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  1. Beautifully built model. Excellent weathering Looks so realistic.
  2. A very nice cleanly built model. The paint is beautiful.
  3. What a lovely model. Excellent workmanship and beautiful paint.
  4. A very clean very realistic looking build. Beautiful paint.
  5. Very nice build and great color choice for that type of car.
  6. Very realistic model and great photos.
  7. Very nice build. The paint and decal work are very clean. Nice photos also.
  8. I agree. It is a beautiful model of a beautiful car
  9. Very clean build. Beautiful interior and paint.
  10. Yes, I’m also getting the Google Pop Up ads. All the ads showing up everywhere these days are very annoying
  11. A beautiful build with great paint. It does look like an actual 1:1 car.
  12. That is a great use of various parts. Turned out very cool.
  13. I don't know what make this is. Emblem on the side of the hood says OneTwenty
  14. Beautiful model. Looks so realistic. Good to have you back posting again.
  15. Very nice build and beautiful finish. What paint did you use? I really like that color.
  16. I have always thought the 53 Stude was a great looking car. This is a beautiful model of it. Great detailing and paint.
  17. I learned to drive, and took my drivers test, in my Dads1957 Chevy pickup. It was a 6 cylinder with a 3 speed manual transmission.
  18. All three are great looking models of an interesting era in racing.
  19. I agree. Very realistic.
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