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  1. The decals for the cowling went on very well and fit perfectly but up close they look nothing like engine turned metal. The real aircraft had a retractable periscope on the port side. It can be seen extended in some of the museum photos I found on the web.
  2. Just preordered one of these from Modelroundup.Can't wait to build the race version because it's just so 60's cool.
  3. I recently bought the newly rereleased 66 Wildcat and notice that the engine is a different tooling from the one in the original 66 Riviera that I have in the stash. Why would they go to the trouble to do two different versions of the same engine for the same year?
  4. I've noticed that as well Snake. Even the flat black became glossier over time. I have an old bottle of Floquil engine black that I use. Trying to stretch this last bottle as far as I can.
  5. Thanks for all of the nice comments everyone. Now that I'm retired (still work part time) I should be able to build more.
  6. I am enjoying this thread very much. Here's mine and I will limit them to just three.
  7. Been on an aircraft kick lately and built this one from start to finish in less than a month. This one is gonna be a ceiling hanger so I left out all cockpit detail and blacked out the windows from the inside with a wide black Sharpie. The cockpit details that are provided in the kit are quite adequate if one wants to use them. It also comes with a sitting and a standing figure of Lindbergh although you only get one head. She's painted with Tamiya TS 17 with no clear coat and the tires are Vallejo German dark grey. Engine done in MM flat black and pushrod tubes in MM chrome silver along with pitot and prop blades. This kit had some of the best decals I have ever used. Thanks for looking
  8. oldscool

    1964 VW Beetle

    That's the nicest looking Airfix Beetle I have ever seen.
  9. You did some very smart upgrades to this kit. Nice work!
  10. oldscool

    73 mustang

    Now that's a street machine! Nice work.
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