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  1. I'm loving that blue 😁 (blue is both mine and the wife's favorite color...our FJ Cruiser is the exact same shades of blue and white as my handicap placard even 🤣)
  2. Thanks, Lee 🙏 Didn't get chance to work on it again tonight after all (was hoping to do a little detail painting and sub assemblies before I went to bed but it's nearly 0200 here and I have an appointment tomorrow), should be able to tomorrow (and will get pics)
  3. I'm by no means an expert, but I'm glad if that helped any, my friend, chassis is looking great BTW
  4. Yep, 3406 Cat, thanks guys 🙏. Just saw this, I compared (LOTS) of Google pics of the real thing with the kit engine. It's already sprayed Cat yellow and waiting detail/mild weathering and final assembly (the engine I mean), same with the major chassis bits. I'm kind of a night-owl, so I'm hoping to piddle with it a bit later tonight (pics if I do)
  5. The engine looks GREAT, my friend! I would just Google up some reference pics if you haven't already to get a look-see at the hubs. I haven't seen anything that old in real life for a lot of years, but I know on the more modern trucks that I owned and drove (which that too has been a while, haven't owned one since 2001, haven't driven on since 2004 or so, LOL), the inner wheels were always matching to the outer (aluminum with aluminum, steel with steel, etc), though when it was steel wheels, they weren't necessarily always the same colors (I've see plain white outers with black inners, indicating that a flat had just been swapped off for a spare or new tire that had already been mounted on the wheel).
  6. Thanks, guys I piddled with it (W900) for a few minutes earlier (was actually surprised at how simple this kit really is, LOL) I'm probably going to build it reasonably box stock just to get the rustiness out of my building (concentrating on details and construction). Anyways, was raining a bit (and I have to paint outside) so just basically got a feel for it and glued a few sub assemblies that will be painted together today. I feel kinda dumb for not knowing (since I drove trucks for several years), but can someone tell me is this a Cat or Cummins I6 in this kit? (I'm assuming it's a Caterpillar based on old memory and the suggested color)
  7. Wow, man that's going to be awesome, loving the doors being opened up!
  8. This will be a great looking build, especially in the blue and white you mentioned
  9. Thanks, Sam, I'm really hoping to get on it tomorrow (the wife is off work Wednesdays and Thursdays, LOL, so it's tomorrow or Friday 😛 )
  10. Sorry I'm a bit slow getting my build thread going guys, had lots going on and actually haven't started yet, but I DID crack open the box(es) this evening and got a couple pics to show them as un-started. I had originally planned to build a semi-replica (pun intended 😜) of a W900 and flatbed that I actually drove in the upper mid 90's with out the raised/double bunk sleeper, until I realized that the raised roof sleeper was molded into the body--there was a time I would have just started cutting on it, but I haven't built enough in the last several years to want to do that much surgery on my first rig builds, LOL. So I'll just build the tractor in whatever direction feels right as I go (need to "grok the kit") and if I get the trailer build going in time for this BRBO I'll go ahead and make it similar to one I've actually pulled. Anyways, hoping to get started on it in the next day or so, here are the initial "it's unbuilt" pics, I'm really enjoying everyone else's builds for this! Thanks for looking 😊
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