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  1. I agree. Very clean and realistic looking.
  2. Roger U

    Ken MIles GT40

    Beautifully built and painted.
  3. Roger U

    1950's '32 ROD

    Very nice 50's hotrod.
  4. That's quite amazing, the concept and putting it together so it works. I'd like to see how it turns corners ...if it does.
  5. Really nice work. Great scratch building and detailing.
  6. Very nice, clean build
  7. That does look much nicer than the present model Mirai. I like the idea of hydrogen powered cars but don't think they will catch on like electric cars have.
  8. Very nice clean build. The paint is beautiful.
  9. Two very nice models, beautiful paint.
  10. Beautiful model with a very nice paint job, and I really like the color.
  11. Nice looking model. Very clean build with great realistic paint.
  12. Ok, just thought about it after I posted the question, NNL shows don't have formal judging. Duh should have thought a little longer before asking.
  13. I see the 2020 NNL West show is scheduled for Jan. 25, 2020 9 am to 4 pm in Santa Clara. I think I'll be able to attend the show this year but have a question. Will the show be closed to spectators during a certain time period for judging? I've seen this mentioned for some other shows and would like to know so I can plan my visit. Thank you for any info. on this.
  14. Great looking model. Nice detail, paint and decals. Did those wheels come with the kit?
  15. Very nice for sure. All the detail, the weathering, the paint look excellent.
  16. That's a really nice looking build.
  17. For Autoquiz 445 it's a 1957 Packard Clipper. It was built by Studebaker after they bought Packard and some called it the "Packardbaker", at least that's what I'm thinking.

  18. That is a really nice, clean build! Detail and paint are beautiful.
  19. I don't have any ad blockers, I just ignore the ads. Does the site get any revenue if we have the ads showing but don't open them?
  20. Thanks for sharing this idea. It's nice that you tried it then reported on it and looks like it works very well.
  21. Very well done. Excellent weathering
  22. Thank you for posting this car. I'd forgotten about the BMW 850CSi. It is a beautiful car, right near the very top of my list of favorites for sure.
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