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  1. Foose 2013 Challenger SRT8

    Looking forward to seeing this,Mike ol buddy! I've been in a bit of a (2 year ),I've completed 2 builds in that time (1 was 98% complete for a couple years,the other a curbside ).
  2. Photobucket

    I second that (and I did indeed spend a few hours today saving my Pee-Bucket pics onto the hard drive while I look into other options,deleted 3 of 6 Pee-Bucket accts we have between the wife,2 kids and myself---one of them took me over 30 minutes just to login due to the site being so scewed up,smh)
  3. Photobucket

    Didn't work as I'd hoped
  4. Photobucket

    Just testing something here... https://goo.gl/photos/dAAnRPxBejVE5HVD9
  5. Photobucket

    Yep,just did it to me today. I've been aggravated at their service for years,but have been too lazy to change. Guess I'll get around to it now 😕
  6. What do you drive?

    The latest added to the stable (bought new with 9 miles on it 4-6-17),2016 Honda CRF250L that I commute on and am building a mini-ADV bike with
  7. What Irked You Today?

    After getting sick (strep throat,turned into a bad case of bronchitis) during our first real vacation in 20 years last week (beach trip),which means I missed a week's pay,we had to replace 2 phones and the FJ's alternator went down this week. Today though (icing on the cake),my supervisor told me to leave and go to the doctor (mighta had something to do with coughing so bad I hurled my lunch in her trash can,LOL) to get a slip,and fill out an LOA (leave of absense) for 6 days to get better....so another week's pay gone Still coulda been worse,I got to flog a modded 11 second car on a back road,and I DID wake up breathing
  8. What Pleased You Today!

    A friend let me flog his latest gen modded* EVO on a deserted mtn road today *it's ran a best of 11.102 at the drag strip
  9. Replica of my 1/1 '85 Trans Am

    Very nicely done! 👍
  10. Revell 1993 Mustang GT update 7/1/17

    Nice Mustangs,everyone! I've owned a Mustang or 2 in my day (ok...13,LOL!),loving this build so far
  11. Ford Maverick GT 1974

  12. S13 Silvia and Pignose 240SX

  13. Model Cars Magazine Renewals

    Still waiting on mine to come,anxious to read it
  14. You're very welcome,my friend I have a few in the stash and was eventually wanting to do this myself,and have owned my (and my neighbor's) share of Dimes over the years,the last 2 were these... (I have what I need to build both in scale...except the antidote to Lollygagging,it seems )
  15. Toyota hilux build

    Gorgeous build!