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  1. Beautiful build (of one of our favorite driver's cars)
  2. Built this OOB/box-stock over the last week for a friend's YouTube Group Build (was originally to be only GT race cars, but he opened it to all race cars last minute). Didn't intend to build it as OOB as it was, but was so busy with life stuff I didn't get started until I only had a few days left to finish, LOL 🤦‍♂️🤣 All Tamiya (paints, glue, everything) on this one, it just worked out that way. The hardest part was actually trying to decide whether to decal or not (I'm glad I did, it's a great looking car either way, but I think it looks just right with the decals) Thanks for looking 😊
  3. AWESOME build, very nicely done!
  4. VERY nicely done, it looks great! 😁
  5. Wow that looks 1:1/real! Very nicely done! 😁
  6. Already done, taken care of, and received the missing issue a couple weeks ago. I sincerely appreciate your help though, my friend, thank you 🙏😊
  7. Looks great! Nice detailing
  8. I got every part that needed sprayed on my newest project sprayed today (after getting some subassemblies together last night), except the socks (which I forgot to do), so I'll brush paint them as I go, and the 2nd body color (it's 2 tone), which I'll do later in the week 😛
  9. Oh I know, I'm a (Salvinos JR Models) Builder's Club member, I love what they've been doing 😊👍
  10. Those look awesome, very nicely done, they're really cool!
  11. It looks great! That's my favorite year Chevelle, in about that color too, nicely done
  12. That's looking awesome! I have 3 in my stash (1 with the driver figure and garage extras, 2 without), yours is inspiring!
  13. Really nice build! 😃 That brings back lots of memories too, I never owned an '83-84 GLX ragtop but a friend did in the 90's and I rode around in it lots (I've owned a few 5.0's or GT's over the years, including ragtops, but the closest I came to that one is an '82 GT with t tops in the late 80's in high school though, LOL)
  14. It's looking great! That engine detailing is awesome! 😃
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