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  1. bigdaddyfan added a post in a topic Is there a good computer graphics program to make decals?   

    A couple of good free programs are GIMP and Paint.net. GIMP is fairly powerful. I haven't done anything fancy with them but the images I have edited looked great when done. Starting image resolution is key. The higher and bigger the better. You can always shrink them down.

    Afterward a good printer and decal paper are going to help also. A $20 Lexmark from Walmart might not give you good results no matter what programs you use to create or edit your images.
  2. bigdaddyfan added a post in a topic 1972 AMC Gremlin   

    I've always wanted to build one of these but was put off by the price of an eBay buy or trying to fix up a built up. I have an autographed picture of Wally Booth's Gremlin when he ran at Union Grove back in about 1974. I want to build it to look like his. I have 6 or 7 autographed pictures from the same visit that I have found models of or at least parts or decals to build them.
    All except a hydrogen peroxide powered jet go kart that went 235 mph in the quarter mile. That was great to watch. It made a small whoosh noise for about a second and was gone. The nozzle on the jet was about 1" in dia at the bottom and about 8" long. The jet itself was no bigger then a large mailbox. The pics are packed away so I can't post his name. I think his last name was McClurg or something like that.
  3. bigdaddyfan added a post in a topic Help for making decals   


    I had this company and decal paper recommended to me by a graphic artist friend of my daughter. GREAT stuff.
  4. bigdaddyfan added a post in a topic Looking for HO G Plus chassis   

    I found them. Thanks to all who responded.
  5. bigdaddyfan added a post in a topic April Potpourri - Kits Scored   

    Is Fred's only doing mail order? I can't find his web sight anymore. I bought a boatload of kits a few years ago. I always liked his prices. Getting to the kits first was the hard part.
  6. bigdaddyfan added a topic in Model Car Racing   

    Looking for HO G Plus chassis
    I am looking for junk, bare or non-working HO AFX G Plus chassis. The only part they need to have is the brush barrel clip. I have all the other parts to rebuild. It turns out the brush barrel clip is the only part not available from anyone out there. I have tried them all. I would like to get up to 20 chassis. Anybody have any they would like to part with?
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  7. bigdaddyfan added a post in a topic Lets see your older kits   

    Here's a few. I've met Richard Petty, George Follmer and Ronnie Sox. That's why those are favorites I would like to build.

  8. bigdaddyfan added a post in a topic Beyond the Twilight Zone   

    He is getting quite a few questions about the price. One gentleman wrote him and said he worked for Aurora and Revell for many years and he knows that this is not worth that amount. There is now a statement on the listing that anyone who comes up with proof of it's worth, the owner will consider the information for an offer. Go read it, it is pretty funny. Unless this is old man Tamiya himself selling this kit, this guy don't know dick.
  9. bigdaddyfan added a post in a topic Beyond the Twilight Zone   

    I thought you meant your models are listed on a "one penny" site, something different then ebay.
  10. bigdaddyfan added a post in a topic Beyond the Twilight Zone   

    The seller told the collector he spoke with, (and refused his offer), that the owner would not sell it for less then $5000 and he might cut a deal on the Entex McLaren. Maybe $3500? Good luck with those I told him. He states he knows nothing about model cars and when asked if he is relaying these conversations to the owner he told me he was and the owner stated he knows what they are worth. Again I wished him luck.

    What no takers for my turbine kits I mentioned earlier?
    How about a Farrah Vette, Charlies Angels van, and a puzzle of Farrah's swimsuit photo for $500?


    Man, I can never catch a break.

    What is the exact name of the 1 penny auctions, I can't find it in Google?
  11. bigdaddyfan added a post in a topic Beyond the Twilight Zone   

    A collector has been in touch with the seller and has confirmed that the purple lettering does signify the original issue and has told the gentleman they have been selling in the $375 range and was rejected for a sale. I guessed wrong about that. So I guess both he and I have had our questions answered. Like Harry said, more power to him if he can get the money he wants.
    I have a sealed MPC #3000 Granatteli #40 turbine Indy car I will let go for just $4000, or an open one for $2500. How about a couple of built ups for $1000? Any one? I will throw in a free set of Indycal decals for it also with free shipping. What a deal. LOL
  12. bigdaddyfan added a post in a topic Beyond the Twilight Zone   

    I spoke with the gentleman this morning and it is correct, he is selling it for a friend. He has asked me if I could help him as far as its rarity goes. I thought that since it has the Model Rectifier Co sticker it may not be an original issue nor have any special significance. Wasn't that company created in the 80's to sell Tamiya products here in the US? Maybe the purple lettering was used to differentiate the boxes for the US sales? I know other companies do that exact same thing for different sales regions. There might be a couple of reissues of this kit also. I know it was in 1996. There is one listed now at $75. I had and sold one about 5 years ago for $125. The McLaren listed is from the same guy. Does anyone have any information that may help this guy? Do you think Tamiya would respond to questions? Is there any type of buyer's guide out there for foreign kits like the Model Directory we have for US kits?
  13. bigdaddyfan added a post in a topic Beyond the Twilight Zone   

    I will try to find out.
  14. bigdaddyfan added a topic in General   

    Beyond the Twilight Zone
    Just another WOW type find on the bay. I know one of you guys has the money to throw around. Come on and splurge on this. LOL LINK

    Read his description and then look at this one. LINK
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  15. bigdaddyfan added a post in a topic Look What I Found   

    We gotta help the ex-cons earn a living. LOL