratches on the windshield, cutting a part too deep, sanding too much from a body panel, or having the whole darn thing put together before I realize I missed a bunch of mold lines.
  14. slowbird added a post in a topic 1949 Mercury   

    This is a great tutorial. It's really amazing how much more goes into it than just gluing and painting...that's probably why my models look so primitive
  15. slowbird added a post in a topic Ford Motorsport Mustang IMSA pictures   

    That's interesting...I did not know that. Pretty cool though.