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  1. CraigDaModeler added a post in a topic 1960 Ford Starliner   

    Congrats Mr. Raisin! Your trophy case must be filling up!
  2. CraigDaModeler added a topic in Contests and Shows   

    Birmingham Classic 2009 Coverage
    Thanks to all those Birmingham guys, they hosted anoter great show. Congrats to all the Top 15 winners and other award winners!
    The model show was only half the fun of being there!!
    Enjoy the photos!

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  3. CraigDaModeler added a post in a topic Coming Off A 3 Year Slump-A Completed Project   

    Yes they are MRC. I picked these and some Craggar 5 Spoke sets at a model contest a few years ago for cheap!
  4. CraigDaModeler added a post in a topic 1960 Ford Starliner   

    Hey I built one of those once!

    Great work yet again Mr. Rasin!
    Your show room must be getting crowded by now!
  5. CraigDaModeler added a post in a topic Coming Off A 3 Year Slump-A Completed Project   

    Thanks Steve,
    It has been so long ago I actually did the painting, I don't recall exactly the name of the color. I can tell you it is a HOC candy color shot over a gloss black base coat. After a few lacquer clear coats, I shot a couple more clear coats with blue/green pearl powder then top that with about 8 more clear coats.
    I am very pleased with the color & finish.
  6. CraigDaModeler added a topic in Under Glass   

    Coming Off A 3 Year Slump-A Completed Project
    It has been about 3 years since I had spent any serious time building. After Hurricane Katrina in 2005 I completed two projects I had on the bench and started this ElCamino project. That was early 2006. I did the mock up and motivation started to slip. Every now and then I would sit at the bench but the more time passed the less interested I became. So over the past 3 years the hobby was nearly non-existent to for me, not just the building but not going to any model events either. The only contact was occasional visits here.
    The past few weeks were like the ‘old days’ for me, spending all free time at the bench. Some thanks must go out to Steve Boutte and the upcoming B’ham show. We both missed the trip last year for the first time in many years going together. While I did not expect to finish this project as I did not expect to maintain the motivation.

    One thing is for sure, the ‘use it or lose it’ mantra applies to model building skills. The little bit of skills I had been acquiring over the 8 years or so of serious build are definitely all rusted over and it shows in this project. There were many times I was ready to scrap this project but pressed on with the mindset this would be the one to brush up on those lost skills. It may take a couple more builds to re-hone those skills but this is a start.

    So here is my first completed model after the 3 year motivational slump, These are quick ‘snap shots’ as I just finished it and wanted to share (as part of the re-motivation process…LOL). I will get some better photos and post them at a later date. Looking at the photos I see a few things that need tweaking!

    Go here to see a few more images:

    Thanks for Looking
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  7. CraigDaModeler added a post in a topic Completed Miata!!!   

    Yes...and pop it did!!
    Very nice! Super smooth paint!
    Exellent clean build, interior very nicely done as well!
  8. CraigDaModeler added a post in a topic I Finished It   

    Go Speed Racer, GO!

    Chim Chim would be proud!
  9. CraigDaModeler added a topic in Under Glass   

    60 Chevy Pickup
    This truck is painted with Testors Beret Green....…the most dead flat color I have ever seen. With a topcoat of Testors Clear I got exactly the color I was looking for.

    I built this just a couple years after I got into the hobby (started building in 1998 at the age of 38). For quite a while I thought it was a dang pretty good build. I look at it now and realize just how far I have come since then. When I was selecting these photos, the very first thing that caught my eye was those two HUGE mold marks under the hood. I may just have to do something about that!
    Certainly not my best work but this one has "the look" IMHO.
    I need to bring it out to my photo spot for some better in scale images one of these days.

    Thanks for looking

    60 Chevy Build Up Photos Here
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  10. CraigDaModeler added a post in a topic Don't You Hate It When..   

    Don’t you hate it when just after finishing a nicely detailed build…say a 65 Impala Convertible……..and you are all excited you got it done for that contest the next day…….and you are just doing a little final polishing/cleaning before packing it to go to said contest……..then watching as if in slow motion fall from your hand……then back to real time speed as it slams on to the tile floor top side down busting into pieces….don’t you hate when that happens…..I sure did when it happened to me!

    I ended up having to get another kit to replace the windshield and frame. Then I decided I could do a better paint job so I did that too (the first paint job I did one of those gluing the finger to the body tricks). After it was all back together, it did turn out better than the original so I guess it happened for a reason.
  11. CraigDaModeler added a post in a topic Don't You Hate It When..   

    Here’s one for ya. One of last builds (over two years ago) I was putting the finishing touches on the 53 Ford Crestline. After getting the V8 photo etch on one side and I applied the future to the other V8, picked up the model to position reached down to grab the tweezers with the V8 PE part and it was gone! After two hours of searching every inch of model table, floor, every piece of clothing I was wearing I gave up and took the installed V8 off. This model went to at least two model contests like that. Time past…..I was getting my model entries ready for the Birmingham show and there on my bench nearly in plain site appears the missing V8! All I could figure out was it had somehow fallen on a rag (old T shirt) and remained there even though at the time I inspected every rag for the thing.
    So this ended up all ok in the end as I managed to not loose or misplace the other one over those months.

    When it comes to these mysterious missing parts it only proves the existence of black holes!

    Here is a current situation I have. By now those who have read my “re-entry to building post†knows I have been away for over two years. Well I had a project underway and in those past two or so years I have done bits and pieces here and there. Cutting to the chase, I am currently in search of the two rear shocks I modified and worst than that, I can’t find the entire PE set I have for it. I found the packaging as I cut a couple things from it but cannot find the dang thing! I May have to start another project to these items decide to resurface.

    BTW-I have been doing at least something on this project nearly every night for the past week of so. IF this keeps up, I may find myself back in the modeling hobby after all!!
  12. CraigDaModeler added a post in a topic 32 Ford Sedan Finished!   

    Awesome work Tom.
    That color scheme just looks right!

    Have fun at the show and good luck.
  13. CraigDaModeler added a post in a topic Factory Stock '55 Belair   

    So close you can taste it huh?

    Looking good, chassis & interior very nice.
  14. CraigDaModeler added a post in a topic 71 340 Duster!!   

    Very Sharp!!
    Nice clean crisp build!

    I checked out for photobucket, the photo of the body tilted in the light.......man that paint looks mighty fine.
  15. CraigDaModeler added a post in a topic My Latest - '63 Galaxie Mild Kustom   

    Very nice!!!!!!
    More pictures wanted for sure!