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  1. Jairus added a post in a topic Why brass?   

    Well said Tom G. and Mark J.!
  2. Jairus added a post in a topic Revell's "Hot Rod Hydro" - What's New and Different with this reissue?   

    It's not a Hydro.  It's a flat bottom drag boat.  Never understand why they used that name...
    But nice to see they used my decals.
    Shame they didn't use the artwork.
  3. Jairus added a post in a topic '60 Ford F-100: Hacking Away at an eBay Find!   

    NICE work so far!  Big improvement with those '57 Ford rims too.
  4. Jairus added a post in a topic 1948 to 1947 Chevys - Galaxie Ltd   

    Short story is that getting the coupe correct was the big problem.
    During the past 15 years Korean manufacturing went from interpreting drawings to laser scanning 3D models to make molds.
    Galaxie LTD spent a lot of time and expense making drawings and photos available to the Koreans and all the test shots were way off!!!
    So Gary took the test shots to his master builder who modified them and sent the model to Korea who scanned it and made new molds.
    This took quite a few years to do but I told you it was the "short story".
    The long story would take Gary to tell you all the little back and forth details.

    Also.... there was the west coast long shore men's strike, the cold winters in Korea where they shut down everything for 4 months of the year.

    The kits also contain a few new parts like drag tires and completely new decals.
  5. Jairus added a post in a topic Monogram '57 Del Rio Ranch Wagon has fenderwell cut-outs   

    All '57's and '58's came with a heater.
    The differences were the deluxe models had a fresh air intake and a 3 speed fan. This became the standard later and is what is molded into the AMT dash.
    But the standard heater from '49 to '58 was a single knob on the dash in place of the heater controls. 

    Twist and it provides power for a two speed fan.  Pull out and it opens a door to blow air to the defroster vent.  No fresh air intake and no temp setting. The hot water circulates through the core all the time.
    Unless it was optioned in, most Custom 300 models would receive the standard heater shown.

  6. Jairus added a post in a topic Why brass?   

    I use both.
    Depends on the application.
    Brass is stronger so brass hinges are better than plastic hinges.
    Brass door panels can be made a realistic thickness where styrene cannot.
  7. Jairus added a post in a topic engine detail ?   

    A model car is just an illusion of the real thing.
    Adding ALL the wires and plumbing needed to make it work doesn't make it an actual car.  So... all that's needed to make the illusion convincing is to put enough detail to convince the eye that it's all there.  And a modicum of realistic weathering will cover up a ton of details left out anyway.
    In some instances only a hint that the details are present is enough to convince.
    Details like plug wires are only needed if they are visible on a real engine.  But things like Generator/Alternator wires are not necessary unless they are on top and in plain view.
    Many times one can fake the illusion by bundling wires and simply running them around the engine compartment in a realistic way with-out taking the time to match up color. 

    Concentrate on what is clearly visible and forget the harder to see oil pressure sending unit wire. Because nobody will see it anyway.
  8. Jairus added a post in a topic Slot Cars Magazine   

    I think Harry is onto something!
  9. Jairus added a post in a topic Carnut from Portland Oregon   

    Welcome Mike!
    Wondering why it took so long?
  10. Jairus added a post in a topic 1/25 Galaxie Ltd. '46 - '48 Chevrolet Aerosedan   

    Well done Mike!
  11. Jairus added a post in a topic Airplane Engines in Autos   

    If any of you guys bothered to subscribe to the Model Cars Magazine ( the source that provides this play room) you would see that I did a Sketchpad article about the very subject of this thread.
    Too bad few of you will pay the entry fee.
    But, I will post a picture of this street rod I started quite a few years ago. Revell '32 Roadster frame with Monogram wheels and tires.
    The engine is a scratch built replica of a General Stuart medium battle tank.

    Tried multiple positions and never finished it.

    Shame you guys won't see the cool Sketchpad article tho....
  12. Jairus added a post in a topic The Corvair Topic   

    A lot of missconceptions and ignorance on this thread.
    Some have posted wise knowledge, but most have ignored the obvious.

    The cars started out with technology not any different from VW, BMW and Mercedes. (The swing axle.)
    But that tech was changed by 1964.

    What killed the Corvair was not the book by Ralph or any technical issue like poor manufacturing.
    It was the simple issue of repair costs.
    The cost to repair a car totally unlike any other machine on the road was much higher than the average Nova or Falcon. So the cars were quietly phased out.
    Technically the suspension, electricals and mechanics were not any different. They even rusted in the same locations as all other uni-body cars of the era.

    It was simply that a mechanic down at the Texaco station charged more to repair a car with an aircooled aluminum block engine than they did a cast iron block water cooled engine. Period dot!

  13. Jairus added a post in a topic Galaxie Limited's '48 Chevy Coupe   

    Oh, and I probably shouldn't be posting this.
    But, test shot coupe bodies (more than one I am told) were delivered by special courier to Jimmy Flintstone. So we can expect chopped tops and convertible resin options very soon. Because his master makers are the best in the business!
  14. Jairus added a post in a topic Galaxie Limited's '48 Chevy Coupe   

    Thank you Mark! I was hoping the box art would answer the question.
    But here is a test shot of the wood framing, and it fits perfectly.
    The decals that Mr. Jones produced are spot on beautiful! (as usual)