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  1. There are many like it but this one is mine. Third in a string of Round 2 reissues that I have built. Straight OOB with Tamiya TS53 dark blue metallic and trim done with a silver Sharpie.I did the interior in all black without much detailing since it is completely wrong anyway. Chassis is overall Rustoleum flat black. Did a black wash in the grille and between the tail lights and that is pretty much it. Makes a nice shelf sitter. I think I made the side trim too wide from looking at pics on the internet.
  2. Beautiful, just beautiful.
  3. Cool models and interesting back stories.
  4. Looks like George Barris ate some magic mushrooms 🤪
  5. One of my guilty pleasure songs is Dave Brubecks Take Five. When this song came out it very hip and made you seem hip if you were playing it.
  6. And another get well from me.
  7. This radio once belonged to my grandfather. He bought it back in the sixties just to listen Cincinnati Reds ball games because he couldn't get them on TV where he lived (only got one channel back then). When I acquired it I cleaned 55-60 yrs of nicotine buildup off of it and put batteries in it and it works just fine. I thought some of you might be interested in seeing it as there posts about old stereo equipment etc. As you can see the back cover is in poor shape and I wish I could make the tuning knob clear again. Also the little button operated light for the tuner dial doesn't work anymore. When I first turned it on I was reminded of what 60 cycle hum does to AM signal.
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