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  1. limoman39 added a post in a topic Late Model Mustang Pro Sportsman   

    Thanks for the nice comments, I have changed directions again, the front suspension did not come out right when I finally got the body on the chassis. So I have made tie rods and a new front linkage system. Pics to follow.
  2. limoman39 added a post in a topic Late Model Mustang Pro Sportsman   

    Ok, back on this project after almost 3 years.http://i271.photobucket.com/albums/jj150/limoman39/photobucket-1860-1350605223854.jpg]http://
  3. limoman39 added a post in a topic '58 Plymouth Race Car   

    OMG, this is one awesome build!!!
    I would not change anything..
    Including the front tires!
    Gives the car character.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. limoman39 added a post in a topic Tip And Tricks Dvd   

    Sorry Donn,

    I was quoting from memory, and that doesn't always work out so well at my age.
    Guess what I should have done is give my endorsement of your work and directed him to your website.

    Thanks again for an excellent product.

    Rick Rossman
  5. limoman39 added a post in a topic Tips On Motors   

    This is a great tip, the possibilities are endless for items you could make.
    Thanks for the post Modlbldr...
  6. limoman39 added a post in a topic Engine Detailing   

    Thanks Guys,
    Yes, this is exactly the type of things I am looking for.
    Charlie, I am familiar with your website. I had already bookmarked a couple of your tips.
    I will be heading back over there as soon as I am done here.

    Marcos, love the strombergs. Will have to check that stuff out too...

    Thanks again,

  7. limoman39 added a post in a topic Engine Detailing   

    That would be helpful Jason,
    Thanks for the post
  8. limoman39 added a post in a topic Engine Detailing   

    I think I can come up with a way to do my carb linkages, but could someone give me a few tips on plumbing please?

    Looks like I could spend about 500 bucks on this model, which lines do I need for 1/25?
    What fittings work best for what??
    And, how do you get the red and blue anodized look on these fittings???


  9. limoman39 added a post in a topic Tip And Tricks Dvd   

    I too purchased these CD's and would highly recommend them for the beginner or someone like myself that has been away from the hobby for a while.

    For the person asking about the cost, I believe both CD's were around 70 bucks US with the shipping.

  10. limoman39 added a post in a topic 1St Time Builder Here   


    You came to the right place, I only joined this site a short time ago but the members here have helped beyond measure.

    My advice: be creative, have fun, use glue sparingly, and spray paint whenever possible.

    Good luck with the Merc,


  11. limoman39 added a post in a topic Engine Detailing   

    Great advice.... Both of you...
    Thanks guys

  12. limoman39 added a post in a topic Engine Detailing   

    No, Donn's 2nd video did not really cover methods.
    He did show some examples of things he has done and gave an idea of where parts came from.
    Maybe he is leaving room for a 3rd video.
    If you do Donn, just go ahead and charge my CC and send it to me... :-)

    I have used telephone wire myself for ign wire. Tried to use small heat shrink for boots but that didn't work out too well.


  13. limoman39 added a topic in Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials   

    Engine Detailing
    Hello All,

    Getting ready to get back to my Mustang Drag car project now that the holidays are behind us.
    Just finished watching Donn Yost's 2 DVD's, great work Donn.
    Lots of very good tips.... I highly recommend them.

    Now, the reason for this post:
    Looking for tips, tricks, and resources for engine detailing.
    I know that there are about a million items online to help with detailing.
    What I am looking for is ideas about how to use these aftermarket items.

    Am looking for ideas pertaining to: carb linkage, fuel/oil line detail, ect....
    Maybe even books or dvd's on the subject.

    Thank you,

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  14. limoman39 added a post in a topic ALPS PRINTED DECALS   

    This question is for Aaron,
    (Very enlightening post by the way)

    I have a decal sheet that I created with Corel Draw4, I have had no luck in printing these decals using my inkjet printer.
    Would you be willing or would you know of someone that would print this sheet for me using an Alps Printer?

    I have considered purchasing one for myself but I do not know if I would do enough with it to justify the cost.

    Thought if I could find someone that I could pay to do this when I need it might be better...

    Thanks to everyone on this site, it is truly a wealth of info!!!

  15. limoman39 added a post in a topic Late Model Mustang Pro Sportsman   

    Thanks Josh,
    Looks like your Mustang is coming along nicely.
    I need to get back on mine after the Holiday.
    Been very busy at work.
    I'll post more soon....