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  1. About two weeks ago I had the car to this point. Interior painted, decals applied for the guages (Spotmodel in France provided the instrument decals.) All window glass received a black rubber edging. Also applied the decals. But not before applying white paint and 5 coats of Tamiya clear before wet sanding and polishing. Also filled in the hole in the rear fender for that working wing pivot. Never like those things. As of today June 27 2023 the car is done! A technical pen was used to draw panel and door lines. Respectfully submitted...
  2. As soon as I got the wheels and tires I adjusted the stance by shortening the front post. Rear was fine. A couple of other modifications were cutting out the molded in rear body screens and replacing them with an open mesh cut from an aluminum splatter screen. Another change was a necessity since one of the intake stacks on the engine detail panel was broken and missing. So I drilled them all out and replaced them with flared tubes. To be continued...
  3. Just finished yet another hard body slot car. This one is a Monogram Chaparral 2D which I purchased off Ebay as a static model kit which we call "Curbside" in the modeling world. The kit is also the basis for the slot car so finding the chassis was as easy as purchasing the right parts here and there. The chassis was a repop purchased through either Electric Dreams or Professor Motor. Also required was the rear body mount which did come from Professor motor. Both items are no longer available today. Gears axles and the Monogram motor I already had. But it took a while of searching eBay for the correct wheels and tires. To be continued....
  4. Thank you Michael. But it's just Jairus' ! As far as continuing publication of SCM, I only made money from the first three issues. The rest were only built and written for the love of the hobby. Probably never continue, sorry.
  5. Server not found under that .com name. I would rather you buy from Pattos Place at: https://www.pattosplace.com/ The quality is first rate!
  6. I might have posted this here before a long time ago. Car was built in 2012 using both the pre-painted and the glue together kit with the photoetch parts. The chassis is a brass rod sidewinder and the car has some lighting with a flashing light on top and a flickering flame exhaust. Both powered from a bleed off the lead wires. Sorry there is no Robin in this car as Batman is connecting with Batgirl here. Mostly G-rated..... Underneath is a little switch to shut off the flashing light, but the turbine exhaust stays on as long as there is power. Some of the electronics used in this build. Respectfully submitted, Jairus
  7. For me, I make all my models look that way. A showroom car rarely stays bright and fresh inside and out. Best way is to look at your own car as an example. Generally I tend to flatten the paint slightly using Testors Dullcote Lacquer. Then mix up some wash with flat black and thinner. Water based paints are good for this because they will not attack the based colors. A light black wash is a great way to bring out details too. Respectfully submitted...
  8. Well, it's a '47 because it's missing the center bar... and the hood badge is upside down. Love the interior tho, you made that one a model it it's own right!
  9. Many years ago the Cox company released a number of slot cars using cast alloy chassis. Some were powered by 16D motors and some with 36D motors. The cars included Chaparral. Ferrari and the Ford GT. Unfortuately the Ford was bodied using the then new prototype GT 40, and those cars all ended up sidelined with mechanical problems in the 1965 Le Mans race. Anyone who watched the movie Ford vs. Ferrari knows the story that Shelby of America took the reigns of the racing program and the Mk II was born and won at Dayton with Ken Miles at the wheel. This win earned Ken a spot in the line up in the 1966 Le Mans race where Ford won taking the top 3 spots and Ken Miles setting a couple new track records. Cox decided to rebody the GT 40, but first they wanted to test the market so up to 10 GT 40 slot car kits were given to a few model car builders along with a few IMC GT 40 MkII model kits. The idea was to build some test market build ups by modifying the 1/24th center section of the slot car with the 1/25th scale IMC nose and tail. The cars were then sent out to various toy and hobby shows, sat in the windows of hobby shops and other venues before being returned to Cox. Years later, after the program was canceled due to the high cost of making new body molds most of the test market hand built cars were tossed into the dumpster with only 4 known build ups saved or spirited off. One turned up in Japan, one in Mexico in a collection and one other here in the States. I have seen pictures of all three and all seemed to have been built by different craftsmen and even some of the chassis showed differences including working steering like my Cox Cheetah shown above. I said all that to tell you this, that in 2011 I found a copy of that Car Model mag announcing the "NEW" GT 40 MkII. It was that car that I decided to replicate for my own version. The decals by the way were produced along with one test box printed that still exists in Japan with one of the surviving cars. I didn't have one so I made my own box and painted a replica image on the top. So.... with out further exposition.... here is the article. My build up started with the same two kits, IMC GT 40 MkII and an old Cox GT 40 with the 36D motor. Sharp eyes will note that up above I built one other one of these using the Daytona markings. I also made that one more realistic, but for this one I was trying to replicate the test cars. I even marked the body same as a couple of those test cars were. I gave it number 5 because it at the time was only the fifth version of this car I knew about at the time. And... my box. I sold it for a grand to a friend who wanted one real bad. 😀
  10. When I was a kid back in the 70's one HO slot car really had me hooked. It was marked an AFX '29 Woodie. But as I got older I realized that the parts are more 1930 with a 1931 grill. Didn't matter much to me as I had all those parts in my storage so.... began to construct the 1/24th scale version using a 1929 AMT wood body with '29 Fenders and a Monogram 1931 grill and a bit of hood. The spruce wood was to make the backing panels which were cut using the kit parts as a pattern. The wood was then stained and varnished to a smooth shiny finish. Chassis work began about this time with picking wheels from Cox and gluing and truing a set of rear tires. Then a motor and bracket were found and made up from a later Russkit bracket, brass tubing and rod. Front axle is just a tube holding a 1/8" metal axle trimmed on the ends with a keeper slot which makes the front wheels independently rotating. Once the chassis was done and body mounts constructed, I set about painting the body. Black fenders, yellow wood framework. The window glass in the HO car was green so I had to source some green plastic sheet and install that along with a flat plate interior and a driver upper torso. The front guide is a Cox trailing guide making the drop arm quite a challenge to construct. Sorry no better pictures other than the finished thing top and bottom. And that is it, respectfully submitted. 😎
  11. Finally finished the Simi Sled drag slot car. But before posting it, I would like to show yet another HRC magazine cover that had the car on it. This one from 1967. She's done, time to start another project! 😎
  12. Got a lot done yesterday. The day before I had glued up new rubber on the rear rims so yesterday that rubber was trued up. Then decals were applied and the name of the car hand lettered with red One-Shot sign paint. Lastly the front and rear bumpers installed along with the "back" glass which is now the cockpit. 99% done but ran out of Alclad II lacquer chrome for the dump pipes. The pipes were drilled out and painted two coats of gloss black. Sharp eyes will notice that they are from a Tom Daniel designed Monogram model kit called "Jinx Express". Once chromed they will be glued to the bottom of the interior. As an aside note: Those here who are as old as I am will remember the Jinx Express model kit came with a combination lock for the door at the rear. The lock was built up from three discs and it worked just like a real combination lock! I don't remember the combination or whether the builder had the option of mixing up the discs to make up their own combination... but I do remember it actually worked. These pipes are the only things left of my model. Indeed I have very few Tom Daniel model kits these days. As a kid I tended to part them out over time for the quick change axles, engines and other unique details. 😎
  13. Man this project is time consuming. Worked today wet sanding and polishing the paint along with making some exhaust dumps below the rocker panels like the image. To that end I put the car together and shot some more pics, but there are lots more details to go. 😎
  14. Thank you Michael. Today I made some great progress on the next car. This time a 1967 Barracuda funny car. It is based on an illustration from the cover of 1971 Hot Rod Cartoons magazine penned by the editor George "Pappy" Lemmons and painted by Jake Thompson. Back in the mid 80's I built this static model of the car and won a few awards.... In 2018 I started a drag version of the same car. But this time I corrected the "rear" wheel openings to replicate the artwork. Like the static model, I based the chassis on the original "Hemi Under Glass" model kit by MPC. But this time it had to make room for the slot car motor and include a driver figure. The body was painted with Tamiya primer and then three coats of Tamiya clear over the yellow lacquer. That gave a smooth finish to accept the bare metal foil trim applied today. Tomorrow I'll hog on about 5 coats of more clear to bury the trim and give a good base for the decals. Might even wet sand one or two if necessary. 😎
  15. These are Pattos decals by the way. No two part decals like Fred Cady. They are strong and thin and well worth the cost.
  16. Well, I got mine from Pattos Place in Australia. They cost me about 15 bucks. But I found some on eBay by Fred Cady.
  17. Yet another hard body slot car, a NASCAR 1964 Ford Galaxie built from an AMT curb side kit. The body was modified by removing all the chrome trim and wind wings. A scratch built chassis was constructed in order to fit a Pittman motor. Interior required some cutting to clear the motor and a scratchbuilt roll cage. Decals are some sort of aftermarket items from Patto's. 😎
  18. Okay, this one is my second attempt to modify the Cox GT 40 to an MKII is this one which won Daytona in 1966 by driver Ken Miles. The nose and tail were modified and hip scoops added. Chassis is a stock 16D Cox Team Modified chassis. I also changed the rear deck from the intake stacks to a Holly carb with the clear air horn found on the original car. This was a fun project! 😎
  19. Next up is a Cox Cheetah which received a huge make-over. The front windshield was missing so I had to carve a master and vacuum form a new one. Engine details are resin with throttle linkage and fuel lines added. Interior was also detailed.
  20. I have not posted here for a LONG time! But never stopped building models or slot cars. Many really don't belong here but here are a few hard bodied slot cars. Most recently completed is this Jaguar D type. It started in 2009 when I picked up a Lindberg model kit. This same kit was the basis for Unique Engineering Co. slot car which came as both a kit and Ready to Run! The chassis is a very close replica to an actual Unique chassis, indeed most of the parts were purchased off eBay in Unique packaging such as the front wheels, axle holder, drop arm, guide and rear wheels. A lot of scratch built details were added to the body which was painted British Racing Green. The driver figure is resin from Immense Minatures.
  21. Issue #7 is now hitting mailboxes. #6 is available for purchase as a back issue to anyone still interested. I'm still building... anyone else?
  22. Excellent job! Should dirty up the underside tho.... in order to match the rest of the look. Love the nose-job!!
  23. Nice build up! If you had not put plug wires in, it would/could win box stock.
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