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  1. Ray added a post in a topic IPMS National Convention 2012   

    Would love to see some Dr. Cranky rust in person. I will be making the trip from New Orleans. Rooms have been booked for months.
  2. Ray added a post in a topic KAMS 16th Annual Model car contest and swapmeet   

    Bunch of nice models, thanks for sharing.
  3. Ray added a post in a topic Spit-Shinin' Your Paint Jobs   

    Where are you guys getting the Dupont. I did a search on with the name and the number on the can in the video. Found a bunch of people stating they are using it and the directions to do so but cannot find a website actually selling it.
  4. Ray added a post in a topic And Now for Something Completely Different   

    I love card modeling. It's a nice break from styrene.
  5. Ray added a post in a topic Flying Tigers Scale Model Builders   

    Nice pics Rick. Who built that black lowrider station wagon? Looks real good.
  6. Ray added a post in a topic Goodguys 17th Annual Southeastern Nats Pics   

    Great pics! Any chance you would send me the 2 pics of the red nova on page one? I have a 1:1 62 and your pics are exactly the way I want mine to look.
  7. Ray added a post in a topic mills & lathes.....   


    Should answer all your questions.
  8. Ray added a post in a topic T-shirt artwork   

    Both are awesome! I like the first one better. Would buy both though.
  9. Ray added a post in a topic WORK BENCH SATURDAYS!!   

    Had to work this Saturday so not much build time. Saint's party today so I may get some benchtime late tonight. All I have going on right now is 1970 Dodge Duster 340.

  10. Ray added a post in a topic 64 Petty Belvedere   

    Thanks a bunch! Nope it was the Lindberg kit.
  11. Ray added a topic in Under Glass   

    64 Petty Belvedere
    Posted this in the workbench Saturday thread. Well this kit has been sitting in a display case quite literally for years. Decided to go ahead and git er done!! Well a few more pieces of bare metal foil around the window and I will be forced to call it finished. Ya see I've had the decals to the passenger side sitting with the kit (next to it) for the same amount of time the kit has been sitting there. Well, when I placed them in the water they disintegrated into 1000 tiny pieces almost instantly. So I will be displaying this one driver's side only.

    Still looks nice with the finished kits though.

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  12. Ray added a post in a topic A tribute to a great modeler and his wife   

    Amazing collection, thanks for sharing it.
  13. Ray added a post in a topic WORK BENCH SATURDAYS!!   

    I agree as well.
  14. Ray added a post in a topic How many?   

    I have 30 finished, too many to count in various stages of completion. I stopped counting my models 7 years ago when I built my house and at that time I had close to 400. Small amount compared to some of my friends.
  15. Ray added a post in a topic WORK BENCH SATURDAYS!!   

    Have to post tonight cause I'm headed to a model show in the morning. Finished up my build from last Saturday. Thought I would get this Petty Belvedere built cause it's been sitting on desk forever and deserves to be finished. Thanks for lookin, Ray