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  1. I've been piddling with a box stock build (AMT/Round2 '69 Olds 442)all month, from after midnight until about 2am (so it's "today" 😜) I did some chassis work and just a bit of the body's chrome trim (silver Sharpie 😉). Sorry for the huge pics 🥴
  2. VERY nice! 😁
  3. Wow 😮Those are ALL awesome builds! (seriously) 😍
  4. Very nice (all of em)! You had a great year at the bench, my friend! :D
  5. I just sent them an email earlier, cracked open and started a repop of the '69 Olds 442, while it did indeed have all 6 tires in the box (2 pad printed Goodyear drag slicks, 4 Firestone Wide Ovals), only 3 out of 4 Firestones had the pad printed white lettering (1 was black-wall both sides), LOL, hopefully they take care of customers pretty quickly.
  6. For some reason, ever since I first saw one of their trucks at a truck stop (I drove for 2.9+ million miles when I drove long haul), I always liked the name of that company, LOL 😜 Nicely done, all of them look awesome! 😁✌
  7. WOW, you had an awesome build year, they all look great!
  8. You had a great year, from what I can tell (same here with the fuzzy pics) they look great
  9. Thanks, guys 😊 Sorry I'm just now seeing this, I didn't get a notification of replies, LOL, I'm grateful for the kind words ✌😊
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