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  1. I know lots of people have said "Wow!" before I got here, but WOW! 😍😍😍 Amazing build, great stance, great details, just an awesome build!
  2. It's looking great ,Mike ol buddy! Can't wait to see more
  3. People (what irked me today). I'll be a gentleman and leave it at that, LOL
  4. No issues here for a couple days, thanks for all the hard work y'all do and did to fix it, you're appreciated
  5. 👍 (just had it 3 times here, phone/tablet/pc, but obviously I got on since I'm typing this, LOL )
  6. Ditto, just now (phone, then tablet, then pc as well, with pc being the only one I could actually get on here with)
  7. Mine's Windows 10 (I had the issue yesterday)
  8. I just finished this kit up myself, yours looks awesome!
  9. I got it twice just now on Chrome, 3rd try it loaded.
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