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  1. vtemt-i added a post in a topic kustom 55 four door   

    I've been too scared to tackle a 2 tone, that one came out nice, really close to the 1:1, and the interior shot looks almost real. Great job!!
  2. vtemt-i added a post in a topic I hope we're done now!!   

    I just can't get over this winter. I'm in Central Vermont, 10 miles from Killington, and my lawn is BROWN!!! Not a snowflake to be seen for weeks. It is cold though, it was about 8 last night, which makes it even worse because it drives the frost deep down into the ground, so the roads are like rolling speed bumps with all the frost heaves this year.

    Your yard looks like mine should, and mine like yours should. Heck, I've only had to snowblow once this year, the rest of the snow was only a few inches at a time, so I just didn't bother!!
  3. vtemt-i added a post in a topic OLDMAN ENGINEER PROJECT 57 CHEVY   

    Seriously, are you sure this won't run?!?!?

    I am just awestruck. Wonderful job.
  4. vtemt-i added a topic in Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials   

    Different types of paints
    First, allow me to introduce myself. I started a couple of model kits when I was younger, but never managed to finish one. About a year ago I bought a new house with my own workshop, so while at Michael's one day I saw a kit on sale and said "what the heck", and low and behold I actually finished it!

    Since then, I have completed 1 more, and I'm halfway through my 2nd. Each has gotten better than the last (1st really is not good, but it was the first )

    I have read all 30+ pages of the tips and tricks section over the last few weeks, but now decided to register and ask a few questions about paint.

    First of all, what is the difference between enamel and acyrlic?
    How do you tell what is compatible with what?
    How do you know if an enamel top coat from one brand is compatible with an enamel base color of another brand?

    Has anyone used acrylic craft paints like from Michael's? I airbrushed a Planter's peanut jar with some and it seemed to come out OK, so would it work over primer. What about Krylon spray cans? They seem to come out OK over primer to me.

    One thing I, like many of you, am trying to do is produce a quality I am happy with wihout spending a fortune in the process. The 50 cent a bottle craft acrylics with an airbrush seem like a cheap way to go, even if it needs an extra few coats, but is it really?

    Krylon is cheap and easy to find, and seems to come in an increasing range of colors, but is it durable?

    I am trying to touch on things that I haven't seen the answers to in other posts, so I apologize if I missed one and am being redundant.

    Thank you.
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