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  1. Issue #7 is now hitting mailboxes. #6 is available for purchase as a back issue to anyone still interested. I'm still building... anyone else?
  2. Excellent job! Should dirty up the underside tho.... in order to match the rest of the look. Love the nose-job!!
  3. Nice build up! If you had not put plug wires in, it would/could win box stock.
  4. Seems like the art you guys are posting is really old. Today Ed at Revell/Monogram has had me very busy producing art and John at AMT/MPC is doing a fantastic job re-creating vintage art. Mobius box art always inspires me, ALWAYS! (Thanks Sean) These days, the shelf at the hobby shop seems devoid of the crappy box art we suffered through in the 80's. I love browsing through the model kits again. Not sure what this thread has to offer. P.S. If I forgot to mention an artist, sorry. P.P.S. I loved the box on that MPC 1907 Lancaster! Bought it and built it as shown with my paper route money. SO THERE!
  5. My only problem with that kit is the scale. It seems like it scales out to a 14' boat to me making the layout wrong. 18" to 24" would be more correct for a duel cockpit boat. I started one myself turning it into a proper 14' fiberglass boat with an outboard and four close seats circa late 50's. As a stand-alone project, the hull looks BEAUTIFUL! But the scale is closer to 1/28th if you go measure a real one.
  6. Are you milking this thread Harry? (I received issue #201 on Saturday.)
  7. Personally, I like the old stuff best. More scale looking.
  8. That's very nice! Might interest you to know that Revell was considering doing a kit of this car. The Baker Family and Revell couldn't agree on a deal so they canceled the release, but I did finish the artwork.
  9. I LIKE what I see so far very much. Hoping you dealt with the too high nose stance. Because that beautiful machine needs a bit of a rake.
  10. Nice wheels Dennis! I like the look of the rod. I'll probably build one of my illustrations just for fun. Yeah I know it's a '29 but the overall look is what I am trying to attain.
  11. Danno, I bought them as is. No box and I rarely see a box on these old kits. But the two scales are so close as to make the differences moot unless you are trying to match up a head on a block.
  12. Here's a few Monogram 1930 Fords we can use for comparison once the new kit arrives. Think I might just mate that Phaeton with the new Revell release.
  13. I was thinking the same thing. The bus is beautiful... but appears abandon.
  14. People only complain. They rarely compliment. And most of the members here don't even subscribe...
  15. Boring. Finish your '29 Roadster. The clock is ticking......
  16. Yup. I'm in the latter category. I look every day but rarely post. Most of the time... when I am building, it's for magazine articles. Posting projects like that is like tipping your hand at a poker game...
  17. I have been there many times. Well worth the trip, but do it as cheaply as possible. Stay at Super 8 and cut meals down to two a day if possible. I have both driven and flown. Prefer driving, but if you can travel with someone you like, that makes the the trip easier. As has been mentioned, yeah, competition IS fierce. But what else do you expect from the Best of the Best? I hope to attend in May of 2017 as well. Hey, can I buy you a beer Bill?
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