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  1. I had an uncle who had this car, color and all.
  2. meaneyme

    Fujimi Mazda RX3

    This is so badass, long time not visiting the forum but this is bringing me back.
  3. Is it out? What's on the cover? Wanna see if they have it at my local B&N store.
  4. I purchased some decals for use on some of my kit tires but I can't find a good way for the decals to stick to the rubber. I tried dull coating them to seal them but the dull coat wrinkled when I placed the rim in the tire. The tires were washed thoroughly by the way and even lightly sanded. Please help in suggesting what to do.
  5. Wow, this is so cool as usual from you. Love the stacks. Didn't think you can make that old kit look any more cool.
  6. I am a big Porsche fan and would love to see more European type articles in the mag. Love the magazine and if I have to wait then be it, it's still a blessing to have it.
  7. Resin or regular, I need a realistic looking one. Anyone know who has them?
  8. Nice build, I saw this beauty at the NNL East last week and thought it was cool but then again, I love Porsches.
  9. meaneyme

    '40 Ford

    What an exquisite and clean build. Some of you guys can paint the heck out of a model. :blink:
  10. My uncle gave me this as a Birthday present but I would like to know more about it. Looks like a nice kit.
  11. Looks awesome. What's your trick to doing the panel lines? Very few people get that to look right.
  12. This question goes to probably Gregg? Why don't you guys update your Facebook page? Can you probably assign someone to run it and keep it updated? Does anyone here check the page once in a while? I think you guys should post the latest issues of the mag along with more info such as what's in the mag Monthly. Just saying....
  13. Have a friend that sent me one and I like it, glossy cover or not, it's still great. Love that 'Cuda!
  14. Thank you for your advice guys, I appreciate your input very much.
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