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  1. VERY nicely done, it looks great! 😁
  2. Wow that looks 1:1/real! Very nicely done! 😁
  3. Already done, taken care of, and received the missing issue a couple weeks ago. I sincerely appreciate your help though, my friend, thank you 🙏😊
  4. Looks great! Nice detailing
  5. I got every part that needed sprayed on my newest project sprayed today (after getting some subassemblies together last night), except the socks (which I forgot to do), so I'll brush paint them as I go, and the 2nd body color (it's 2 tone), which I'll do later in the week 😛
  6. Oh I know, I'm a (Salvinos JR Models) Builder's Club member, I love what they've been doing 😊👍
  7. Those look awesome, very nicely done, they're really cool!
  8. It looks great! That's my favorite year Chevelle, in about that color too, nicely done
  9. That's looking awesome! I have 3 in my stash (1 with the driver figure and garage extras, 2 without), yours is inspiring!
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