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  1. General Painting

    Hey guys, i was just cruzin the forum and saw something about painting with candy colors and basecoats. When you guys use that kind of paints how many coats do you put on? Is it one coat of each or is it just one coat of the candy color?
  2. Sealed SHUT lids

    Hey thanks for the help guys, can't wait to get back into building. My airbrush booth is up and running perfectly and can't wait to dive in
  3. Sealed SHUT lids

    Hi guys, just wanted to say you all do such amazing work on your builds that its unbelievable to my eyes sometimes lol I haven't had that much time to do any major building lately but i've just finished building and setting up a new airbrush paint booth with the hopes of getting some building done. Anyyyyway to get to the point , i've been checking my supplies and paints and such and came across a bottle of Testors Glosscote and Dullcote and they both have those kinds of lids you have to push down at the same time and turn right but i can't open them no matter how hard i try or press down!! Any ideas guys???
  4. Wiping Down

    Steve- thanks for the reply. I've never had any bad experiences yet with this adhesive backed foil and its better than nothing and it makes the kit pop just that bit more. I've tried some windex on a cotton swab and it got rid of the little glue marks. thanks for all those don'ts lol Mike- thanks for the tips
  5. Wiping Down

    hi again guys, got another question for you veterans. What would you wipe your models down with just before you shoot your model with clear? Like what solvent cleaner or acrylic cleaner of any kind to remove lets say some sticky residue of some kind. I can't find any BMF locally so i have resorted to the aluminum tape from the hardware and after applying and removing the trimmed metal sometimes the glue gets smudged on the paint and i'm leary to use anything yet to clean it off so i can shoot my clear. thanks guys
  6. Homemade Spray Booth Question

    thanks for the tips Steve, will keep those in mind when i put this thing together
  7. Homemade Spray Booth Question

    Hi guys, been a while since i was last here and trying to read up on everything i missed, awesome help and ideas from all of you guys and that is why i am here again, i need some help. I just got a Dayton Blower and i was wondering how did you guys with such a system go about attatching it to your booth? thanks for the help guys.
  8. Decanting Question

    Hey guys, been a while since i've been here and just had a bit of time to get started on a kit. I was decanting some paint the other day and its been sitting for a few days and the jar was full when i first decanted. I guess the gas adds volume to the paint at first. My question is this, can i just decant more into the jar and wait till the gas dissipates again until i fill up the jar with what i need?
  9. Resource Material

    now this is what i call an awesome site, thanks for the replies guys
  10. Resource Material

    hi guys, i love building models but don't get alot of bench time and when i do i like to be ready for what little time i do have. I'm no car expert or mechanic and would like to add more detail to my builds like more engine wiring and adding more hoses to add to the realism but the thing is where does everything go or hook up to? Where do you guys get your picture resources? I do use google and other magazines online but can never get the detail pics i need
  11. Flat, Satin and Gloss Paints

    Hi guys, i'm working on a new project and it has alot of satin colors in the instructions, not that i paint by numbers lol, but was wondering if it was possible to make satin colors with future floor polish. I have it on hand readily and was wondering if any of you guys have done that. I haven't found satin colors in hobby shops in my areas, maybe the odd color.
  12. 32 Ford Street Rod

    wish i could take credit for the etched glass but my skills are far from doing that lol
  13. 32 Ford Street Rod

    Hey guys, this is my first posting of pics here and my latest project that i just finished. In the last pic i think i used a tad too much white glue behind the headlights lol
  14. Acrylic Paint for Whitewalls

    thanks for the quick replies guys, gonna hit the hobby shop tomorrow and try some other brand of paint then
  15. Acrylic Paint for Whitewalls

    hi guys, awesome site you guys got here, been lurking for quite a while now and trying to find the answers to my questions so i wouldn't be asking the same questions to you guys but i can't find the answer to this one. I just recently got settled in and started working on some kits again in my spare time and been trying new thngs that i've never done before. I'm working on a 32 ford street rod and wanted to whitewall the tires so i am using Tamiyas acrylic white. So i painted the walls of the tires a while back ago and let the whole project sit for a long time, came back to it and noticed the paint cracking and falling off the tires, stripped them down and sanded them with the dremel a bit, repainted them not too long ago again and the paint cracked again. Should i be sealing the paint with Future or something else? thanks guys