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  1. Olskoolrodder added a post in a topic What Pleased You Today!   

    ...and the '97 GMC Jimmy. This one sold already (to the guy in the pic standing there),so I only shot a couple pics of it.

    With 1 sold,and one pending in less than a week (it was 2 days,actually on the Jimmy,he picked it up on the 3rd day) after having gotten started in this,looks like we're off to a good start in this venture (it won't always go like that,LOL,but that would be nice ),knock on wood
  2. Olskoolrodder added a post in a topic What Pleased You Today!   

    Pics of the 2 (2 posts) I bought to resell,sorry it took a few days,been uber busy all week,and fighting a chest cold on top of it.
    2002 Malibu,V6/auto,CC,power windows/locks,cold A/C,cd player,etc,etc. Interior's in great shape (just a bit dirty from previous owner,haven't cleaned it up yet where I've been sick)--IDK why they had that cover over the driver's seat,it's in great shape (I took it off the next day after shooting these pics). It ran and drove great on the nearly 80 mile trip home. Body's straight,paint flaking off in a few places,and 1 spot of rust (see last pic). 2 not-related people have expressed semi-serious interest in it already,one of them asked if a $500 deposit would hold it until their next payday (supposed to bring it early this week,though I told them it's not "held" until cash is in hand),so it may be sold.

  3. Olskoolrodder added a post in a topic What Pleased You Today!   

    I agree with the others,awesome job on the Focus! We owned an '02 Focus back around '04 and '05,only had it a little over a year,but we liked it.
  4. Olskoolrodder added a post in a topic 1990 Mustang LX   

    VERY (VERY VERY) nicely done,awesome build! 
  5. Olskoolrodder added a post in a topic Suzuki Samurai   

    Cool build,great pics
  6. Olskoolrodder added a post in a topic What Pleased You Today!   

    "Check the laws in your state.  I know in New Jersey it's called dealing without a license.  They will challenge you if you create a paper trail of buying and selling several cars in a year.  The criteria for getting a dealers license was having an official business zoned lot,  commercial insurance and a few other things.  "
    That's good advice for anyone with any kind of business plan,but we already did all of that months ago (key words there were "...we did LOTS (and LOTS) of researching and planning on..." ),fortunately,this is Tennessee,not Jersey
  7. Olskoolrodder added a post in a topic What Did You Get Today?   

    That DOES make it simpler,LOL! Cool beans,my friend. LOVE those mid 90's Celicas! We've never had the pleasure of owning one ourselves,but did have a friend who had one (looks really similar to the one in the pic above this reply,but not as nice) who had one and would let me drive it some (he hated to drive,so when we'd be out for pizza or something on get togethers,he'd shotgun,I'd drive,LOL!).
    Well,today we got what hopefully will eventually turn into a small business that we can work and live off of (we've talked about this for years,never wanted to go in debt to try it out,and found ourselves with a little $ we normally don't have this time of year...)....2 decent used vehicles on the cheap to resell,a 1997 GMC Jimmy 4x4 (that looks good inside and out,strong engine,4wd works good--we tested it),and a low-ish miles 2 owner 2002 Chevy Malibu LT with the V6. Our philosophy in life in general is "be honest even if it hurts,be fair,and don't be afraid to burn some elbow grease",so that's how we'll be doing the selling of used cars. "On the side for extra $" for now,hopefully as a primary income in a few years so she can "retire" from outside work  Left tham at my pop's house (he has the perfect location for selling used rides,and is where I've sold my own when not trading in over the years),but will be heading down there tomorrow to go through em both,and detail em,barring stormy weather anyhow,and try to remember to shoot some pics to post. Wish us luck
  8. Olskoolrodder added a post in a topic What Pleased You Today!   

    Aside from the usual things that please me (waking up alive,my awesome wife laying next to me,both my children still home with us and safe,etc,etc,etc),had an awesome day with the wife (she's off work Wednesdays/Thursdays),and after occasionally discussing it (sometimes at length),we finally took the first step of what will hopefully become our own business that we can live off of down the road (for now it's just a "on the side,see how it goes" sorta thing),with only a small investment. Basically,we've both always enjoyed the thought of "some day" starting a dealership,but never wanted to go into debt to do it,so in recent months,we did LOTS (and LOTS) of researching and planning on how to start small,with honesty,care and work put into it,we bought our first 2 vehicles to resell this evening. Fingers crossed
  9. Olskoolrodder added a post in a topic 2005-2010 Mustang   

    I had fogotten about this thread....here's that Bullitt all finished up (just a couple months ago....a long build ) 

    Anybody else still building anything (fitting with this thread )?
  10. Olskoolrodder added a post in a topic Fox Chassis (Ford) community build anyone?   

    Been buying up a few Foxes (as well as SN-95's/Fox4's and a few others),going back through this thread again is inspiring! Come on guys,where y'all been?   
  11. Olskoolrodder added a post in a topic Mini truck build....update Started   

  12. Olskoolrodder added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    Except for the '11 Camaro I bought at Ollies on the way home,these all came in th email yesterday (th eRX7 came all the way from Japan via Amazon...good timing that it shows over a month before expected delivery date and on the same day as the Mustangs and Camaros,LOL )

    (and no,that isn't the same AMT '97 Mustang GT kit I had posted earlier,I no whave 3 of em,since I know the few differences between '96/'97/'98 1:1's,I'm going to build each as 1 each of those years ) 
  13. Olskoolrodder added a post in a topic VW Type 2 Van 67 - Rat Rod -   

    VERY nicely done
  14. Olskoolrodder added a post in a topic Mother's Day Mustang   

    Nice build!
  15. Olskoolrodder added a post in a topic Show us your pick-up truck models!