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  1. Another awesome model. Beautiful paint and detail, thanks for posting.this and the video.
  2. That is COOL. Don’t know how that would work as a 1:1 car but it’s very interesting and creative as a model.
  3. Very cool, nicely built model. Interesting paint scheme, I like it.
  4. That’s beautiful. A very realistic looking model.
  5. A beautiful model, very cleanly built and painted.. Thank you for posting the video showing the work involved.
  6. I got the notification that MCM received my subscription order on June 17. Just wondering, will I be.getting issue #209 or when will it start?
  7. Very nice hot rod. Clean build and beautiful color.
  8. Very nice. You put a lot of time and effort into your models with beautiful results.
  9. A really crisp clean build. A beautiful model.
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