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  1. 1) Yep 2) Dad 3) Dad built planes and boats 4) Electronics Tech then full time Fire Truck Driver 5) 6 ish? 6) 1966 Our one son (now 28) had alittle intrest at 10 to 12 years old but that went away.
  2. Nice stuff... I'll be lookin' at it better in a couple weeks. A few of us will be down from PA to support your show. Smokey
  3. Thanks again for all of the info. I think that I'll pick up a Super Stock Bel Air kit. The boat will need a tow vehicle and I like that body style. Smokey
  4. Very nice... thanks. I'm goin' to put a "W" motor in the Hemi Hydro boat Smokey
  5. Opps I put this in general section. It should have been here. Which 1/24 or 1/25 kit has the most detailed 348/409 Chevy engine? I'm not cocerned about the intake manifold or headers. Well maybe the three 2 barrel manifold would be OK Thanks,Smokey
  6. Hi All, Which 1/25 or 1/24 kit has the most detailed 348/409 Chevy engine? I'm not concerned about intake manifold or headers. Thanks,Smokey
  7. Ace has good info. Revell's Mickey Thompson's Attempt may fit with a little trailer strechin'
  8. Does anybody make white letter decals for the Little Red Wagon? In the very begining it had white lettering. Thanks,Smokey
  9. The tube and liquid mix is strong also. Does ProWeld have a brush in the bottle? We just got home from dinner at a Thia place and we learned that soy sauce and brown sugar go good together also. Thanks for the input guys...Smokey
  10. Hi All, I like to see other folks ideas. Thanks to all that participate. This seems to work out OK so I'll pass it along. I'm learnin' as I go and this is just a couple things that I did with glues. I'd like to hear other ideas or thoughts. I'm likin' Tenax 7R but it sets too fast...Testor's Liquid sets to slow... a 50%/50% mix of the two is nice. The bond is strong. Testor's tube is stringy and thick... but on a palette a small blob of Testor's tube glue with a drop of Testors liquid mixed in mixes into a gel with no strings. It's curin' as I'm typin' this so the final results will come later. Smokey
  11. The link thing above the rear is a torsion type anti roll bar. http://www.est1946.com/gt2rearswaybarkit.aspx Smokey
  12. Yep, it's been that long ago. George is a friend of mine and while I've been in and out of the hobby over the years he has been steady in it. I have not done the emblem thing either. Have fun,Smokey This is a test...This is the first time that I did the quote thing on this site.
  13. I'm a hot rod and custom guy. "Emblems,emblems we don't need no stinkin' emblems"... But, I'll be watchin' just in case.... I've seen it done with a dab of epoxy. Then sanded down from the back until only the emblem was left. I think the George Bojaciuk did it in one of the magazines years ago. Smokey
  14. This worked so far for me but...I'll be watchin' this thread for more ideas... I just modified a Deal's Wheels "Trans Um" hood and nose to look a bit less cartoony. Used a piece of .040" evergreen sheet for a hood with .020"x.100" evergreen strips under the seams with Tenax/Testors Liquid. I shaped and sanded the heck out of it and it's still OK. Smokey Edit below... I don't want this to change or highjack this tread. If there are any ideas or comments about the glue idea lets start a different thread. The Testors Liquid and Tenax 50/50 and it appears to be a strong bond with a bit more workin' time than just Tenax.
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