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  1. I had been reluctant to do this one because of all the fine brush detail painting it needs to look good. But did the Monogram Mustang GTP kit a couple of weeks ago and it was fun so I dove into this one. I had to engineer a couple of posts on the front to hold the nose on nice and tight but otherwise it was a straight forward build.
  2. I was just having some fun with the screen shot post, 😊. I was gonna say you-all missed that I only have 35 rivets in the fuel cell top instead of the 36 it really needs but you beat me to it with your "Not trying to rivet count or split hairs here" comment Steve. Thanks for the nice comment on the build Dan. I'm sure you guys are right. Except for an SCCA sticker instead of an IMSA sticker they all look pretty much like the same car to me. I guess Revell thought so too since all of the releases of those kits share the same chassis, including the Camaro Hot Wheels version which had the unchromed Ford valve covers I used on this build included in the kit lol. Its a fun kit. I haven't been at the bench for a year or so and I am building some out of the box to get my mojo back.
  3. Yeah, I had IMSA on my brain when I posted this one. Trans Am or GTO is probably the more correct designation.
  4. Revell kit. Pretty much out of the box with the addition of tire decals and plug wires. Duplicolor color and clear 29 year old kit decals that broke apart once they slid off the backing paper. The worst one was the hood decal. I ending up losing a section of the red stripe the size of a jelly bean. You can see where I brush touched it up and sanded it down before clearing. I also had to paint in one of the very thin black lines on the roof too. Not perfect but better than a big chunks missing.
  5. You're a great teacher Mark. I always appreciate your threads and the time you take to answer questions. I know some of my questions have been dumb ones but you answer mine as well as the good ones.
  6. That is a really neat concept. I don't like the wheels either and I think the wing spoils the awesome roof line you created. But man what an imagination. I'm watching.
  7. The engine is from a Revell kit. They really are some of the best Ford engines. My uncle's Mach has a 351 in it and I didn't think the MPC engine looked right.
  8. Ray, like others have said it isn't perfect but I don't know of any other option for this car. It can be built up nice as a stock Mach 1. I used it to do my uncle's car. url=https://servimg.com/view/19289769/157][/url]
  9. Revell kit completely out of the box. The pictures help see I need to do some touch up lol...
  10. I glued the cage part of the front end to the frame and just used the firewall as a guide. I didn't install the firewall at that time. I cut the molded in front shocks off and put them back on later. I used a little Tamiya putty to smooth out where the separate parts of the front cage joined together, then I primed and painted the frame with the front cage as a unit. I painted the lower control arms and upper control arms black. When I put them on my kit has two raised spots to locate the upper control arms on the top of the frame rail. After they were installed is when I put the shocks back on. With the shocks molded on you would have to put all that together at the same time because the shocks go through the opening in the upper control arms/A frames. I found it easier to put together and paint my way. The sun was setting when I took the pictures so they aren't the best. Sorry about that. I have stopped taking pictures while I'm building so there aren't any wip pictures.
  11. Very nice work. Love the Pontiac body.
  12. Thanks guys. Its a very interesting kit and extremely accurate too.
  13. It's the repop of the Richard Petty kit. Round 2 I think.
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