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  1. Attended the IPMS show near Indianapolis over the weekend. Was shocked that my Freightliner was awarded 1st place in the Commercial vehicles class.
  2. I really prefer the look of Cabover trucks but someone gave me this one so I am going to give it a go. Looking for pics of what people have done with this kit for inspiration!
  3. I like what you have done so far. I had fun building this kit.
  4. Will trade for any Cabover Semi Truck kit. I just like cabovers better!
  5. I didnt take any pics as I made them but it was pretty simple. I used 1mm brass rod for the mounts, evergreen plastic strip and .015 aluminum rod for the main mirror along with mirror finish foil for the glass. Thank you
  6. I recently built one of these and I agree the directions leave something to be desired. But it does build up to a pretty good looking cabover once you get past that.
  7. Lots of nice touches, I am learning a lot from looking at everyone's builds.
  8. I recently built one of these AMT freightliners too so understand about the instructions. They seem to assume you already are knowledgeable about big trucks. Looks like you figured it out though!
  9. Just tried some myself. They worked fine over primer. I did use setting solution.
  10. Went to the MDA Show In Roanoke yesterday. Close but no cigar! Actually I was quite flattered as I thought there were some pretty awesome trucks there.
  11. Beautiful build, my next one will have the shortened wheelbase too.
  12. Completed the Freightliner. Have to say this kit is nowhere near the nightmare build that I was led to believe it would be. The three piece cab was probably the biggest issue I had to deal with. When I filled and sanded the roof seam it took all the rivet details with it. I replaced them with some archer rivets as someone on here suggested and I think it turned out ok. I did scratchbuild the muffler and the mirrors. Thanks for looking.
  13. HELP NEEDED. Trying to finish up my Consolidated Freightways White freightliner but cannot find a picture anywhere that clearly shows where the air and electrical hoses go. I can see from the kit parts that two of the hoses (I assume these are the air lines) are attached to the pogo stick but I don't know where there other end attaches to. I dont No indication at all where the electrical line goes. I have done google searches but the lines just kind of disappear in the shadows. Does anyone know of a diagram or clear pictures can be found?
  14. Getting close now. Still need to fabricate mirrors and a few more details. I want to add the hoses that hook up to the trailer bit so far I haven't been able to find clear pictures of how they are supposed to be routed.
  15. Paint and decaled the Freightliner today. Went with Tamiya Park Green paint. I used a darker primer than I normally do which made the green darker. I think its pretty close. The paint is a little glossier than I would like so I think I am going to do some semi gloss clear over everything.
  16. I am making some real progress on the cab of my White Freightliner. Got the seam filled in, added some rivets, and pinned the accessories for a more positive connection. Was hoping someone might know a paint that matches the Consolidated Freightways green?. Tamiya Park green looks close but a maybe a little too light. Thanks in advance
  17. Its starting to look like a truck now. Finished up the chassis and got started on the dreaded 3 piece cab. Decided the best way was to sand off all the rivets to fill in the seam. I will be replacing them with the Archer rivet decals that some on here have told me about. I did convert it to a single exhaust as this is supposed to be a no frills work truck. Scratchbuilt the muffler with some aluminum tubing and mesh material that I found laying around and heated up and bent the inlet pipe to fit. I really must say that this kit has been nowhere near the nightmare build that I was led to believe it would be. I want to thank everyone for the comments, help, and suggestions.
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