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  1. Went to the "Nebraska Challenge Show" over the weekend. Got to meet some great people, see some awesome builds and even won a few awards!
  2. .010 aluminum rod, thanks
  3. There is no Factory Stock class?
  4. Went to the big HMCA mosel show over the weekend
  5. raisin27

    34 Ford Coupe

    They are from Ron Coon Resins, Thanks
  6. Thanks. Im not sure who made the tires, they are a set i had in my spare parts box. The Rims are from Ron Coon Resins
  7. Thanks, I used Polecat decals
  8. Finished the third in the MPC modified series, the Chevy Coupe.
  9. raisin27

    34 Ford Coupe

    Thanks guys. Its been a lot of fun building these modifieds.
  10. Nice builds, the Gatorade car really looks sweet.
  11. raisin27

    34 Ford Coupe

    They are from Ron Coon Resins Thanks
  12. raisin27

    34 Ford Coupe

    Finished my second modified, the MPC "Slammer" kit
  13. Thank you everyone, I posted pictures of the finished build in the Under Glass section.
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