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  1. It turned out great, brother! (Hey Zippi, it's Small ADVentures here , I don' tget on here much lately)
  2. Some great builds here! This is the only one I currently have finished (I had a few built before a house fire in 2011, but haven't built but the one since), Lindberg's kit, I did this as a buddy build with my Dad (he built his as a street rod), this was based on a drawing/painting I found online.
  3. I'm assuming that I've missed this (between my subscription having ended with 210, and having paid to renew a weeks back but not getting this one in the mail)...how can someone order a copy? (so I don't miss one)
  4. Beautiful builds
  5. Great looking build, looks 1:1
  6. Awesome bunch of Mustangs, they all look great
  7. Very nice, all 3 of em, they look realyl cool together too
  8. Awesome builds! I love that Fury!
  9. WOW, you had an awesome year! They all look great!
  10. Thanks much, everyone (and happy New Year to all of you! 😁)! 🙏😊🙏 Tom, I'm not sure my friend, I bought the garage/diorama from a builder on eBay, oh, probably 8-or 9 years ago, I wish I knew 🤦‍♂️😜
  11. The last 2 are "Pro Finish" (pre-painted) Revell snap kits, slump busters (just added a little paint detailing) 😜😁
  12. I completed more builds in 2021 than I have for the last few years combined, was a good year for building. Shown in order of build. Thanks for looking, and wishing everyone an awesome New Year!
  13. It's looking great, nice color choice
  14. I guess the dealers that we talked to in 1988 (over 100), who more than likely talked to Ford (because we were pretty persistent) were all wrong in 1988, when all they were told from Ford was "it was an '87 option, not available on 88's". Memory fades over 33 years too though, maybe I'm misremembering what the dealers told me, maybe they were wrong, it was late Spring 1988, maybe it had been axed by that point and the dealers were right (but we were too late), who knows?. Regardless it's not worth bickering about (especially over a model build--which is looking beautiful, BTW--it's not like it's a real car that one of us is trying to authenticate or something like that, LOL). I'll stand corrected and chalk it up as "I learned something new today". Wishing you and yours a merry Christmas and happy holiday season, my friend. 😊✌
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