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  1. you mean something like this. The block and heads are on the way to the machine shop for repair????. this is my dads old wrecker. I pealed back this mirrior backing out the shop as a young boy. Im doing a recreation of that truck in a month or so
  2. this is my first build in quite a while. the new kit from moebious spured me back into building. The kit was awesome in some ways and aweful in others. Here is the wip tread http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/103926-my-shot-at-the-moebious-truck/ here is the finished business Thanks for looking
  3. This build has lots of cool out side the box thinking. Great job. Even king tut need nos
  4. Cant wait for progress. I know you will rock this thing out. Im looking to do a moebious tuck with the coors mountains decals. Any thing i can learn will be appreciated
  5. If you dont want to fool with the hex rod, bead crimp ends give the a/n fitting effect. You can get the silver ones. Paint them blue and red transparent and wallah. these were left gold because the 1:1 had gold these are gold but you can get them silver and copper
  6. Daaaaaaang. My hemi is in the shop getting a footprint gas pedal installed
  7. One of the best builders on the forum. Thanks for sharing
  8. The next post will in underglass this all the stuff i used in the weathering process.
  9. How to you guys make windows look weathered. Im getting rust down. But windows are hard
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