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  1. Nice work and the color is perfect for this car.
  2. oldscool

    Jungle Jim

    That does look nice.
  3. It’s just some peel and stick textured vinyl on a small sheet. It’s not precut or anything. I have an original 66 Riviera that came with some of it.
  4. I posted pics of my GTX in Under Glass a couple of weeks ago so I guess I should post some here as well just to close out my build. I decided to paint the hood flat black.
  5. Never laid eyes on this kit box before. Those are some of the nicest custom parts I have seen from that era of AMT kits. A lot of them were down right hideous, just check out the 69 Impala if you don't believe me. I agree that this one needs a Winfield fade paint job.
  6. Now that's my kind of car! Nice work and the paint is beautiful.
  7. Made some small progress over the past few days. Got a lot of the painting done. The engine is painted with Humbrol matt aluminium enamel and the fenders and side covers are Tamiya TS-17 gloss aluminum. The seat is brush painted with Acryl flat black. the red parts are going to need a second coat except for the frame as it already has two coats.
  8. This one is gonna look great when finished.
  9. The p/s pump looks great as does the rest of your build. Wish i could scratchbuild small parts like that.
  10. I have built some of the old Revell and MPC 1/8 scale bikes in the past but never knew this 1/16 kit existed until the recent rerelease was spotted in Hobby Lobby. So I bought it on a whim because the subject matter intrigued me. It is more detailed than I expected and the mold is still in good shape. The tires have "Lindberg Special" on the sidewalls so I'm sure this wasn't originally an MPC mold. Does it have Pyro origins? Or maybe even Airfix as they used to do 1/16 bike kits. Made a start as soon as I got it home. Built the subassemblies and painted the frame Testors dark red enamel with a brush( yeah, I know, it's going to take forever to dry). Dechromed the side covers and fenders because the model has far more chrome than the real thing did.
  11. I like this one a lot😁
  12. What he said. I use CA as much as possible because it dries fast and forms a rigid bond. Solvent glue bonds always seem to feel flexible. If you want to check out what I am saying then do this: Glue the wheels on a model with solvent cement and then do the same to another model using CA. When you sit the model down on a table you can feel how the one glued with CA feels very solid on its wheels. Like the old metal axle kits feel. I hope this makes sense.
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