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  1. Reeves Racing added a post in a topic Curtis Turner's 1956 Ford - NASCAR   

    Excellent work Curt. Great job
  2. Reeves Racing added a topic in NASCAR   

    Rear Spoiler for 81 - 84 Monogram Grand Prix
    I am trying to finish up an old stalled build of Richard Petty's Grand Prix and I have lost the rear deck spoiler for it.
    IM me if you have one to sell or trade.
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  3. Reeves Racing added a post in a topic Chaparral 2H   

    Nice work, always good to see a Chaparral
  4. Reeves Racing added a post in a topic 1962 Chevrolet Sinkhole Corvette   

    I have been the museum many times, in fact just 3 weeks before the cave in...
    Here are some pictures I took the last time I was there, the 62 was not there last time I was there.

  5. Reeves Racing added a post in a topic 1966 Chaparral 2E   

    It seems to be a great 1/25 scale kit to me. The real car is very small. It looks just right next other cars on the shelf.
    Thanks for all the nice comments guys.
  6. Reeves Racing added a topic in Under Glass   

    1966 Chaparral 2E
    This is the IMC Chaparral 2E, A really nice kit for its day. The engine detail was lacking so I used some spare parts and some odds and ends to spruce up the engine and make it look like a Chevy big block. The valve covers are from the Revell Yenko Nova, the heads, intake and Webers are from the AMT 63 Vette kit. The stacks are electrical terminal ferrules with one mm brass tube as venturies The headers are solder primaries with the kit parts for the collectors and secondaries with the ends drilled out. It has some of the plumbing and a wired distributor I used PE screen, Dezus fasteners, and seat belt/harness pieces. Decals from eBay for the out side, Slixx gauge decals for the instrument panel Kit wheels and tires with hand painted letters and stripes on the tires (i am out of gold Firestone tire decals) Front brake cooling ducts are wire wrapped around a paint brush handle and then covered with heat shrink tubing. The chassis is laminated with BMF sheets and in some places painted with bright chrome paint. Duplicolor primer and paint with Testers Wet Look clear Its a tiny model for 1/25 but this car was very compact. One of my favorite race cars of all time.

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  7. Reeves Racing added a post in a topic a few builds   

    Awesome stuff.
    InfeXion is my favorite
  8. Reeves Racing added a post in a topic 1965 Comet 202 Sedan ***FINISHED***   

    I do have interior shots.
    The bumpers on the real car were very rusty so I sanded them and painted them silver. 

  9. Reeves Racing added a post in a topic Modified.   

    Nice work. Great paint work.
  10. Reeves Racing added a post in a topic Survivor Resto--Original AMT '67 Corvette Coupe   

    Looks great Snake. You should order a Molotow Liquid Chrome pen. It will blow the silver Sharpie away.
  11. Reeves Racing added a post in a topic STOCK 1932 FORD STANDARD 5 WINDOW COUPE 1/8 SCALE   

    Great work on the dash. I thought the original 32s had a little red filled thermometer for a temp gauge though?
  12. Reeves Racing added a post in a topic The Virginia Twister Challenger   

    You left out an "i"...
  13. Reeves Racing added a post in a topic Its All About the Paint   

    I agree JC. You seem to build a lot of race cars and when you see a race car in person it is not the shiniest. Mostly because it's a used car not a brand new car or a show car.
    I just attended the Carl Casper car show last Saturday. I like seeing the great looking cars but I know that said car never sees the road. It gets pushed out of the garage into the hauler and pushed to its spot at the car show. 
    That's the only way to keep the paint on the engine and exhaust... no less, looking brand new.
    It all depends on what your goal is. The shiniest paint, or the most accurate representation of the car you are modeling. If that car is a show car then the shinier the better, if its a driver or a race car then over shiny doesn't look right.
  14. Reeves Racing added a post in a topic 1965 Comet 202 Sedan ***FINISHED***   

    Thanks guys, this one is special for me. 
  15. Reeves Racing added a post in a topic 1/16 Scale Army Vega Funny Car - Updated 5/3/2017   

    That's one of the many things that makes this an outstanding model. There are some specialty items but for the most part its been built with parts and pieces that most of us could get our hands on. 
    Only a select few would have the skill and talent Chris has but none the less the techniques used to accomplish the different finishes are available for the most part to the average modeler as well.