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  1. 1979 Datsun 280ZX

    AMT kit with racing parts from Air Fix US kit. Air Fix kit decals. Aoshima Long Champ wheels (fronts modified to be narrower) DupliColor white and red and Rustoleum blue. The hood was painted and stripped and painted 3 times. The blue was reshot on the body after most of the assembly had already occurred... Parts box roll cage, scratch built interior bracing and under hood strut bracing. Aluminum tubing for exhaust eliminating the converter and muffler. Ride height adjusted Not my best work but it looks good on the shelf. A little roughed up like a race car should be.
  2. 1979 Datsun 280 ZX Paul Newman Driver

    Thanks, this one stalled for a bit. The aftermarket decals I got were a bust. The were printed with the ink on the lightest setting I think. They were so see through and they rubbed off very easily even with a light coat of sealant. Very disappointing. But I found another kit on eBay and paid too much for it and now I have a very good set of kit decals again and even better the blue is the correct darker color so I masked it off and repainted the blue to the darker shade. I assembled the interior and the engine and have the body and chassis mated so I can fine tune the ride height. So it's coming along. It isn't my best work but I am happy with it.
  3. 1979 Datsun 280 ZX Paul Newman Driver

    A little polishing and some touch up. Trim painted and a small amount of BMF. Still not perfect but good enough for me. This one is fighting me a little.
  4. 1979 Datsun 280 ZX Paul Newman Driver

    Thanks for the encouragement guys. I have the basic paint job down. It's not my best work as far as quality right from the unmasking. Some bleed through, some tape lift but I have had worse and made them look good. This one doesn't have any metallic colors so touch up and blending will be much easier. The basic scheme is down and and I am going to keep moving forward. I was able to get some reproduction decals from Dave Van. So I am pretty happy and will be able finish this one instead of just putting it back in the box. I wish the blue on the decals matched the box art more. I like the darker blue better but I want the 33 on the hood to match the color of the blue on the car.
  5. Can anybody HELP

    Front or rear?
  6. Paul Newman racing decals from the AirFix Datsun 280ZX kit

    Thanks Dan. I'm interested. I tried to send you a private message but the site said you aren't accepting messages. My email is reevesracingky@gmail.com Thanks Mitch
  7. Beverly Hills Cop Nova

    Great work. The denting process is terrific. I have to say that I'm disappointed that you where striving for such accuracy and the decided to paint it the wrong color.
  8. 1978 Pacer Recon

    Nice work. I always thought that the pacer looked like a Porsche 928 with a glandular problem.
  9. 1982 Mustang GL 'tribute'

    Nice job switching out the transmissions. I've done several builds of my real cars. They are some my best builds. I'm sure you'll do an awesome job on yours.
  10. 1979 Datsun 280 ZX Paul Newman Driver

    I found some wheels and tires in the ole parts box that will work. I have the body work done, the base white paint on and I am starting on the interior. I used a parts box cage as a start then scratched up some of the bracing and reengineered the back of the cage. BTW... Does anyone have a set of the AirFix decals from the Paul Newman Kit? I just tried one of mine and it disintegrated...
  11. I started back up with this one. I had started with the AirFix kit but it is so bad and I wanted more detail. So I got an AMT 280zx. I got it a few years ago so I paid a good price for it. Of course Round 2 recently re-popped it and its much cheaper now. Oh well. The AirFix is 1/24 and the AMT is 1/25 so some of the parts will need to be slimmed down. I am still looking for the right wheels for this build. The AirFix wheels and tires are the worst and the AMT kit is a street car so, I am perusing eBay for something more suitable.
  12. Does anyone have a set of the AirFix decals from the Paul Newman 280ZX kit. Number 33 with Canon and Pioneer as the major sponsors I just tried one of mine and it disintegrated... this is a major buzz kill.
  13. 1964 Porsche 904 Carrera GTS

    Thanks, I took some 1/4" Tamiya masking tape and stuck it to some release paper (some BMF backing paper) and used a straight edge and cut it length wise about 3mm thick. Then I brush painted it with Testors "steel". After it dried I stuck it on just like you would use "200 mph tape" on a real race car. Thanks for noticing and asking.
  14. Bucky Hess 68 Hemi Super Stock Cuda

    Terrific build Wayne, the detail and cleanliness are out standing.
  15. '61 Falcon Gasser

    I've been looking forward to color JC. Looks perfect.