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  1. I've noticed that also, when I open a posting or reply it takes several seconds for the photos to appear.
  2. Photo posting test I want to see how big this photo will be when posted. This is pretty big, how do I reduce the posted size? I'm using an i Mac and I checked Irfanview which says it's not available for Mac.
  3. That's a very creative and beautiful model. Great detailing on the chassis and body. What tires and wheels did you use?
  4. Beautiful. A very detailed and clean build.
  5. Very sad. I really liked Mythbusters. Grant and all of the cast made the show entertaining and educational.
  6. Really nice, interesting model.
  7. Roger U

    61 Chevrolet

    A very clean, sleek, beautiful model.
  8. Really clean build. Beautiful paint and beautiful photos.
  9. Very clean build, beautiful paint.
  10. It will take awhile to get familiar with the changes but after a very quick look through the forum I like it.
  11. Very interesting. Could be very useful if it will work with styrene.
  12. Really nice looking model. Beautiful paint and great photos!
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