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  1. That is a really nice, clean build! Detail and paint are beautiful.
  2. Roger U

    Ad Blockers

    I don't have any ad blockers, I just ignore the ads. Does the site get any revenue if we have the ads showing but don't open them?
  3. Thanks for sharing this idea. It's nice that you tried it then reported on it and looks like it works very well.
  4. Very well done. Excellent weathering
  5. Thank you for posting this car. I'd forgotten about the BMW 850CSi. It is a beautiful car, right near the very top of my list of favorites for sure.
  6. Very nice looking model. Great detailing.
  7. Very nice build with a beautiful paint job.
  8. Very nice cleanly built and painted model.
  9. That's different for sure and very cool. Definitely a creative and fun build.
  10. Ok, now that's pretty corny. That song is by Bill Haley isn't it?
  11. Beautiful model, very nice paint.
  12. Very nice! The weathering looks perfect.
  13. Roger U

    What is this car?

    Now that you mention it I remember my mother and uncle talking about a Whippet in the past. You guys are very good at knowing your cars and the differences to look for. Thanks guys.
  14. I would definitely buy one, or more Cheetahs.
  15. Roger U

    What is this car?

    It sure does look like your photo Richard, that must be what it is. Thanks for the information Richard, Patrick, and Pat.
  16. After my mother passed away I found this photo in a box of old family photos she had been saving. Can someone identify this car? Thank you in advance for any information you can provide.
  17. Very nice clean build. Nice paint.
  18. My attempt at posting a photo on this forum.
  19. I agree with espo, the quality and level of detail and the finishes on these models, is amazing. Also, it's nice to see such a wide variety of models. Thank you for the photos.
  20. Very creative idea! Don't know if that could actually be done in 1:1 but it looks really cool.
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