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  1. And for those who don't celebrate Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Happy Kwanzaa and Festivus for the rest of us.😋
  2. Good job! Love the color.
  3. Only finished two car models this year.
  4. I hope mine tuns out half this good.
  5. Looks outstanding and a good way to ditch the ridiculous front bumper.
  6. Those are wheel covers.A factory option on many car back then. I once owned a 69 RS Camaro with those wheel covers.
  7. Nice model and what a barge they were!
  8. Nice work! Where did you get the cooler and did it come with the ice? Back in the day vice grips were cheap if you bought the generic ones.
  9. Looking good! Not downing your work at all but the side trim on this kit has always bugged me because it sags in the middle. When I build mine I'm sanding the side trim off.
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